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ATM LAN Emulation (LANE) PowerPoint Presentation
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ATM LAN Emulation (LANE)

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ATM LAN Emulation (LANE) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ATM LAN Emulation (LANE). Trebea-Corda Cristian Technical University, Cluj-Napoca. LAN Emulation (LANE) . What is LAN Emulation “…makes an ATM interface look like one or more LAN interfaces” (CISCO LANE Overview) Specified in L AN Emulation over ATM (ATM_FORUM 94-0035)

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atm lan emulation lane

ATM LAN Emulation (LANE)

Trebea-Corda Cristian

Technical University,


lan emulation lane
LAN Emulation (LANE)
  • What is LAN Emulation
    • “…makes an ATM interface look like one or more LAN interfaces” (CISCO LANE Overview)
    • Specified in LAN Emulation over ATM (ATM_FORUM 94-0035)
    • Approved in Feb 1995, as LE V 1.0
    • The reason and goals of LANE
      • Interconnectivity and transparency
types of lane connectivity
Types of LANE connectivity
  • All ATM connections
  • LAN to ATM connections
  • LAN to LAN connections (with ATM backbone)
lan emulated characteristics
LAN emulated characteristics
  • Connectionless Service
  • Multicast addresses
    • Multicast MAC
  • MAC driver interfaces in ATM stations
  • Emulated LANs
  • Interconnection With Existing LANs
components of lane
Components of LANE
  • LAN Emulation client software
    • Controlls an ATM interface
  • LAN Emulation Service
    • Three servers
  • Emulated LANs
    • Ethernet/IEEE 802.3
    • Token Ring/IEEE 802.5
lane clients
LANE Clients
  • Role
    • Ethernet/Token Ring frames to AAL5
    • Uses Virtual Channel Connections (VCC)
    • MAC for each ATM interface
lane client protocol elements
LANE Client Protocol Elements
  • Transmitted frames (with AAL5 frames)
    • Ethernet II (DIX)
    • IEEE 802.2/IEEE 802.3 Ethernet
    • Token Ring
lane service
LANE Service
  • Handles multiple LECs
    • LUNI (LANE User Network Interface)
  • Three components
    • LAN Emulation Configuration Service(LECS)
    • LAN Emulation Server (LES)
    • Broadcast/Unknown Server (BUS)
lane client initialization
LANE Client Initialization
  • Connect to LECS
    • ILMI
    • Anycast address reserved for LECS
    • Use a special PVC, with VPI/VCI 0/17
  • Interact with LECS
    • Send ATM and MAC address, LAN type and supported frame size
    • Receive LES address, LAN type and frame size to be used
lane client initialization1
LANE Client Initialization
  • Communication with LES
    • Point-to-point connection (Control Direct VCC)
    • JOIN REQUEST control frame
    • JOIN RESPONSE control frame
    • Connection is maintained in point-to-multipoint list
lane client initialization2
LANE Client Initialization
  • Communication with LES
      • Client ATM and MAC addresses
      • Type of LAN and maximum frame size to be supported
      • Indication if the client acts as proxy for remote MACs (it is switch or edge device)
      • The name of ELAN wished to join (if known)
lane client initialization3
LANE Client Initialization
  • Communication with LES
      • Similar fields with JOIN REQUEST
      • Mandatory fields
        • Type of LAN
        • Maximum frame size
        • Name of ELAN
      • Assigns a LANE Client ID (LECID)
connecting to the bus
Connecting to the BUS
  • LEC requests to the LES the ATM broadcast address for all 1’s MAC address
  • The reply is the BUS address
address resolution
Address Resolution
  • A LANE Client needs to know either
    • The peer LANE Client ATM address
    • The proxy edge device ATM address
  • Steps of communication
    • LE-ARP request to LES
    • The LES either forwards or responds with the address
    • The connection is opened
quick sends and flushing
Quick Sends and Flushing
  • An alternative to LE-ARP is BUS
  • After broadcast, new connection can be opened
    • LE_FLUSH_REQUEST, path clear request
    • LE_FLUSH_RESPONSE, path cleared
operating with higher layer protocols
Operating with Higher Layer Protocols
  • After finding the peer MAC address
    • Use BUS
    • Ask the LES the peer ATM, for connection opening
  • IETF proposes ATMARP Server
next hop resolution protocol
Next Hop Resolution Protocol
  • ATMs as non-broadcast multi-access network (NBMA)
  • NHRP finds the ATM address of the best next hop
multiprotocol over atm
Multiprotocol Over ATM
  • MPOA device
    • ATM interface, LANE software, MPOA client software
  • MPOA server
    • Router containing MPOA server software
  • Shortcut
    • ATM VCC, used instead of the default path
  • A MPOA device requests shortcut information from a MPOA server
  • Shortcuts are opened only at steady traffic
  • Dr. Sidnie Feit – “Wide Area High Speed Networks”