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Monitoring, Evaluation & Technical Assistance

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Monitoring, Evaluation & Technical Assistance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Monitoring, Evaluation & Technical Assistance. Session Goals. Identify key entry points for TA Demonstrate linkages between M&E, procurement and finance Reemphasize the importance of M&E in the PBF model. Proposal development. Entry Points for TA in M&E. M&E Plan

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session goals
Session Goals
  • Identify key entry points for TA
  • Demonstrate linkages between M&E, procurement
  • and finance
  • Reemphasize the importance of M&E in the PBF
  • model.
entry points for ta in m e
Proposal development Entry Points for TA in M&E
  • M&E Plan
  • Attachment A / Performance Framework
  • Grant negotiation
  • Grant implementation
m e plan vs the performance framework
M&E Plan vs the Performance Framework

The Performance Framework

The Performance Framework is a legally-binding document attached to the grant agreement. It mainly focuses on a subset of indicators from the M&E plan which are used to measure the program’s performance and consequently inform disbursement decisions.

The M&E Plan

An M&E plan is typically a document developed in consultation with all major stakeholders that describes how the national (or Global Fund grant-specific) M&E system works and the costed actions needed to strengthen it over a set period of time.

what m e plan to submit
What M&E Plan to submit?

Normally PR should submit the National M&E plan, unless:

Multi-country proposal  Regional M&E Plan

National M&E Plan does  National M&E Plan with

not include details GF-specificannex

required for GF grant

No National M&E Plan  Submission of GF-specific

M&E plan and subsequent

elaboration of National

M&E plan

most common pitfalls with m e plans
Budget – 5-10%

Action plan

Data quality assurance mechanisms

Description of how system functions

Impact / outcome framework

Most Common Pitfalls with M&E Plans
m e budget
Ensure sufficient budget allocation for M&E and for TA

Break down M&E costs by cost category

Show GF contribution to national M&E agenda and budget (vis a vis the gap)

M&E Budget
m e budget cost categories
M&E Personnel

M&E Technical assistance

Training, workshop and meetings

Data quality assurance

Equipment, infrastructure (including IT) and consumables/running costs

Production of M&E Plans, work plans, guidelines, tools and reports

Surveys, surveillance, operational research and special studies

M&E Budget Cost Categories
impact outcome framework
Clear description of national I/O agenda

Aligned to national priorities, targets and plans

Sufficient budget allocation for measurement

Show contribution from other partners and demonstrate funding gap

Impact / Outcome Framework
quote from technical review panel
“The TRP found the overall quality of the performance frameworks presented as poor. Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) capacity is still weak and predominantly dependent on process rather than outcome and impact indicators.”Quote from Technical Review Panel
Ensure updated baselines used in proposals

Provide solid estimates for target populations

For baselines and reporting on routine monitoring, provide number and %

target setting
Ensure targets are in line with overall goals

Based on epidemiological situation, past performance, capacity in country, capacity for scale up etc.

Value for money

Clear link with finance

and procurement

Target Setting
key messages
Ensurealignment to national strategy’s objectives, indicators and targets.

Support the submission of the national M&E plan every time a grant specific M&E plan is not needed.

Key messages
entry points for ta in m e1
Proposal development

Grant negotiation

Grant implementation

Entry Points for TA in M&E
ta entry points during grant negotiation
M&E systems strengthening workshops

Development of M&E strengthening action plans

Development of M&E plans

Assistance with performance frameworks

TA Entry Points during Grant Negotiation
entry points for ta in m e2
Proposal development

Grant negotiation

Grant implementation

Entry Points for TA in M&E
the most common m e issues where ta could help during implementation

Training of people

Operational definitions (of indicators)

The Most Common M&E Issues where TA Could Help during implementation
final thoughts
Vital role of TA at all stages of Global Fund grants

Importance of M&E in the performance based funding model

Be honest and realistic with your clients

Final Thoughts
exercise instructions
Goal: To understand, through a real world example, the interlinkages for TA between M&E, procurement and finance

Groups of 5 or 6

Methodology: Group-based problem solving and development of TA action plan.

Expected Outputs:

Diagnosis of problem

Identification of potential solutions

TA action plan from M&E perspective

Exercise Instructions
extra slides
Extra Slides

It would be helpful to prepare an introduction to each session (1 slide) explaining:

The methodology of the session (presentation – Q&A – exercise)

Set of questions.

Number of groups for the exercise.

Expected output.

The introduction format should be the same for the three presentations, a common

methodology, common tool,

with different specific results (and questions).

The common output could represent a better understanding of the links and


between the different areas

that characterize a proposal (or technical assistance).

m e framework data collection methods required
List of indicators as agreed upon in the national strategy

For each indicator:

Indicator name

Baseline values with dates and relevant source of data

Targets set according to frequency of measurement

Data collection method for the indicator – e.g. health information system, programme monitoring, ANC sentinel surveillance, population-based surveys, facility-based surveys, etc.

Frequency of data collection (monthly, quarterly, annual, 3 years, etc.)

Person/agency responsible for data collection and reporting (if agency, please specify relevant unit)

M&E Framework & Data collection methods (required)
information products required
Information products (required)
  • The M&E plan should explain how the data collected and analyzed will be made available to stakeholders and the general public.
  • E.g.: periodic reports, websites,
  • stakeholders’ meetings, etc.
data quality assurance required
The M&E plan should contain a data verification and quality assurance system

The Global Fund has developed a system of on-site data verification that could be expanded beyond Global Fund grants

Data quality assurance (required)
action plan required
The M&E plan should include an Action Plan which includes activities, time of implementation, responsible unit and budget

Should be developed and agreed upon among different stakeholders (especially those involved in the implementation and support of the activities included)

Can be developed with M&E System Strengthening tool which should be considered a living document, constantly monitored and to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

Action Plan (required)
m e budget required
The M&E plan should contain an M&E budget with sources of funding and financial gaps

Global Fund contribution should be indicated

5-10% of grant is recommended to be used to strengthen the M&E system

Examples of budget items are: HMIS strengthening, TA, workshops, surveys, staff, information products, etc.

M&E Budget (required)
evaluation and or desirable
Operational research (OR)


Other types of studies that complement the information collected through the indicators and will periodically evaluate the programme and M&E system

Evaluation and OR (desirable)
data management desirable
how the data is received, stored & analyzed (specify electronic database - if online, provide link) and accessed by relevant actors

data flow from sources to final users

Data management (desirable)
capacity building desirable
The M&E plan should include a description of the capacity present at the time of developing the plan

capacity gaps

strategy adopted to improve the M&E capacity over the plan’s lifespan

Capacity building (desirable)
coordination desirable
The M&E plan should include:

the agencies and units responsible to run the M&E system and implement the M&E plan

the relevant M&E units at national and, if they exist, sub-national levels

recommendation to include a multi-sector M&E Technical Working Group

Coordination (desirable)
Herramienta de Fortalecimiento de los

Sistemas de Monitoreo y Evaluación


Qué es la Herramienta de Fortalecimiento de los

Sistemas de Monitoreo y Evaluación?

Paso 1:Diagnóstico

Paso 2: Plan de Acción

la h erramienta de fortalecimiento de los sistemas de m e
La Herramienta de Fortalecimiento de los Sistemas de M&E
  • Una herramienta acordada con nuestros socios técnicos (pronto será reemplazada con una sola herramienta con 12 componentes)
  • Cubre tres listas de comprobación complementarias:
    • Plan de M&E
    • Capacidades de gestión de la información de la Unidad de Gestión (unidad de Monitoreo y Evaluación)
    • Sistemas de Notificación de Datos por Área de Programa (e.g., ARV, DOTS)
los resultados que se esperan son
Los resultados que se esperan son:
  • Un plan de acción detallado con el presupuesto para fortalecer los sistemas de M&E
  • Una discusión mas amplia durante la negociación de la subvención y/o durante la implementación de la subvención.
  • Identificación de las necesidades que requieren apoyo técnico (y el proveedor de este apoyo)
  • Un acuerdo con los socios técnicos del país sobre los iniciativas compartidas y su financiamiento (p.e., la organización de encuestas)
el ciclo de fortalecimiento de m e

Evaluar el sistema de M&E

Desarrollar/revisar el Plan de M&E y Plan de Acción y Fortalecimiento

Implementar el Plan de M&E y Plan de Acción y Fortalecimiento

Dar Seguimiento

El Ciclo de Fortalecimiento de M&E