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Biblical Manhood

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Biblical Manhood
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Biblical Manhood

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  1. Biblical Manhood 10 JUNE 2012 Session 2 Bill wilcox Allen bozarth

  2. Back to the Basics All the players knew that at the first team meeting, the legendary coach would waste no time getting straight to the point. Many of the men, half Lombardi’s age and twice his size, were openly fearful, dreading the encounter. The coach did not disappoint them, and, in fact, delivered his message in one of the great one-liners of all time. Football in hand, the great coach walked to the front of the room, took several seconds to look over the assemblage in silence, held out the pigskin in front of him, and said, “Gentlemen, this is a football.” In only five words, Lombardi communicated his point: We’re going to start with the basics and make sure we’re executing all the fundamentals.

  3. Biblical Manhood • Syllabus • Session 2: • Disciplined Maturity • Faithful Maturity • Personal Maturity

  4. Syllabus for Biblical Manhood

  5. Syllabus for Biblical Manhood

  6. Disciplined, Faithful, Personal Maturity

  7. Disciplined Maturity • Discipline often defined or associated as punishment • “Disciple" and “Discipline" based on same root word; means “to learn” • As disciples of Jesus Christ, it is imperative we are disciplined in: • Making a conscious decision to love the Lord everyday • Making a conscious decision to love our neighbor everyday • Making sure we read the Bible everyday • Listening and obeying the Holy Ghost's prompting • Making sure we obey God's statutes and commands everyday • Resist sin every second • Praying for others and self • Using spiritual gifts • Serving Christ in our ministries • Regular fasting

  8. Personal Maturity • To be a responsible husband and father • True masculinity: Not a matter of exhibiting supposedly masculine characteristics devoid of the context of responsibility • The Bible calls a man to fulfill his role as husband and father • Aim of Christian boys: Marriage and Fatherhood • This is a counter-cultural assertion, but the role of husband and father is central to manhood

  9. Personal Maturity • What effect did marriage have on you? • Marriage: Unparalleled effect on men • Channels a man’s energies and directs his responsibilities to the covenant of marriage and the grace-filled civilization of the family • A man must aspire to be the kind of man a Christian woman would gladly marry and children will trust, respect and obey

  10. An Unshakable Faith

  11. An Unshakable Faith • How does a man acquire an unshakeable faith? • Read the book of Hebrews which contains: • A basis for an unshakeable faith, • An important warning, • A wonderful promise and hope, • An explanation of what occurs when we disregard the warning, and an encouragement which leads to a glorious peace and healing in relationships

  12. An Unshakable Faith • What is your confession about Jesus Christ? Have you realized it’s importance and function? • A Christian’s Confession of Faith Found in Hebrews • Jesus Christ, God’s Son, is our high priest. He sits at the right hand of God where He intercedes and runs all things by the power of His word. He is and will preserve and save our souls through suffering by giving us mercy and grace. • The Basis for an Unshakeable Faith--Jesus running all things by His Word

  13. An Unshakable Faith • An Important Warning--No one shall escape God’s reproof who neglects Jesus’ word. • We must pay close attention to Jesus’ word. 2:1-3 • Why? Because God has subjected the entire world to Jesus. 2:5-8 • God has qualified Him to be our high priest and rendered the devil powerless through His suffering temptation and death on behalf of His people. 2:6-18. • So, since God has given us such a high priest as Jesus Christ who has faithfully spoken His word, we ... • Remember: God’s people didn’t escape God’s discipline when they neglected God’s word through Moses. 3:16-19

  14. An Unshakable Faith • A Wonderful Promise and Hope--You may enter God’s Rest • Don’t fear entering and living in the rest-peace and wholeness-of God. 4:1-2 • God spoke of His rest 4:3-8 • The one who believes Jesus is reigning through His word and believes in Him enters the promised rest. • Hope rests on the fact that nothing escapes God’s word. Nothing is out of control! • Our hope rests on the fact that Jesus is our high priest. 4:14-5:11 • We don’t need to build another foundation for our promises and hopes. 5:12-6:12 • The main point is this: We have Jesus as our high priest who reigns over all thing and who has perfectly, completely discharged His duties before God and on behalf of man thus instituting a new and better covenant than that which previously existed. 8:1-10:18

  15. An Unshakable faith A Wonderful Promise and Hope--You may enter God’s Rest We may have confidence to draw near to God through Jesus and enter into His rest in any situation -- holding fast our confession that Jesus Christ is faithful on our behalf to give us grace and mercy.. 10:19-25. If those who set aside God’s word through Moses died without mercy, how much more severe one can expect the punishment to be for those who trample under foot the work of God through Jesus. So, let us endure in our faith until we receive what God has promised. 10:26-39 Faith is characterized by the assurance of things hoped for and conviction of things not seen. It is by believing in Jesus’ intercession and ministry on our behalf that we gain approval and glorify God. 11:1-2

  16. An Unshakable Faith • An Encouragement which leads to peace and healing--lay aside unbelief; He controls everything. Repent when you fall short of grace to love. • The sin that so easily entangles us is unbelief in Jesus’s word, intercession, and ruling over all things--in short--we shrink from our confession. • We must fix our eyes on Jesus 12:2 • If we’re being disciplined, let’s receive it and get with the program. • Remember the promises of Jesus: 12:18-24 • Remember the earlier warning: See to it that you don’t refuse to listen to this word through Jesus Christ. 12:25-29 • In light of this foundation for faith, let us live holy lives. 13:1-7 • May God equip you in every good thing to do His will through Jesus Christ. 13:20-21

  17. A Response--Find a place to repent if you can’t love, are bitter, or are ensnared in a desire to get what you want right now. • Repent of not believing Jesus is in control of your life, life events, life relationships • Repent for not believing that what you have is exactly what you need to trust in Jesus and demonstrate His love. • Fix your eyes on Jesus • Determine to pursue peace and heal relationships • Thank God as an offering of sacrifice and a statement of your confession

  18. Questions to Consider How strong is my faith in God and His Word? Do I really believe Jesus exists and that Jesus is coming again? If I do, how is my faith revealed in my actions?

  19. Practical Suggestions • Develop a plan for personal and group Bible study and prayer • “Think outside the box, but don’t think outside the Bible” • Interact with mature Christians • Set biblical priorities • Read biographies about great Christians • Get plenty of rest and relaxation

  20. Make Time To Pray • Why pause to seek the Lord our God in prayer? • Honors God • Teaches us • Changes things, us, me

  21. A Acknowledge God as the One and only true God C Confess your sins T Thanksgiving: Thank God for His blessings S Supplication: Pray for others P Pray R Repent A Access Y Yield

  22. Pray Every Day Sunday: For Personal Guidance Monday: For Your Family Tuesday: For God’s Family Wednesday: For Your Community Thursday: For the Nation Friday: For The World Saturday: For the helpless, homeless, hurting and the lost

  23. Other Recommendations Keep a prayer journal; record blessings; record requests and God’s answers and give praise Memorize Bible verses “Develop Your Game Plan for Life”

  24. Session #3: Relational Maturity and Verbal Communication Maturity 17 June 2012 Bill wilcox

  25. Calling Out of Sons Part 1

  26. Calling Out of Sons • If a father doesn’t "call out" his son, there are serious consequences to the son, the church, the community, and the nation • A son may develop an attitude which says: I am to be comfortable & happy. • A mother’s role is that of a nurturer and care-giver. • If the mother’s role is the dominate role during the teen years, the son will develop an attitude that life is to be happy and comfortable and they will become... • Self-centered • Self-indulgent • Comfort-oriented • What is the problem with such training?

  27. If a father doesn’t call out his son God’s way, his son may develop an attitude which says: Women are to be used. • A son may grow up with the delusion that a woman is the source of life, happiness, and comfort. • If the son grows up using his mom to secure his happiness and comfort, he’s practicing using a woman for selfish ends. • This makes a man (young or old) vulnerable. • If a father doesn’t call out his son God’s way, his son may develop an attitude which says: Men are independent. • Sons see their dads independent of God. • Sons also see their dads independent of other men. • Sons also see their dads independent of family.

  28. If a father doesn’t call out his son God’s way, his son may develop an attitude which says: Mom is responsible for the family. • o 1. If a son hears dad say, "Go ask your mom." What is he to conclude? • o 2. When they become men, they will become passive leaders in the family and expect their wives to handle all the problems with the children and home. • o 3. The end result is the propagation of an idea of manhood that is destructive to the family, the church, and the nation.

  29. If a father doesn’t call out his son God’s way, his son may be robbed of the significance of being called out by God. He’ll not even notice the importance of many Scriptures. • Not having an understanding of the calling out of sons by fathers, we are robbed of the significance and necessity of being called out by God. • Tim. 1:9 • 2 Cor. 6:16 -7:1 • Not having an understanding of the calling out of sons by fathers, we are robbed of the significance of being called to be separate from the children of the world and the devil. 2 Cor. 6:17-7:1 • Not having an understanding of the calling out of sons by fathers, we are robbed of the significance and necessity of being born by the Spirit of the Son. John 3:5; Gal. 3:26; 4:6; Rom. 8:14-16 • Not having an understanding of the calling out of sons by fathers, we are robbed of the significance of Jesus’ call to a cause outside of ourselves. Luke 9:23-24

  30. If a father doesn’t call out his son God’s way, his son’s heart may be hardened and not be prepared for the Lord. • The Spirit of Elijah which turns the hearts of the fathers to their sons also turns the hearts of the sons to their fathers so that the way of the Lord is prepared in their hearts for His coming. Luke 1:17 • A son who has been called out God’s way, has submitted himself to his father and his heart is soft and ready for the Lord. • What shall we say to these things? • May I suggest that you need to look at your dads as sons instead of as men who were supposed to know what to do. Forgive them. • Most of the problems we face today are somehow linked to the failure of dads not calling out sons for many generations. • This help us to understand ourselves as men • Hopefully it shows us the importance of our roles as fathers

  31. Application How did they call out the sons in your village in America? Consider what occurs in the life of a son if his father doesn’t call him out into manhood God’s Way.

  32. Calling Out of Sons Part 2

  33. What insights can we gain from God’s word about how to call out our sons? • By the age of 12, a son needs to be involved with his dad. The world and man’s sin nature advise independence from dad and continued reliance upon mom. Luke 2:41-32 • A father needs to: • Establish his son’s identity with himself and his father’s house. The world and man’s sin nature will seek to provide an identity apart from his father. Luke 3:21-38 • Be his son’s source, to prepare the way for God being the source of his life. The world and man’s sin nature teaches that anything but God is a source of life. Luke 4:1 • Lead his son to be attentive to, depend upon, and obey his every word. The world and man’s sin nature says be independent and trust in yourself. Luke 4:2-4

  34. What insights can we gain from God’s word about how to call out our sons? • A father must lead his son to confront: • Greed of his heart; wait on God’s provision in God’s timing. The world and man’s sin nature rationalizes a short cut to get possessions. Luke 4:5-8 • His sinful desire to glorify himself. The world and man’s sinful nature seek a short cut to glory--put on a show for all the world to see rather than wait on God’s timing and way to exalt you. Luke 4:9-12 • His own powerlessness and look to God for power. The world and a man’s sinful nature lead him to believe he has the power to do anything--anytime. Luke 4:13-14

  35. A Father and His Daughter

  36. Godly womanhood is under attack. • Every father faces a tremendous challenge in raising a daughter to embrace her feminine, godly standards of dress and conduct, rejoice in God’s design for her as a woman, and instill hope that she can trust God for a husband who won’t use her. • Women are the prime targets today. • What’s a father to do with his daughter? • Daughters look to their father for acceptance, approval, and affirmation of their womanhood. • It is our God-given privilege and responsibility to affirm our daughters in godly womanhood and prepare them to be godly wives and mothers.

  37. Ways to Affirm Godly Womanhood Daily expression of non-sexual love and affection for your wife first and then your daughter Provide an example of servant hood and protection to your wife and daughters Lead your daughter to accept and rejoice in God's design and see every aspect of her life as a gift to produce humility and to build a dependence upon Jesus Daily demonstrate a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Admit your faults and mistakes through confession to destroy the "daddy-god idol" Lead your daughter away from yourself to find her identity in her relationship as a daughter of God through Jesus Christ Give regular expression of confidence in her abilities during those crucial years of 10-18 Give her a vision of a godly woman through directing her attention toward her mother’s example rather than women in the world Don’t put your daughter in a situation or relationship where you know her womanhood will be mocked and abused

  38. When a daughter is affirmed in godly womanhood, she is free to rejoice in God's design and order for her at home and in society. • Her affirmation will free her from the need to have the attention from other men. • Her significance as a daughter of God will free her from having to prove her significance as a woman equal with men. • Her security as a daughter of God frees her to love her husband and children with a quiet, trustful spirit.

  39. Application As fathers, we have the responsibility and the privilege of blessing our daughters by affirming them in their godly womanhood. God has given us such authority, that every word we speak and action bears power to bless and prepare them to be a blessing to another man, to her children, and to her world. Do you need to repent of neglecting your daughters and take steps of action to affirm godly womanhood in their lives? ***As we humble ourselves before God, submit ourselves to His word and vision for manhood and fatherhood, He will do in us what we cannot do.

  40. Equipped To Love

  41. What difference do you think it would have made in your marriage and family if you had been equipped to love before you took on the responsibilities of a wife and children? • Love is arguably the most important quality needed by any human being. • We may overlook the importance of this quality in a person’s life, and put the emphasis on education and knowledge, service, skill, or experience. • The gifts of communication, knowledge, miracles, and sacrificial service are nothing without love. • Not only has love been an overlooked quality, it is one of the most abused and perhaps overused words in our vocabulary. • We may apply the word love to most anything: • Satan’s scheme may be compared to an expert counterfeiter who seeks to flood the market with cheap imitations.

  42. Three Suggestions Regarding Love • Learn to distinguish between God’s love and the world’s love. • Learn the love principle. • The love principle is: Love can only take place where a relationship is free from idolatry and a person recognizes God as the source of everything. • Love comes from God, and one can only be equipped to love by looking to God as the source--of all things. • Learn to recognize the spirit of idolatry and its antithesis to Jesus Christ. "I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. You shall have no other gods before Me" (Deut. 5:6-7).

  43. Idolatry does not believe all things come from one God, but that there is more than one source of supply. • There is no other god. Is. 45:5 • The spirit of idolatry does not believe that God is the only source of supply. • Is. 45:7,9 // Job 2:10 // Amos 3:6 // 1 Cor. 5:5 • The spirit of idolatry affects our view of God and scales Him own to something we can comprehend. • But if there are no other gods and there isn’t, then what we have is what God has seen that we need--not so that you and I can be happy and comfortable, but so Jesus Christ may be glorified! • Jesus’ love for His Father was based on such a faith. If we’re to love, we must recognize and repent of not worshipping God as the only God and Father from whom are all things.

  44. The spirit of idolatry manipulates or controls people and situations. "You shall not make for yourself an idol…" (Deut. 5:8a ). • Someone under the influence of the spirit of idolatry seeks to fashion the person or situation to supply self-centered desires and expectations. • The spirit of idolatry has an assortment of carving tools • Positive tools. • Smile and look cute, Compliments, Service, Gifts • Perhaps my own testimony may help illustrate this point. • Negative tools: Col. 3:5-9 • We use these when our idols don’t supply when we want like we want. • Anger, wrath, malice, slander, abusive speech, and lying.

  45. One area the spirit of idolatry most affects is our love relationship to God. • The spirit of idolatry takes the good things of God and carves with them--turns them into positive carving tools. • The Bible teaches us that we are all born sinners with hearts which pervert the truth of God until God’s Spirit converts our hearts. • What does an idolater conclude when he hears, "God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life?" God has the same vision in life as I do--making me comfortable and happy.

  46. One area the spirit of idolatry most affects is our love relationship to God. • When the preacher asks him to pray a prayer of invitation to Christ to enter his life so that he can begin to experience this wonderful plan, what is occurring if the Holy Spirit isn’t at work? Carving on God. • How does he now try to live the Christian life? Why does he read his Bible, pray, serve, reform bad habits? Same as he did before--he expects God to reward his efforts and to work for him. • What happens when life doesn’t become happy and comfortable (which it doesn’t--converted or not)?

  47. The spirit of idolatry makes an idol for self. "You shall not make for yourself an idol…" (Deut. 5:8a). The spirit of idolatry looks to the creature rather than the Creator to supply happiness which only God can supply. "You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth" (Deut. 5:8).

  48. The spirit of idolatry worships and serves many idols. "You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, and on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me," (Deut. 5:9). • When you worship something or someone as an idol, you serve it or them. • For instance, when a husband serves or worships his wife, he does it because he wants something from her. • In serving or worship her, you actually give her the power to make you miserable--you give her the power to aggravate hatred and bitterness. • This spirit also worships and serves many idols. Ourselves-parents-peers-friends-girlfriends-wife/wives-children-jobs-a god of our own making-on and on... • Jesus when tempted to look to Satan to supply his inheritance responded, "You shall worship the Lord your God and serve Him only."

  49. The spirit of idolatry reproduces itself. "…visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, and on the third and the fourth generations…" (Deut. 5:9). • The iniquity of idolatry is that iniquity which has passed down through every seed and offspring of Adam. • The spirit of idolatry also reproduces itself by example. • Jesus was not of the seed of Adam. He was of the seed of God.