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Pedestrians Crossing Roads Background PowerPoint Presentation
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Pedestrians Crossing Roads Background

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Pedestrians Crossing Roads Background

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Pedestrians Crossing Roads Background

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  1. Safety Alert 03/93 Committed to Safety • Pedestrians Crossing Roads • Background • The recent fatal road traffic accident which happened on the Seeb to Sohar main road involving a PDO mini bus and a third party pedestrian highlights the hazard of driving on roads where no facilities exist for pedestrians to cross the road safely. In the absence of flyovers, underpasses or standard crossing places for pedestrians, people are likely to cross the road when and wherever the mood takes them, with little or no warning and often without consideration to the speed at which approaching traffic is travelling. This type of accident is not solely restricted to blacktop roads. Near miss incidents have been reported at interior locations, especially at night around the Contractors camp areas, which in the main are poorly illuminated. As many people are in the habit of taking a walk after the evening meal, the potential for this type of accident to repeat itself remains high. Although drivers have little control over the actions of pedestrians, they should be aware that there are certain precautions that can be taken to minimise the risk of an accident. These are as follows :- • Learning Points • When you see a pedestrian ahead of you, especially one walking away from you, sound your horn to warn him of your presence. • Slow down, check your mirror for following traffic and be prepared to stop quickly. • If at all possible, adjust your road position to give any pedestrians more space. • Always assume they will step out into the road. • Pedestrians also have a responsibility towards motorists. Drivers of motor vehicles cannot stop immediately. A vehicle travelling at 80kph will require 39 metres of clear road to bring it to a safe stop. To ensure their own safety pedestrians should follow these recommended guidelines : • Find the safest place to cross a busy road.

  2. Committed to Safety • Learning Points cont’d .... • Always keep a safe distance from the edge of the road, the vortex from a passing heavy vehicle could drag you under its wheels. • Always try to walk facing oncoming traffic. • Never step out into the road without first assessing the speed and distance of approaching traffic. • If crossing multi-lane highways, remember that the speed of approaching traffic in each lane will be higher than the first lane. • If walking at night, don’t assume a driver can see you because he has his lights on, you may be outside of the area illuminated by his beam. • If in doubt, don’t cross.