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Bully Intervention PowerPoint Presentation
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Bully Intervention

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Bully Intervention

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Bully Intervention

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  1. Bully Intervention • How might a bully intervention action plan created by interns, • benefit social interaction in fifth grade students? Brandie Monteith and Kimberly Bolton

  2. Objectives/ Goals: Objectives: Students will identify what bullying is and how they can improve it in the classroom. Maryland State Curriculum: Recognize the importance of expressing feelings verbally and non-verbally. (5. 1. B. 1. b.) School Performance Plan Activity (Baltimore City): -Teaching behavioral expectations and requisite skills to all students. - Bullying programs will be implemented. -Decreased incidence of bullying

  3. Timeline of Bully Intervention Our Bully Intervention Plan began on March 4th, 2011. March 4th is the day that the students took their Pre- Survey and the students took their Post- Survey on April 8th, 2011. - Pre Survey (March 4th) - Lesson 1 (March 9th) - Lesson 2 (March 10th) - Post Survey(April 8th)

  4. Description of our Bully Intervention Plan In the fifth grade at Thomas Johnson Elementary Middle School, it has been observed that there is a bullying problem. We decided that something must be done about it so we decided to do a bully intervention. Our bully intervention plan included: Pre- survey to get the students feedback on how they feel and what they know about bullying Bully lesson 1 that included a bully definition made by students, discussion of surveys, hand-raising activity, bullying scenario/ skits. Bully lesson 2 that included bullying videos , a bullying box explanation and the students will make a vision statement. During the next three- four weeks, the teachers will use the bully box and different scenarios that happen in the classroom to enforce what was talked about during the bullying lessons. The students will take the Post- survey to see if any changes were made in the classroom and what the students think the teachers should do to help prevent bullying for the rest of the school year.

  5. Bully Survey Results(Before)

  6. Bully Survey Results Cont. • 501 (Mr. Cavalier’s homeroom) -22 students took the survey   • 502 (Mrs. Flister’s homeroom) -20 students took the survey • The 5th grade (as a whole): 42 students participated in the survey -36 students replied “yes” to having their feelings hurt by another person -25 students replied “yes” to being bullied before -15 students replied “yes” to bullying someone before -18 students replied “yes” to seeing someone being bullied and not saying anything

  7. Lesson 1: What does it mean to bully?

  8. Lesson 1: Sharing Survey Results

  9. Lesson 1: Hand Raise Activity

  10. Lesson 1: Skits (First example)

  11. Lesson 1: Skits (Second Example)

  12. Lesson 2 Video Clips • 1st video: • 2nd video:

  13. Vision Statement:

  14. Bully Survey Post-Results

  15. Bully Survey Post-Results • 501 (Mr. Cavalier’s homeroom) -24 students took the survey • 502 (Mrs. Flister’s homeroom) - 25 students took the survey • The 5th grade (as a whole): 49 students participated in the survey • 23 students total said that their feelings haven’t been hurt as much since the bully lessons & bully box • 32 students said that they have not bullied as much as they used to after the lesson • Only 10 students admitted to using the bully box • 29 students said that they have seen our vision statement come true (some parts)

  16. Feedback from the students • What should we continue doing or what activities they liked: - bully box - more videos - more skits - whole 5th grade talks - vision statement (remind students) - hold sessions after school