objective 1 1 the network of the future n.
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Objective 1.1: The Network of the Future

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Objective 1.1: The Network of the Future - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Objective 1.1: The Network of the Future. FP7 ICT Call 4 STREP Briefing. Rainer Zimmermann Head of Unit ‘Future Networks’ European Commission DG Information Society and Media. Outline. Work Programme 2009/2010 Overview Objective 1.1 in Call 4 Proposal Strategies. Where do we stand?.

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objective 1 1 the network of the future

Objective 1.1: The Network of the Future

FP7 ICT Call 4 STREP Briefing

Rainer Zimmermann

Head of Unit ‘Future Networks’

European Commission

DG Information Society and Media


Work Programme 2009/2010 Overview

Objective 1.1 in Call 4

Proposal Strategies

where do we stand
Where do we stand?


FP7 ICT Call 1for proposals in 2007-08

~200 M€ of EU funding,

46 projects funded

Out of 173 proposals received

Ahead of us

WP 2009-10 Objective 1.1: ~190 M€ funding

Call 4 ~110 M€ funding

Call 5 ~80 M€ funding

••• 3

funding schemes in objective 1 1
Funding schemes in Objective 1.1

Collaborative projects (CP):

STREP: 'small or medium-scale focused research actions‘

IP: 'large-scale integrating projects' (IP)

Network of Excellence (NoE)

Coordination and Support Action (CSA)

Objective is to support a balanced portfolio:

Focused and agile scientific and technological exploration through STREP’s

Concentration of efforts - where needed - through IP’s

Support Actions and NoE’s: only in call 5

Budget per call per instrument in Objective 1.1:


Work Programme 2009/2010 Overview

Objective 1.1 in Call 4

Consortium Strategies

objective 1 1 the network of the future1
Objective 1.1 The Network of the Future
  • Future Internet Architectures and Network Technologies
    • Novel Internet architectures and technologies
    • Flexible and cognitive network management and operation frameworks
  • Spectrum-efficient radio access to Future Networks
    • Next-generation mobile radio technologies
    • Cognitive radio and network technologies
    • Novel radio network architectures
  • Converged infrastructures in support of Future Networks
    • Ultra high capacity optical transport/access networks
    • Converged service capability across heterogeneous access

Objective 1.1 The Network of the FutureExpected Impact

  • Strengthened positioning of European industry in the field of Future Internet technologies
  • Reinforced European leadership in mobile and wireless broadband systems, optical networks, cognitive network management technologies.
  • Increased economic efficiency of access/transport infrastructures (cost/bit)
  • Global standards and European IPRs reflecting federated and coherent roadmaps.
  • Wider market opportunities from new classes of applications taking advantage of convergence.
  • Accelerated uptake of the next generation of network and service infrastructures.
infso d1 staff
INFSO.D1 Staff



(Head of Unit Secretary)


Deputy Head of Unit


(Deputy Head of Unit Secretary)

Head of Unit
















some logistics

Some Logistics

Peter Stuckmann

Objective 1.1 Coordinator

Project Officer

‘Future Networks’

European Commission

DG Information Society and Media

FP7 ICT Call 4 STREP Briefing

••• 9

evaluation operation figures
Evaluation Operation Figures

143 Eligible Proposals:

119 STREPs, 24 IPs

Total grant requested: ~569M€ (budget: 110M€)

STREP grant requested: ~ 362M€ (budget: 33-55M€)

IP grant requested: ~ 207M€ (budget: 55-77M€)

105 Experts

STREP panel: 56 Evaluators + 10 Recorders

IP panel: 33 Evaluators + 6 Recorders

tasks for this week
Tasks for this week









Panel reports including:

Final ESR

PM (recording panel decision)

IARs + Draft CR

Back to CM

handling of the documentation
Handling of the documentation

You should have brought with you the proposal documents sent to you by DHL.

After the briefing, you can pick up a box at the secretariat, with your name on, containing the detailed planning, 2 booklets with proposal summaries and other documents

Before leaving the building (at lunch or in the evening) give your box back to the secretariat

When you pick up the box in the morning and after lunch and SIGN THE ATTENDANCE LIST at this time (presence need to be justified twice a day, AM and PM).

At the end of the week (before you leave), you must hand back ALL documents and sign a form.

covent garden building pc and network facilities
COVENT GARDEN building: PC and Network facilities

PCs are available in the meeting rooms and in the “reading” areas

They are connected to an internal network with access to RIvET (all) and Pinocchio (Recorders and Commission only).

General login/password will be indicated near the PCs

Recorders receive their own login/password for the network and to access Pinocchio (also included in the documentation box you will receive today)

The use of Laptops, USB sticks, mobiles and other computing and communication devices is NOT ALLOWED in the building.

interacting with your colleagues
Interacting with your colleagues

The discussion about individual proposals takes place only at the Consensus meeting and the Panel meetings (not in the reading room or corridors, not outside the building).

consensus meeting room equipment
Consensus Meeting Room Equipment

2 PCs

Access to RIvET and Pinocchio

Access to the rapporteur’s folder in the network

1 Beamer

To show the draft CR or merged IERs

Useful at the time of joint editing of agreed comments and remarks

A printer

role of the recorder rapporteur
Role of the Recorder (Rapporteur)

Before the meeting: preparation of a draft CR (MS Word = working document)

Does not to take side for a particular opinion

Presentation of the comments in a more structured way to facilitate the discussion (by bullet for each criterion)

At the meeting: record the outcome (in MS Word)

in the CR and PM (proposal minutes)

NB the rapporteurs do NOT chair or moderate the consensus meeting- that is the role of the EC PO!

After the meeting

Transfer MS Word -> NotePad -> PINOCCHIO

Complete the Ethical Issues report if needed (only for proposals above all thresholds)

Verify correct formulation and spelling in the CR

consensus meetings scheduled at 11 00
Consensus Meetings scheduled at 11:00

Go to the Commission Secretariat: A2 1/10,

pick up your box, sign the attendance sheet and go to the meeting room:

COSMOS: Rm 1/163 (EC mod: Jorge Carvalho)

DAPHNE: Rm 1/141 (EC mod: Paulo De Sousa)

HELP: Rm 1/128 (EC mod: Remy Bayou)

SACRA: Rm 1/127 (EC mod: Petru Ciudin)

EPICURUS: Rm 1/119 (EC mod: Bart v. Caeneghem)

METABAS: Rm 1/120 (EC mod: Pertti Jauhiainen)

ICARON: Rm 1/105 (EC mod: Pierre Chastanet)

Stay in the room if you are not concerned