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Growth Pole Development

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Growth Pole Development . Establishing a Development Authority in the 4Cs Region Prepared by Nicole Siew for the Economic Development Board. . Synopsis .

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growth pole development

Growth Pole Development

Establishing a Development Authority in the 4Cs Region

Prepared by Nicole Siew for the Economic Development Board.

  • The need exists to recommend that an authority be established in the 4Cs Growth Pole Region charged with the responsibility of developing and coordinating development plans for the region.
  • Previous recommendations sent to the minister suggested that this agencies institutional and legislative framework be similar to that of The East Port of Spain Development Company.
  • Dr. Driver has suggested that Community Improvement Services Limited (CISL) be the shell for the 4Cs agency.
  • This presentation presents 3 possible methods for using this agency.
  • The EDB should select the option it deems most relevant to be developed and submitted to Minister for deliberation.
  • One should note that the research team advises that option one would be the most time efficient option.
cisl background
CISL: Background
  • Established as a Special Purpose State Enterprise to deliver improved infrastructural works in various communities on May 2nd 2002.
    • The EPOSDc is a Special Purpose Company
    • CISL can operate in any community throughout Trinidad and Tobago
  • As a special purpose state company it is owned by the government of Trinidad and Tobago.
cisl background1
CISL: Background
  • Located at #16 Factory Road, Building No.3, Brechin Castle, Couva.
  • CISL currently operates in 5 municipal regions:
    • Port of Spain region
    • Diego Martin region
    • San Juan Laventille Region
    • Tunapuna Piarco Region
    • Arima Region
cisl background2
CISL: Background
  • Note, although they are located in central they currently do not execute any operations in Central Trinidad.
  • Corporate Structure:
    • Shareholder: The Government of T&T
    • Ministry of Finance
    • Ministry of Local Government
    • Board of Directors
    • Office of the Chief Executive Officer
    • Departments and Units
      • Finance
      • Human Resource
      • Project Management
      • Community Relations
cisl background3
CISL: Background
  • CISL projects fall under the following categories:
    • Infrastructure; Civil and Structural
      • Drainage
      • Lights
      • Water
      • Road rehabilitation
      • Buildings construction
    • Institutional
      • Market Complex
      • Community Facilities
cisl background4
CISL: Background
  • Tourism
    • Eco sites and attractions
  • Recreation
    • Parks
    • Public spaces
  • Sports
    • Courts
    • Pavilions
    • Recreation grounds
  • Environmental
    • Landscaping and design

Option 1: CISL as the executing agency

  • This would require:
    • Legislative and institutional reform
      • New mandate (relatively simple to execute)
      • Legal scope/authority to execute its role and function
      • redeveloped organizational structure; new divisions and posts capable of planning and executing a holistic development plan similar to that of the EPOSDc
        • Consider the relevance of the current BOD
    • Increased funding for internal operations and execution of development plans
    • Determine the funding source
    • Some projects can be implemented before proposed changes are enacted
corporate structure option 2
Corporate Structure: Option 2

Condensed Organizational Structure

corporate structure option 21
Corporate Structure: Option 2

Expanded Organizational Structure


Option 2: CISL as a Strategic Partner

  • CISL would be one of the agencies that the 4Cs development company would be required to coordinate to ensure that it conforms to its development objectives
  • The creation of a new agency
    • Requires cabinet approval
    • This process would be lengthy
    • Cannot implement any projects until the structure is approved
the interactions of the 4cs development agency
The Interactions of the 4Cs Development Agency

The diagram depicts how CISL and the development agency would interact


Option 3: Consolidated as a division

  • CISL can be consolidated as a division within the 4Cs development agency charged with a specific task of executing development plans that require construction and regeneration.
  • The draw backs of creating a new agency are still evident here
proposed mandate
Proposed Mandate
  • Responsible for planning and economic development agenda of the Central Growth Pole Region
  • Plans, coordinates and manages the activities and tools of the agency in support of the Economic Growth and Development of the Central Growth Pole
  • Oversees the Growth Pole review process for large scale development projects in the Central Growth Pole Region
proposed mandate1
Proposed Mandate
  • Manages housing production strategies and the planning and development functions associated with educational and medical institutions within the Central Growth Pole region
  • Develops and coordinates the strategies and initiatives to expand and enhance the Central Growth Poles industrial and economic base
financial structure
Financial Structure
  • Funded through the spatial development fund?
the role of the edb
The Role of the EDB
  • Monitoring the start up process
  • Provide recommendations on key skills needed within the organizational structure
  • Ensure that issues experienced by the EPOSDc are not repeated
  • Monitor and evaluate the work of the agency
  • Ensure that it functions to its full capacity
  • Provide support where needed