Cleanwell system technology technology brief
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CleanWell ® System Technology TECHNOLOGY BRIEF. Phillip Morgan CWT Global Operations Manager. What is it?. CleanWell® system technology is an engineered solution meeting the well cleaning objectives to sustain tough drilling parameters. 26 tools in the product line Cleans casing ID

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Cleanwell system technology technology brief

CleanWell® System TechnologyTECHNOLOGY BRIEF

Phillip Morgan

CWT Global Operations Manager

What is it
What is it?

CleanWell® system technology is an engineered solution meeting the well cleaning objectives to sustain tough drilling parameters.

  • 26 tools in the product line

  • Cleans casing ID

  • Mechanically removes debris from the wellbore

  • Provides hydraulic boosting to increase fluid velocities

  • Helps reduce mechanical risk and promote rig time savings

  • Primary applications include but not limited to:

    • Drilling

    • Cleanouts and displacements

    • Post perforation runs

How it will benefit you
How it will Benefit you

  • Robust, casing-friendly drilling systems engineered to promote downhole cleaning and debris management.

    • Wellbore cleanout solutions help minimize drilling and completion costs by saving time and trips.

    • Tangible savings are typically identified in the planning stages, intangible savings are realized when it comes to unplanned events or unexpected debris.

  • CleanWell® system technology exceeds the weight-down limitations of the bottom bit or mill, and tensile and torsional values exceed the workstring connection.

    • Required tools can be placed appropriately in the well to help ensure performance

  • Consistent debris removal

    • Large debris capacity for removal

    • Debris extraction tools not a limit for drilling environment

Why it will help
Why it will Help

  • Unplanned downhole benefits

    • Debris inadvertently dropped down hole consistently recovered

      • Mag Tech® magnets capturing magnetized components

      • Non-ferrous recovery with ValiTech® filter screen tools alleviating fishing operations

  • Planned benefits (combining runs saving money)

    • Single Trip Drillouts

      • Performing drillout run to establish bottom with displacement tools deployed

        • Saves dedicated drill out run

    • Negative Test

      • Utilizing the rotational Inflow Tech® negative test packer with cleanout and displacement run

        • Saves dedicated negative test run

        • Incorporate polish mills for VersaFlex® liner hangers saving another dedicated run

Unique features
Unique Features

  • Primary drillable tools designed for placement directly above the bit allowing single trip drillouts

    • Tensile and torsional values exceed workstring connection

    • High flow area around tools for debris passage

  • Drill Tech® Scraper & Bristle Tech® Brush

    • Integral Mandrel (no weak internal connections)

    • No external bolts for components

    • Abundant flow passage around stabilizer and blades

    • Fixed 25º blades (spring loaded)

      • Helps ensure 360 degree coverage on casing ID

  • Mag Tech® Magnet

    • Robust

    • Integral mandrel

    • Abundant radial flow area around stabilizers

  • Vali Tech® Filter Screen Tool

    • Robust integral mandrel

    • Stabilized for positive centralization and protection

    • Robust stainless steel filter sleeve (0.035 Ga.)

    • Fluid Interrupter Sleeve (FIS) (Diverter)

      • Shifting sleeve design

    • Self modulating by-pass

      • Eliminates swabbing potential

Drill Tech®

Bristle Tech®

Vali Tech®

Mag Tech®

Where it will work
Where it Will Work

  • CleanWell® system technology utilized in all phases of the well construction

  • Primary applications include:

    • Drilling

      • Plug and Abandonment cleaning runs

      • Window mill cutting runs

      • Tools to ensure drift for casing being run

    • Cleanouts and Displacements

      • Establish bottom and displace mud to brine in one run

    • Fishing Applications

      • Debris removal utilizing debris extraction tools and mills

    • Post Perforation Runs

      • Packer plug retrieval runs utilizing CleanWell® products including VacTech®eductor system

Challenges addressed
Challenges Addressed

  • Downsizing debris and debris removal

    • Critical link between drilling and completions operations

    • Sets the stage for completion success

      • Important step for Halliburton / client completion assurance

  • Best opportunity to get ahead of the debris curve if designed properly

    • Provides debris downsizing and removal throughout the well

    • Constantly addressing debris beginning in drilling stages provides for manageable operations throughout

Who to contact where to get more information
Who to Contact, Where to get more information

NamePhillip Morgan, Global Operations Manager

Alejandro Marin, Product Manager

[email protected]

[email protected]

Phillip Morgan

Phone: 337-839-6914Cell: 337-739-3496

Alejandro Marin

Phone: +12815753306

Cell: +18325897926