We protect what is dear to you
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We protect what is dear to you! ! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LIMPRODUKT d.o.o. KREŠEVO. We protect what is dear to you! !. Limprodukt d.o.o was founded on 12 February, 2001 It is situated in Kreševo , on the address Stojčići b.b .

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We protect what is dear to you



We protect what is dear to you! !

Basic facts about the company

Limproduktd.o.o was founded on 12 February, 2001

It is situated in Kreševo, on the address Stojčićib.b.

Our basic activity is wholesale of sheet metal and sheet metal products, as well as production and installation of all types of sheet metal roofs and sheet metal decorative edges.

Basic facts about the company:

Our main foreign suppliers are

Our main foreign suppliers are:

We offer the following finished products

  • All sheet metal roofing types:

    • Tile simulation

    • Trapezoidal sheets

    • Self-fitting sheets

    • Corrugated sheets

    • Gutters and pipes

    • Elbows

    • Pipe holders

    • Sheet metal products and profiles for partition walls

We offer the following finishedproducts:

  • In wholesale production we offer all types of sheet metal:

    • galvanized

    • copper

    • aluminum

    • painted

    • hot-rolled

    • cold-rolled metal sheets.

Tile simulation

Using tile simulation, the roofing focuses on the traditional looks of tile roofing, and yet the effect is contemporary and technologically advanced type of roof covering which is economic for installation and maintenance.


Trapezoidal metal sheets

We offer two types of trapezoidal metal sheets, both 18 mm and 32 mm trapezoidal metal sheets.

We have to emphasize that the quality and durability of this sheet metal type, regardless of climate conditions, are extremely high; and the adequate quality of installation guaranteed by all Limprodukt's distributers results is firm roofing and waterproof joints, both highly resistant to strong winds as well.


Self fitting sheets

Self-fitting and 32 mm trapezoidal metal sheets for roofing and facades are the products which have excellent characteristics, universal applicability and excellent looks.

Self-fitting sheets for roofing and facade can be installed in one or two layers, or they can be combined with trapezoidal profiled sheets.


Corrugated sheets

Contemporary and 32 mm trapezoidal metal business and residential buildings require facade which is highly aesthetical, functional, consistent with contemporary carpentry, and which can be easily and economically installed. Corrugated profiled sheets have those exact characteristics which make the building look impressive.


Sheet metal products

The and 32 mm trapezoidal metal production of sheet metal products is based on plasticized sheets made of steel, in different colors which are available in our manufacturing program.