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Nepal. Hanieka Balint. Before we begin…. What if you lived in Nepal rather than the United States?. You would… have  7.5 times higher  chance of dying in infancy have  4.9 times more  chance of being unemployed use  99.38% less  electricity consume  99.01% less  oil

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Hanieka Balint

What if you lived in nepal rather than the united states
What if you lived in Nepal rather than the United States?

You would…

have 7.5 times higher chance of dying in infancy

have 4.9 times more chance of being unemployed

use 99.38% less electricity

consume 99.01% less oil

make 97.41% less money

die 12.43 years sooner

have 62.18% more babies

spend 99.23% less money on health care

experience 4.89% more of a class divide

be 16.67% less likely to have HIV/AIDS

Problem 1 trash bagmati river
Problem #1- Trash! (Bagmati River)

Who needs a sewage system when everyone can dump their stuff into the river instead?

Trash continued mt everest
Trash continued… (Mt Everest)

Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world, brings many climbers and all of their trash.

Problem 2 endangered animals
Problem #2- Endangered Animals



A Bengal tiger cub rests

in Nepal.

Men in China admire fine

tiger and leopard pelts.

Endangered animals continued
Endangered Animals continued…

Confiscated Asian elephant tusks in the

Royal Chitwan National Park, Nepal.

This image shows the number of rhinos left in the world.