les articles ind finis n.
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Les articles indéfinis

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Les articles indéfinis. Grammaire. A. Révisez … les articles définis en français sont :. le stylo la table l’ agrafeuse les crayons These articles are equivalent to the word the in English. B. L’article indéfini (The indefinite article).

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a r visez les articles d finis en fran ais sont
A. Révisez… les articles définis en françaissont:

lestylola table l’agrafeuseles crayons

These articles are equivalent to the word the in English.

b l article ind fini the indefinite article
B. L’articleindéfini (The indefinite article)
  • In French, there are two (2) ways to say a or an before a noun.
1 un masculine singular
1. un – masculine/singular
  • Ex. – unvélo
  • Ex. – unstylo
2 une feminine singular
2.une – feminine/singular
  • Ex. - unefille
  • Ex. - uneagrafeuse
3 des plural nouns regardless of their gender
3. des – plural nouns (regardless of their gender)
  • Ex. – desfeutres
  • Ex. – desaffiches

*NOTE – There is a liaison after des when the next word begins with a vowel…{dezaffiches}

c which article will i use for words that begin with a vowel sound
C. Which article will I use for words that begin with a vowel sound?
  • For indefinite articles, you will do nothingspecial for words that begin with a vowel sound.
  • Knowing a word’s gender will be critical for all singular nouns when using the indefinite article.
  • Apply the “ends in –e rule,” but memorize any exceptions. Ex. – frère (brother)
e essayez identifiez la forme convenable de l article ind fini
E. Essayez…identifiez la formeconvenable de l’articleindéfini!
  • (You try…identify the correct form of the indefinite article!)

1. des escargots

(some snails – MMM!)


2. unvélo

(a bike)


3. une glace

(an ice cream)



(some binders)


un sac à dos

(a backpack)



(a calculator)