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The Glade

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The Glade. By: Ryan Hafen, Carter Stupyra & Anthony Bashur. Background from: Chapter 1: Setting. S The Glade.

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the glade

The Glade


Ryan Hafen, Carter Stupyra & Anthony Bashur

Background from:

s the glade
SThe Glade

The book takes place in a place called the Glade, the glade is located in the middle of a maze. Inside the glade there are the Gardens, Bloodhouse, Homestead, and the Deadheads. The Gardens are where they grow the crops. The Bloodhouse is where they raise the animals (like a farm), and butcher them. The Homestead is the main meeting house, hospital, bathroom, rooms. The Deadheads are a forested graveyard.


This is a picture of what the glade might look like.




Thomas is 16 years old, has dark brown hair, is very curious, and is really confused about his surrounding environment.

His height is 5’ ft 9” and he’s ugly.

He is the main character, he is an antagonist and Thomas is very dynamic.




Chuck is short and chubby, and is very smart about the glade and its environment.

Chuck was the newest member to the glade until Thomas arrived, so Chuck is his best friend, and mentor.

He is a main character, protagonist, and static.




Minho is average height, stubborn and is very dependant, dark tan skin and short black hair.

Minho is a main character, protagonist because he helps Thomas and other people, and he is static.




Gally is the tallest member of the glade, he has blond hair, pale white skin, and a square jaw.

He’s very independent, and hates taking orders from anyone. He really doesn't trust anyone, and usually has a very short temper.

He’s a main character, he’s an antagonist, and he’s static, his personality never changes.




Teresa is the first girl to ever enter the glade, and the last person to be sent to the maze.

She has long black hair, pale skin, she’s 15 years old, and she’s 5ft 5”.

She’s a really nice person, but she’s very serious about escaping the glade.

She is a main character, antagonist and dynamic.

p exposition
P Exposition
  • In the exposition Thomas finds himself in a metal box. He has no idea who he is, where he is or what anything else is. All he knows is his name: Thomas.
p rising action
P Rising Action
  • Thomas sees Ben sick and going through the changing.
  • For no reason Thomas feels the urge to be a runner.
  • He feels like everything is familiar.
  • Newt shows Thomas a griever.
  • A girl comes in the box and is said to be the last person to come through the box.
  • Thomas feels like he has a connection with her.
  • Minho sees a “dead” griever.
  • Ably & Minho get trapped outside the maze.
  • At the last second Thomas runs out to save them and gets trapped too.
p rising action cont
P Rising Action cont.
  • Minho sets Alby at the entrance and says that it will make it easier to find the body.
  • Minho runs off and leaves Alby & Thomas to die.
  • Thomas comes up with the ingenious idea to climb up the wall it hides from the grievers.
  • The grievers can climb walls too.
  • Thomas leaves Alby hanging and the griever follows Thomas and leaves Alby.
  • Minho & Thomas trick the grievers into falling off the cliffs and into the abyss.
  • They come back and Alby is still alive and gets the serum and goes through the changing.
  • Thomas gets one day in the slammer and becomes a runner.
p climax
P Climax
  • The glade walls eventually stop closing.
  • Gally comes back on a griever completely insane saying that the grievers will come and kill members of the glade one by one.
  • They jump through the griever hole and type in the code but cannot type in the last word “push” then they find a big red button and push it and a door opens and the grievers shut off.
  • They goes through the door and finds a hole and jump into a hole and slide into a lab.
p resolution
  • They find the creators and a kid who is wearing a big sweat shirt
  • Its galley
  • Galley kills chuck
  • Thomas kills galley
  • police barge in killing the creators and leading the gladder out to a bus they board the bus and leave to a safe house
  • The gladers go to bed
c man vs man
CMan vs. Man
  • The gladers are challenged to exit a maze and they are determent to kill the creators of the maze and have to survive the horrors of the maze. These horrors are manmade.
c man vs self
CMan VS Self
  • When Thomas was confused and did not know what was happening he had to fight the urge to ask questions that were in his head and say things that would make him sound crazy like the fact that he wanted to be a runner after he saw what was in the maze that could kill him.
c man vs fate
CMan VS Fate
  • chuck had Thomas make a promise to take him home and he almost made it but Galley killed him right before the cops got there.
t theme
T Theme
  • The theme of this novel is Dystopia, a perfect (so to speak) world that turns bad.
  • The Glade was never a perfect world, but when Thomas came to the maze, he caused terrible things to happen inside and outside of the maze.
  • A quote from the novel to prove the theme is; “As you all know, the last few days have been bloody crazy, and a quite bit centered around our Green bean, Tommy, seated before us.” (p. 152).
  • This quote was said by Alby after about a week after Thomas came to the maze, and all the recent catastrophes were caused by Thomas.
the maze runner online game
The Maze Runner Online Game