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Alabama History Notes

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Alabama History Notes. Chapter 2. Chapter 2 Vocabulary. reservoir dam textile natural resource rural temperate conserve. rim plateau ridge environment bay commerce rapids. Alabama has 5 major regions : Highland Rim Includes land on both sides of the Tennessee River

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chapter 2 vocabulary
Chapter 2 Vocabulary
  • reservoir
  • dam
  • textile
  • natural resource
  • rural
  • temperate
  • conserve
  • rim
  • plateau
  • ridge
  • environment
  • bay
  • commerce
  • rapids

Alabama has 5 major regions:

  • Highland Rim
      • Includes land on both sides of the Tennessee River
  • Cumberland Plateau
  • Ridge and Valley
      • Birmingham is located here.
  • Piedmont
      • Includes Mount Cheaha – highest point in AL
  • Coastal Plain
      • largest region

A river system is a river and its major tributaries (streams that flow into a larger body of water).

Alabama has three main systems:

  • Alabama-Coosa-Tallapoosa
  • Tennessee
  • Black Warrior-Tombigbee
  • Rivers have been used to transport people and goods.

In 1984, theTennessee-Tombigbee Waterway was created.

  • “The Tenn-Tom” links the Midwest and the Gulf of Mexico.
  • It has helped Alabama’s commerce, industry, and job market.

Muscle Shoals is a huge source of hydroelectric power, or hydroelectricity. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) helps produce this.

  • Generators in the dams (used to hold back water) produce this electricity.
  • Hydroelectricity has helped AL’s commerce and businesses.

Alabama is home to many natural resources such as water, soil, forests, plants, and minerals.

  • Water is an important natural resource. We could not live without it.
  • Trees, such as pines and hardwoods, provide wood to build homes and furniture.
  • Petroleum is used for gasoline (cars), and natural gas is used for cooking and heating.

The Black Belt was excellent for raising cotton, which was once a major crop in AL.

  • Corn, soybeans, and peanuts are now AL’s major crops.
  • People and groups, such as the 4-H Forestry and Wildlife Club in Coosa County are trying to conserve our natural resources.
chapter 2 biography george washington carver
Chapter 2 BiographyGeorge Washington Carver
  • Became interested in studying plants and animals at age 10
  • Studied at the Tuskegee Normal & Industrial Institute
  • Helped renew the soil in the South by growing peanuts & sweet potatoes in AL
  • Developed 118 products made from sweet potatoes
  • Because of him, by 1940, peanuts were the second leading crop in the South (after cotton)