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Elena Moiseenko a Passionate Advocate of Rescue PowerPoint Presentation
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Elena Moiseenko a Passionate Advocate of Rescue

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Elena Moiseenko a Passionate Advocate of Rescue - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Elena Moiseenko a Passionate Advocate of Rescue

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  1. Elena Moiseenko A Passionate Advocate of Rescue Elena Moiseenko has become a passionate advocate for the adoption of rescue dogs. Rescue dogs may come from private or public shelters, picked up by animal control or turned in to the shelter by previous owners. Shelter services may take dogs from owners when the owner can no longer care for the dog, or when the municipality has confiscated the dog for its own safety.Most rescue dogs, she knows now, are given up by their owners for reasons having nothing to do with behavioral problems. But the reasons why they’re given up often remain a mystery. “I often wonder who would have left such a wonderful dog behind and what his life was like before he came to us,” Elena Moiseenko says of Miller.

  2. Elena Moiseenko Effective Leader Elena Moiseenko is retained by clients who need her expertise in process improvement for the systems of their companies, and ultimately, in improved profits. Along the way, Moiseenko has felt her leadership abilities, and her experience as a coach and a mentor, grow with each corporate project. Moiseenko has seen firsthand the positive effects of effective leadership, especially when a company is working to change from within.

  3. Elena Moiseenko Lover of Golden Retrievers Elena Moiseenko is a lover and devotee of golden retrievers, a large dog breed which was originally bred to act as gun dogs to fetch ducks and game birds in hunts. Moiseenko is not a hunter, she simply loves the gentle nature and adaptability of the golden retriever, which is easily trained and adapts well to life in the suburbs or the freedom of the country.Elena Moiseenko is a Florida-based executive who enjoys spending as much time as she can with her pet golden retrievers. She recalls how finding a new dog led to an eye-opening experience.

  4. Elena Moiseenko Finds Joy and Relaxation in Dance After high stress days in corporate environments, Elena Moiseenko found that relaxation was imperative. Moiseenko found that she could get lost in the beauty and movement of a dance. A performance art form, dance uses a sequence of movements by the human body both for the beauty of the performance and for the symbolism which dance can represent, much as does a fine painting.

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