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“Delivering as One”

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“Delivering as One”. Partnership and Cooperation United Nations – Government of Albania ‘One UN Programme’. Albania - One UN. Participation of UN agencies in the One UN programme. Request made by the Albanian Prime Minister in December 2007. Albania was selected in January 2007 .

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“Delivering as One”

Partnership and Cooperation

United Nations – Government of Albania

‘One UN Programme’

Albania- One UN Programme

Albania - One UN

Participation of UN agencies in the One UN programme

  • Request made by the Albanian Prime Minister in December 2007.
  • Albania was selected in January 2007 .
  • Albania isthe only pre-EU accessioncountry among the 8 Pilots.

January–April 2007

April–October 2007

As of second quarter of 2008

UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA, UNIFEM, WHO,UNHCR, all of which had local representation in Albania

UNICEF, UNFPA, UNDP, UNIFEM, UNV, UNAIDS, WHO, UNHCR and non resident agencies ILO, FAO, UNEP , UNESCO. ( WB as partner on implementaion)

Other Agencies to join – IFAD, UNODC, UNIDO, etc

Albania- One UN Programme

Development Context Albania
  • During 2005, US$ 387.8 million disbursed in


  • Multilateral donors accounted for 60%
  • The UN system share was US $26 Million,

nearly 7% of total ODA in the country

Albania- One UN Programme

One UN Programme

Building on existing UN Development Assistance Framework (2006-2010) and guided by the following :

1) Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) and EU integration agenda of the Government

2) National Strategy for Integration and Development

3) Integrated Planning System

4) Programmes of other international and bi-lateral agencies ;

5) Global reform context and need for harmonization and increased aid effectiveness - Paris Declaration

Albania- One UN Programme

Programme Areas
  • More transparent and accountable governance
  • Greater participation in public policy and decision- making
  • Increased and more equitable access to quality basic services
  • Regional development to reduce regional disparities
  • Environmentally sustainable development.

Main Cross-cutting areas

  • Gender
  • Capacity development

Albania- One UN Programme

  • Phased Implementation

Transition phase (2007)

Implementation (2008–2009)

Consolidation and assessment (2010)

Albania- One UN Programme

Status & Timelines
  • Timeframe of One UN Programme is 2007 – 2010
  • Government leadership and management structures established (April 2007)
  • Launch of Pilot Initiative (May 2007)
  • Finalisation of consultations and feedback received on One UN Programme (August 2007)
  • One UN House assessment decisions (August 2007)
  • Approval by all parties end September 2007.
  • Signing of the document 24 October 2007

Albania- One UN Programme

National Institutional Arrangements






(GMC – Chair DPM)

Donor Advisory Mechanism

United Nations

Country Team

One UN Programme

Joint Executive Committee

(DSDC & RC: Co-Chairs)


Working Group

Sector Working Groups

Albania- One UN Programme

financial resources for the one un programme
Financial resources for the One UN Programme
  • The total financial volume for 2007-2010 is approximately US$75 million
  • With a gap of approximately US$34 million.
  • It represents approximately US$18.7 million / year

Albania- One UN Programme

Combined UN Contribution in Albania

Albania- One UN Programme

resource mobilization strategy
Ways of Mobilizing Resources

Pooled to the One UN Coherence Funds “un-earmarked”:

Pooled to the One UN Coherence Fund “earmarked” by sector and or joint programmes

UN agencies can continue to receive funds directly for projects earmarked by donors

Status of comitted Resources

Spain a multi-year commitment for

three years, US$1 mill / year.

Norway approximately US$ 1 mill

for 2007

Finland 50,000 Euros.

The Swiss about 200 thousand


Other : Austrians, Dutch , DfID.

MDG- Funds ( Economic Governance- US$ 2 mill

Culture & Development – US$ 3 mill

Resource Mobilization Strategy

Albania- One UN Programme