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Community Need Focus Groups

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Community Need Focus Groups - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Community Need Focus Groups. By Maria Cancino. Focus Groups. What is a focus group? A focus group involves the gathering of a group of people who are asked about their attitudes towards a concept, product or idea. Advantages Relatively inexpensive

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Community Need Focus Groups

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focus groups
Focus Groups
  • What is a focus group?
    • A focus group involves the gathering of a group of people who are asked about their attitudes towards a concept, product or idea.
  • Advantages
    • Relatively inexpensive
    • Participants provide truthful and straightforward responses

Leung, L., & Savithiri, R. (2009). Spotlight on focus groups.55(2), 218-219. Retrieved from

the start of community need focus groups
The start of Community Need Focus Groups
  • A study was conducted by Siouxland Social Science Research Center at Briar Cliff University
  • Results-key findings
    • Generally people reported satisfaction by the way they were treated at agencies
    • A majority of Woodbury County residents know where to obtain help services
    • Males and African Americans reported less satisfaction and knowledge of existing services
the start cont
The Start Cont…
  • Questions that Arose
    • 1/3 did not get what they need-why?
    • Are we addressing cultural issues?
    • Are we respectful at the first contact?
planning the focus groups
Planning the Focus Groups
  • First Planning Committee
    • Design and Structure
      • Places
      • Number of Focus Groups
      • Number of Participants at each Focus Group
      • Incentives
      • What questions to ask
design and structure
Design and structure
  • Places
    • Faces of Siouxland Multicultural Fair
    • Contact Agencies-Events
  • Number of Focus groups
    • 8-20
  • Number of participant at each focus group
    • 8-12 “Magic Numbers”
  • Incentive
    • $20 Hy-Vee gift card
    • Refreshments
design and structure cont
Design and Structure Cont…
  • Question to ask
    • 1.What is your highest need at the moment?
    • 2. How do you know when you are treated well at an agency visit?
    • 3. If you had a bad experience at an agency, what was one thing you would change from that experience?
community need focus groups1
Community Need Focus Groups
  • Purpose
    • Is to provide low-income individuals and families the opportunity to communicate their needs, and describe the quality of services they have received from social service agencies.
results multicultural fair
Results-Multicultural Fair
  • East African Group
    • Men
      • Education-already educated
    • Women
      • Education- wanting to get educated
  • Improving bad experience
    • Hiring someone with there language
    • Asking for another person to help them
results multicultural fair cont
Results-Multicultural Fair Cont..
  • Everyone-20 participants
    • Family Time
    • Transportation
    • Employment
    • Housing
    • Money
  • Improving bad experience
    • Have people be respectful
    • Bilingual staff
    • Staff not talking down to them
results stella sanford daycare
Results- Stella Sanford Daycare
  • Parents-6 participants (3 females and 3 males)
    • Time
    • Doing pretty well
    • Finishing school
    • Summer program information for kids
  • Improve bad experience
    • Treat people as individuals
    • Communication –usually a misunderstanding
results radiant life church
Results-Radiant Life Church
  • Unfortunately-No participants
results jackson recovery
Results-Jackson Recovery
  • Males Group- 3 males
    • Education
    • Getting back into children’s lives
    • None at the moment
  • Improve bad experience
    • Agencies should explain everything needed for appointment
    • Being heard-listen to there situation
    • Doing our part as well
results bridges west
Results- Bridges West
  • Both male and female-17 participants
    • Needs
      • Food
      • Employment
      • Baby items-diapers, wipes etc.
      • Housing
      • Transportation
  • Improve bad Experience
    • Hire staff that have gone through situation like them
    • Going in with bad attitude, outcomes will may not be as expected
results sanford center
Results-Sanford Center
  • Male group-4 males
    • More information especially with healthcare
  • Improve bad experience
    • To be treated equally when it to health care-with insurance and those with no insurance
    • Explain items in depth and in terms I can understand
    • Culture training
results midtown family community
Results-Midtown Family Community
  • Food Pantry Event-11 participants
    • Needs
      • food
      • Toiletry items
      • Transportation
  • Improve bad experience
    • Talking to you with dignity
    • Not being discriminated against
results on knowing when treated well
Results-on Knowing when Treated Well
  • All groups gave similar answers:
    • When treated with respect and dignity
    • When questions are answered
    • Simple gestures
      • Smiles
      • Hellos
      • Tone of voice
  • Leung, L., & Savithiri, R. (2009). Spotlight on focus groups.55(2), 218-219. Retrieved from (Leung & Savithiri, 2009)