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  2. THE INTRODUCTION TO ARTISTRY • ARTISTRYis the one of the world’s famous cosmetics brand, which is a part of Alticor group of amway company in the United States .Relying on her strong research ,development strength , nuanced market survey, and the strong sales team in amway, Artistry acts as one of the world's five best selling facial skin care products and cosmetics class high-end brand, competing to the other four as Chanel, Lancome, Estee lauder and Clinique.

  3. THE TARGET MARKET • DE devos:Our target is that the customers that use Amway products will be more and more. There is no doubt that for those developed cities, the proportion of marketing will be larger in economic. However, it is just a market rule. As a company, we don’t either have to do research on this issue ,nor limit our market to a certain place. The market is growing dynamically . Everybody needs health,so everyone has his own potential to be our target market .Our goal has always been very broad . It is never narrow,cause the choice of the market and judgment is always to consumers.

  4. MARKETING MODEL Artistry adopt the direct sales business model. Products are produced from the factory, then they will directly received by the customers through just one link( distributor, salespeople or stores ), which will decrease of the intermediate circulation, as well as ensure the pre-sale, sale, and after-sales service at the same time. And as a result, customers will get a better service.