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Welcome to the Heidelberg JDF Tutorial

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Welcome to the Heidelberg JDF Tutorial - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the Heidelberg JDF Tutorial. Why ICS ?. JDF A ICS JDF B. Product A. Product B. Interoperability Conformance Specifications. Interoperability Conformance Specifications. Define a set of I nteroperability C onformance S pecifications – ICS

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why ics
Why ICS ?




Product A

Product B


interoperability conformance specifications
Interoperability Conformance Specifications
  • Define a set of Interoperability Conformance Specifications – ICS
    • The term “JDF Compliant” does not immediately imply that two arbitrary applications will communicate.
      • Sending RIP instructions to a Folding Machine is not useful…
    • Two applications that comply with a given ICS will communicate in a meaningful way.
    • Product Certification will be based on ICS Compliance
  • Avoid multiple, incompatible JDF Dialects
comparison of spec and ics
Spec Specifies

syntax of JDF

Cardinality of Parameters in a JDF ticket

Optional (?,*)

Required (“ “, +)

Number of elements (?,*,+,” “)

Job Ticket view only

ICS Specifies

Requirements for Applications

Read + Write requirements

May, Must Read (R?, R)

May, Must Write (W?, W)

Must be capable of writing (W)

Manager and Worker Role

Comparison of Spec and ICS
read write conformance
Read, Write Conformance
  • JDF Specification: Specifies only cardinality requirements within a JDF Ticket
  • ICS: Specifies conformance requirements for an Application:
    • W: Must Write. JDF is invalid unless feature is set.
    • W?: May Write. No conformance requirement
    • W: Conditional Must Write. There are Conditions where a JDF must contain a feature
    • !W: MUST NOT Write. JDF is invalid if feature is set.
    • R: Must Read. The information in the JDF must be read and appropriately processed
    • R?: May Read. No conformance requirement.
ics document structure
Prepress to























Base ICS

JDF Specification

ICS Document Structure
base ics
Base ICS
  • Conformance requirements that are common to all other ICS documents
  • includes the conformance requirements for
    • Hot Folders,
    • string Attribute Lengths,
    • specific generic JDF Elements
    • specific generic JMF Messages
      • Job Submission
mis ics
  • Interoperability requirements related to the communication between MIS and production equipment.
  • Generic requirements for all stages of the production process
    • pre-press
    • Press
    • post-press
  • Focus on the main JDF structure
    • JDF submission from an MIS to a Device
    • Device communication back to the MIS
mis prepress
  • Defines the Interface between the MIS and Prepress focused on Conventional Printing.
  • Processes for a Prepress Workflow System that produces:
    • Proofs
    • Plates
    • Previews.
mis sheetfed offset
  • This ICS defines the interoperability requirements for JDF Sheet-Fed Offset Printing
prepress sheetfed offset
Prepress - Sheetfed offset
  • Describes the interface between a Prepress Workflow System and a Conventional Sheet Fed Printing Press Controller.
  • Defines how a Prepress Workflow System dynamically communicates with a Press Controller in order to deliver
    • previews used for evaluating ink zone settings
    • information about plates.
mis binding
  • Defines the conformance requirements for:
    • Saddle Stitching
    • Soft-cover and
    • Hardcover Binding devices.
  • Specifies
    • JDF Instances,
    • JDF Messages
    • JDF Processes
mis digital print
MIS-Digital Print
  • Specifies the Conformance Requirements for Integrated Digital Printing Devices.
    • integrated digital printing systems with in-line finishing capabilities.
      • black and white and
      • limited color
    • Encompasses production printing IPP semantics.
cip4 interoperability event status
CIP4 Interoperability Event Status
  • CIP4 hosted Interoperability first test event in May 2003
  • Regular 3-4 month interval
  • Next April 2005
  • Previous One was January in Heidelberg, Germany
    • Goals are:
      • Integration of products from various vendors
      • Pinpoint ambiguous areas in the specification
      • Deine and Test Drupa Interoperability
    • More than 60 Participants from >15 Companies
  • Next Event: Tomorrow, here in Pittsburgh
  • Events are closed door
    • Goal is to enhance the standard and enable interoperability
    • NOT to find scapegoats / heroes
jdf interoperability
JDF Interoperability

JDF Conformance


JDF Transport

JDF Content

jdf conformance interoperability levels
JDF Conformance Interoperability Levels
  • None (Fax, Phone, Job Sheet)
  • JDF wrapper with many custom extensions
  • Customized JDF in Prototype Applications
  • 1-1 Customized JDF in hand-selected customer sites (beta or customer Project)
  • ICS-Based Standard JDF in hand-selected customer sites
  • Out of the box applications using ICS-based Standard JDF
jdf transport interoperability levels
JDF Transport Interoperability Levels
  • None (Fax, Phone, Job Sheet)
  • JDF File written to hard coded folder. (one way)
  • Two way JDF File exchange to hard coded folders (inbox, outbox)
  • JDF sent to File or HTTP URL as specified in the JDF
  • JDF + JMF Signaling from Device to Controller
  • JDF + Dynamic, bidirectional JMF exchange
jdf content interoperability levels
JDF Content Interoperability Levels
  • None (Fax, Phone, Job Sheet)
  • Customer Name, Time, Date
  • 2. + rough description of workflow steps
  • 2. + Vendor-specific subsets of ICS including vendor-specific misinterpretations
  • Complete ICS Functionality
  • Complete description of the workflow