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SMART Tip Sheets

SMART Tip Sheets. Drug Testing. This tip sheet explains how to enter drug test results. Total Pages: 3. Maryland August 2008 IGSR Technical Support: 301.397.2330. Miscellaneous Notes. Drug Testing. Click Add Test Result to enter a new drug test result.

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SMART Tip Sheets

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  1. SMART Tip Sheets • Drug Testing This tip sheet explains how to enter drug test results. Total Pages: 3 Maryland August 2008 IGSR Technical Support: 301.397.2330

  2. Miscellaneous Notes Drug Testing Click Add Test Result to enter a new drug test result. To review drug test records for a time period other than 30 days, change the From Date and the To Date. • Reviewing/Deleting Drug Testing Results • Entry Steps: Login, Select Facility, Client List, select client, Activity List, Drug Test Results. • Review Existing Drug Test Results: This will generate the Drug Test Results List. SMART automatically displays the last 30 days in the date fields. To view the last 30 days of results, click Go. If you wish to view a different date range of drug test results, enter the dates and then click Go. • Positive drug test results can be viewed quickly in the Positive column. • Note: The total tests for the period specified will display below, the heading “Drug Test Result List”, as well as the total number of positive tests. • To view a specific drug test result, click Review in the Actions column. The information will be displayed on a separate screen. • Delete a drug test result: To delete a drug test result, click Delete in the Actions column. • Drug test results can be exported from this screen, by clicking on Export. This will export the data to a Microsoft Excel file, for the date range specified. • A Drug Test Report can also be generated from this screen, by clicking Print Report. Click here to print a report. For the date range specified, the total tests for that period and the number of positives display here. Click Delete or Review in the Actions column. 2

  3. Miscellaneous Notes Drug Testing • Documenting Drug Testing Results • Enter a New Drug Test Result: Once you have opened the Drug Test Result Profile screen, a drug test result can be entered. • Enter the Date. Select the Client Outcome from the drop down box. If you chose an option that involved the client taking the test (i.e. Specimen Collected or Other), additional fields will be activated to allow you to enter the test results. • Select the Specimen Typefrom the drop down menu and the Location. • Enter any comments about the Drug Test Result in the comments box. • Enter the substances tested for by selecting the substances in the Drug Type box, selecting the result and clicking Add. Multiple drug tests can be entered at one time for a particular result type (positive and/or negative). Select a substance (or multiple substances if they have the same outcome by holding down the Control key), then select a Result Type. Click Add to move the drug to the results box. • Note: If the specimen was tampered with, lost in transit or the client waterloaded, select Unknown in the Test Result field. • 6. If the client tested positive for Alcohol, the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) can be entered. • 7. Click Save or Finishwhen you have completed the drug test information and the result. BAC can be entered here. Click Add Test results can be updated by checking the box next to the substance(s) to be updated and then changing the result here. Select Result. Select Drug Types (substances) here. 3

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