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Multi-Genre Project

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Multi-Genre Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Multi-Genre Project
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  1. Multi-Genre Project This project asks you to focus on themes and lessons while creating a poster. You are going to create 5 artifacts that fulfill a variety of genres for a museum exhibit poster that will demonstrate lessons we have learned in the play. On the following pages are further instructions for how to begin your Multi-genre museum exhibit. R & J Poster Shape ideas

  2. Sample Projects

  3. Multi-Genre Project Step 1– Create Artifacts: Your poster must include at least 5 different artifacts for your exhibit. Artifacts are what you see on the front of the poster. Three of your artifacts will be created, 2 of your artifacts will be “found” meaning you will find artifacts on the internet to connect to the play. Step 2 - Curator Notes: For each artifact you will assume the voice of a curator (or tour guide) and write a paragraph explanation of how the artifact relates to the novel. Curator notes are on the back of your poster. Formula: 1) In your 1st sentence introduce your audience to the artifact. 2) In your 2nd sentence summarize the contents of your artifact. 3) In your 3rd sentence connect your artifact to a quote in the book. 4) In your 4th sentence explain the quote. 5) In your 5th sentence explain how your artifact and quote involve the same themes.

  4. Sample Artifact – Front of Poster My dearest Juliet, My heart longs for you as a flower longs for the sun. I would give anything to see your heavenly face. How are thou, my love? I only hope you would be doing well, longing for the bliss I give you. Your beauty leaves me awestruck any time I come in contact with you. I won’t be able to survive without you. I need you in my life. Your soul enlightens me. Your beauty entrances me. My gorgeous wife, I would end my life if it would save yours. You are my guardian angel on earth. If I shall ever breathe another girl’s name I should die. You are perfect for me, as peanut butter is to jelly. You are absolutely beautiful, more beautiful than any lass I’ve ever seen. I remember that first night we met. I was accidently invited to your fathers party and I didn’t want to go because I was grieving over Rosaline. Benvolio convinced me that I would find a girl fairer then them all. Fortunately, he was correct. I met you, an astoundingly beautiful girl thats eyes twinkle brighter than all the stars in the sky. Once we are united, we will never be apart. You are my, heart, my love. You’re more amazing than any star. Your spirit You will be mine, I am determined to fight for you baby. We will find a way to be together, and we will be happy. I only wish to hold you in my arms forever, protecting you from the world. I want to shield you from any harm that comes your way. You have promised to be mine, but your love shall be tested. I want you to come with me away from this land, and closer to heaven on earth. Romeo

  5. Sample Curator Notes – Back of Poster Artifact #3 is a love letter written to Juliet from Romeo. This letter was sent after he was banished from Verona, but before Juliet took the vile. Romeo is expressing his deep passion (it is debatable whether it is love or lust) for his lover. He calls her an angel, as he does in the play, "Oh, speak again, bright angel" (II. II. 26). This is a prime example of the biggest theme in this play: love. The devotion Romeo shows Juliet is amazing, as today loyalty is rarely seen. Note: Notice how the student above speaks. There are no personal pronouns (I, Me, My). Instead the student adopts the voice of a museum curator, a tour guide of sorts as they explain the artifact in their exhibit. Please observe your sheet, please circle 3 out of five genres that you will prefer to complete from the next slide.

  6. Genre List You must include 3 out of the 5 genres below to complete your project. Circle 3 genres and artifacts you will complete for your poster

  7. Themes Themes: Love:Look at the various types of love in the play. What is Shakespeare saying about love? Destiny: What is destiny? Do the characters believe in fate or free will? What is Shakespeare trying to say about destiny? Conflict:What are the major conflicts in the play? How does Shakespeare describe these conflicts? What are the consequences of conflict? Hastiness, foolishness and folly: Passionate love and passionate hatred propel the characters to immediate action. What is Shakespeare trying to say about this topic. Gender: How do the young (and old) men of Verona prove their masculinity? What is the relationship between honor and masculinity in Romeo and Juliet? Do the values of masculinity come in conflict with other values in the play? Other: Have your theme approved by me!

  8. How to begin your artifacts • Choose a theme • Select a genre: • Use a motif from the motif chart to capture a sense of realism when writing as characters from the play. • Think about what motifs your character uses when speaking!

  9. Rewrite a Scene! Extra Artifact Ideas Shakespeare’s plays are often described as being universal because people around the world can all relate to the problems, themes and characters within his plays. Consider the storyline of the play and think of where and how it could occur in a different place and time. Be sure to take into account the many unpredictable organizations that exist in the world: governments( including monarchies, like that of Verona), corporations, organized crime families, etc. Your artifact could involve rewriting a scene from the play in a completely new setting. See the next page for an example

  10. Become a Psychiatrist & Diagnose a Character! Psychiatrists are paid to evaluate patients, determining their problems and come up with possible remedies to their problems. Instructions: Interview a character with at least 8 questions and 3 inkblots you find on the web. Have your character respond accurately to the inkblots with lines from the play or paraphrased lines from the play. After the interview write an assessment and diagnosis of what their problems are and how they might be solved. See the next page for a few examples. Extra Artifact Ideas

  11. Become a Psychiatrist & Diagnose a Character! Patient Diagnosis: Romeo Montague Dr: Good afternoon Romeo, I am going to try to get a read of who you are so I can help you. How are you today? Romeo: Hi Dr, I feel horrible, I can only read my days by my sadness. Dr: I am going to ask you to respond to this inkblot. What do you see? Romeo: I see…I see… the soul of my dearly departed friend Mercutio. He blamed me for his death, but I was trying to protect him! Alas, “I am Fortune’s Fool!” Have your character respond to 3 ink blots. Extra Artifact Ideas

  12. Become a Psychiatrist & Diagnose a Character! Patient Diagnosis: Romeo Montague Romeo is facing several problems, which all stem from the fight between the two families. He feels like he is controlled by fate “his stars” which is causing hisdepression. Treating him to believe in free will, so that he does not feel doomed may help his depression. You would continue to address your patients problems and solutions in a well developed paragraph.

  13. Student Sample

  14. Try one of These 1) Rewrite Friar Lawrence’s Speech to Romeo when Romeo contemplating suicide. 2) Create a comic strip of Mercutio and Tybalt’s epic fight! 3) Make a Radio Show Interview of Friar Lawrence and the Nurse after the events of act 4. 4) Act 5 – Prosecute – Mercutio, Benvolio or someone else as being responsible for the events leading up to the death of Romeo and Juliet. 5) Make a shopping reciept with prices of the items Romeo or Juliet would buy (be sure to relate it to a theme). 6) Design a set for a particular scene and put it into a different place and time period. 7) Add an extra scene to the play. 8) Create a Facebook or Twitter wall for a character!

  15. Works Cited For full credit, you must include a work cited page for your found artifacts! This involves citing sources for pictures, poems, song lyrics, cartoons, etc. that are not your original work. When you find an artifact be sure to use one of the following websites to help you create your work cited page. Bibliography: (Use Purdue OWL) to observe how you format a work cited page. MLA & In-Text Citations:

  16. Sample Work Cited Page Works Cited "Blueprint Lays Out Clear Path for Climate Action." Environmental Defense Fund. Environmental Defense Fund, 8 May 2007. Web. 24 May 2009. Clinton, Bill. Interview by Andrew C. Revkin. “Clinton on Climate Change.” New York Times. New York Times, May 2007. Web. 25 May 2009. Dean, Cornelia. "Executive on a Mission: Saving the Planet." New York Times. New York Times, 22 May 2007. Web. 25 May 2009. Ebert, Roger. "An Inconvenient Truth." Rev. of An Inconvenient Truth, dir. Davis Guggenheim. Sun-Times News Group, 2 June 2006. Web. 24 May 2009. Note: Your citations should be in alphabetical order. In addition, be sure to indent your 2nd line.

  17. Sample “Found” Artifact – Digital Image This artifact is a photograph called “Asperger’s Love”, and it displays two people, supposedly people with Asperger’s Syndrome, kissing. The woman is holding a bright red umbrella, which is the only color besides black and white in this photograph. This artifact ties in with the book because both the man and the woman in the photograph and Romeo and Juliet in the play have an obstacle to overcome in order to be with one-another. Romeo and Juliet’s families are in the way with their situation, and the couple in the photograph have to get over their anti-social behavior, known as “active-but-odd” behavior. In the play, Juliet says “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name. Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, And I’ll no longer be a Capulet” (II, II, 33-36). She shows that she is willing to give up her family name in order to be with her love, Romeo. Both the photograph and the play show distinct themes of love and desire. Works Cited: Asperger's Love. 2011. Photograph. AspieWeb. By Admin. 7 Feb. 2011. Web. 14 Dec. 2011. <>. Crowther, John, ed. “No Fear Romeo and Juliet.” SparkNotes LLC. 2005. Web. 2 Dec. 2011. "Asperger Syndrome." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. 28 Nov. 2011. Web. 14 Dec. 2011. <>.

  18. Sample Created Artifact – News Article A Montague and a Capulet… Together! When later asked how he felt on the situation he said in outrage, “THIS IS INSANITY! NEVER DID I ONCE BELIEVE THAT A DESCENDANT OF THE LORD CAPULET WOULD FIND LOVE WITH AN INSIGNIFICANT MONTAGUE!!” When Friar Lawrence, Romeo Montague’s mentor, was informed on the subject matter, he replied in a shocked manner, “holy moly, I can’t believe the words I’m hearing! Hopefully I can marry the two of them so that the peace between these two families will be restored at last!” Juliet’s Uncle Tybalt, the Prince of Cats, had something to say about the matter at hand as well. “hit ” “Death to Romeo! Death to all Montagues!”, were the words that repeatedly came out of his revengeful mouth. It appears that the tale of these two star-crossed lovers has become the hit all pans out…it doesn’t seem to look destined for a good ending though. As a citizen of Verona myself, I know how intense these family rivalries can get. Let’s hope it doesn’t result in death! Verona News Reporter -Anonymous Yesterday a startling event happened; a Montague, Romeo, and a Capulet, Juliet, were found together kissing outside of the Capulet’s House balcony. “ Reporters heavily questioned the two asking them how they felt about the situation and they both replied, “all we want in life is to be together…we want to get married tomorrow!” The shockwave of news founds its way to Lord Capulet, Juliet’s Father.

  19. Sample Created Artifact – News Article A Montague and a Capulet… Together! Curator Notes Artifact 3 The artifact that you are approaching on your right was found in Tybalt’s pants pocket after he had slain Romeo’s friend, Mercutio, and later been slain by Romeo. It is a news article written by an anonymous city-goer that depicts how the two families reacted to the news of Romeo and Juliet loving each other. This is similar to in the play when Romeo approaches Friar Lawrence about loving Juliet and Friar Lawrence says “Holy Saint Francis, what a change is here! Is Rosaline, whom thou didst love so dear, so soon forsaken? Young men’s love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes” (ii, iii, 65-68). What Friar Lawrence is trying to tell Romeo is that he needs to love with his heart and feelings, not with his eyes and looks. In other words he is telling Romeo to stop being such a “horn dog”. These items display the theme of hastiness because Romeo appears to love based on what he sees and not digging deep to find true love.

  20. Sample Created Artifact – Weather Forecast Curator Notes: Artifact 3 is a weather day forecast in Verona at the time of Romeo and Juliet. It shows how each day affects the events of each action in the play. For example On Thursday night the forecast shows clear skies and a chance of crossing stars at night. This implies events that happened in the story because in Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare suggests Romeo and Juliet as star crossed lovers and so the day they die you can see stars crossing. In Romeo and Juliet sometimes nature has a direct impact on the characters actions. Like on Monday, (the hottest day of the year) the temperatures affect the characters feelings and Mercutio and Tybalt are killed. So the weather had a direct affect on the characters destiny. WednesdayWeather: Cloudy and cold with the temperature of 32 degrees. The past couple of days has been bad but today is a devastating day! With temperatures dropping as it is you’d think something bad has happened. SundayWeather: Sunny and partly cloudy with a temperature of 90 degrees. Perfect weather to go out and enjoy the sun and maybe even meet somebody new! MondayWeather: Extremely sunny with the temperature of 115 degrees. Today is the hottest day of the year. Make sure to stay inside to because with boiling temperatures comes hot tempers and something is bond to boil over. TuesdayWeather: Cloudy with the temperature of 55 degrees. Huge change in temperature today going from the temperature of 115 to 55! Sounds like a good day to decide to sleep for a long time. ThursdayWeather: Surprisingly clear! After the past couple of days we are finally clear of all the bad weather. With the temperature of 50 degrees you can see the temperature climbing back up! Be sure to check out the stars tonight! Meteorologists expect crossing stars!

  21. Multi-Genre Project