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Critical Shipping Information. Receipt & Return of Spring HSPE and DAPE Testing Materials Spring 2014. This material should be augmented with special consideration appropriate for your local district and school . Assessment Operations Team. March 20, 2014. Key Dates.

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Critical Shipping Information

Receipt & Return of Spring

HSPE and DAPETesting Materials

Spring 2014

Thismaterial should be augmented with special consideration appropriate for your local district and school.

Assessment Operations Team

March 20, 2014


Key Dates

Key dates calendars are available for:

  • MSP/HSPE Paper/Pencil and MSP Online
  • WAAS-Portfolio
  • End-of-Course

Key Date Calendars are updated frequently and available for download with an acronym guide at:


Test Materials Receipt

  • With your initial materials shipment (2/25 or 3/3), you received a Return Shipping Kit.
  • The Return Shipping Kit contains:
    • Return Shipping Instructions Sheet
    • UPS - Return Service (RS) shipping labels are included if you are a UPS district.
      • The number of UPS-RS labels in your kit is equal to the number of DRC RS labels enclosed.
    • Return Verification Form
    • DRC Return Service labels (colored)
  • Also included in your blue DAC Kit or white SAC Kit is a Shipping Cover Memo, your School or District Packing List, ‘Red X Do-Not-Score’ labels and School/Site Labels.

Accommodated Test Material Kits

  • Accommodated materials are packaged as a kit inside a zip-lock bag with a corresponding Standard, Form A, test booklet.
  • For Spring HSPE/DAPE Additional Order kits, you will need to either apply:
  • A Student Pre-ID Adhesive Label or
  • A Tan w/ Slate Stripe (HSPE) or Tan w/ Yellow Stripe (DAPE) School/Site Label and complete boxes 1-6 on back cover

Pre-ID Roster

Your Pre-ID Roster should be used to:

  • Track Materials
  • Document the test booklet barcode number (located on front cover, upper right hand corner) assigned to students from overage and additional order materials. This is required for test booklet retrieval.
  • Record hand-bubbled demographic information.
  • Document all testing irregularities and track accommodations provided to students.
  • Annotate absences, withdrawn, incompletes, etc.
  • Inventory testing material prior to returning to DRC for processing and scoring.

Pre-ID Barcode Roster

Also available in electronic form via WAMS

Missing Material Processing:

Complete a Material Variance Report and submit to OSPI

Annotate on your District Security Report


Test Booklets

Caution: Never mark or cover the test booklet security barcode number on the front cover of test booklets.

Do not apply any type of label (Pre-ID, School/Site or Do-Not-Score) here. This barcode is used to track the return of test booklets.

Altering or obscuring this barcode will cause a delay in scoring test materials.

Proctors must collect and account for all individual paper provided for the assessments, and return to your school assessment coordinator according to your Test Security and Building Plan.

coding overage booklets and label hierarchy
Coding Overage Booklets and Label Hierarchy

Scorable Overage and Additional Order test booklets MUST either have:

B) A School/Site Label applied to the front cover and Boxes 1-6 on the back cover completed

  • Grade
  • SSID
  • Student Name
  • District Student ID
  • Gender
  • Birth Date

A) Student Pre-ID Adhesive Label



Pre-ID Label

When a Student Pre-ID Adhesive Label is adhered to the lower left, front cover of the test booklet, do not complete the demographic page.

completing the demographic page
Completing the Demographic Page

All invalidations must be approved by DACs

non secure material retention
Non-Secure Material Retention
  • The following materials should not be returned to DRC:
  • Assessment Coordinators Manuals – recycle at completion of HSPE/DAPE/MSP/EOC Spring testing.
  • Directions for Administration - recycle at completion of HSPE and DAPE Spring 2014 testing.
  • CD tip sheets (Read-Aloud CDs), Mathematics Formula Sheets, and Glossaries of Non-Mathematics Terms. If provided during the testing environment, test proctors must immediately collect, account for and process according to Test Security and Building Plan.
  • Unused Student Pre-ID Adhesive Labels- destroy according to district policy.
  • Unused School/Site and Return Shipping Labels (recycle after test materials have been returned to the contractor).

Retain Assessment Coordinators Manuals through the end of the Spring administration.

preparing test materials for return
Preparing Test Materials for Return
  • Collect and account for all booklets:
    • Transcription must be completed and verified. DRC will not transcribe student work for scoring.
    • Verify that boxes 1-6 (student demographics) were completed when using School/Site Labels).
    • Verify correct placement of any test booklet label (i.e., School/Site Labels, Red X Labels).
    • DACs verify and approve invalidations. Confirm invalidations (Box 13) are accurate and all other information is complete.
  • Materials to be retained by District:
    • Pre-ID Roster
    • Proctor Training Log
    • School/Site Administration/Security Reports
    • Test Security Assurance forms
    • Each test site must include with the testing materials delivered to the District Assessment Coordinator, an annotated and signed copy of their Pre-ID Roster. This copy should be kept at the district for reference if materials are shown missing.

Reminder: Document missing test booklets and accommodated material on the Test Material Variance Form.

Annotate on the District Security Report.

test booklet attempt completion criteria
Test Booklet Attempt (Completion Criteria)

CAA Options Eligibility for Writing

Students are eligible to pursue CAA Options in writing after attempting at least one prompt on the writing assessment.  For high school (HSPE and WAAS-DAPE) writing (grades 10–12), when a student tests in one booklet, the district should return the tested booklet with Scorable materials and return the blank booklet with Non-Scorable materials.

Refer to Slide 14 “Completing Demographic Page” for information on coding single-day writing test booklets.

coding overage booklets
Coding Overage Booklets
  • Option 1: Apply a Student Pre-ID label
  • Option 2: Apply School/Site Labels and complete boxes 1–5 on the demographic page when:
    • Using an overage test booklet.
    • Using an additional order test booklet.
    • Using a Pre-ID test booklet of a student no longer in your
    • district to assess another student and you do not have a
    • student Pre-ID adhesive label.
    • If your district runs out of Site labels, additional School/Site
    • labels can be ordered in WAMS.
  • Do not apply School/Site Labels when:
    • Pre-ID student test booklets were used by the identified student; this includes Pre-ID test booklets from another district/online school program.
    • The correct student Pre-ID label is adhered to the front cover of the test booklet.

Notes Box:

Use to annotate, scribes, irregular administration, etc.

When testing an out-of-district student with no Pre-ID booklet, contact the resident district to obtain a school site label for that student’s booklet.

completing demographic page
Completing Demographic Page
  • For Writing Booklets Only: When any student in grades 10-12 tested on only Day 1 or only Day 2:
  • Return the single completed booklet with scorable materials.
    • Code the demographic page to show the reason student was not testing in the second booklet. (Absent exc. Or Unexcused according to district policy.)
  • Return the unused booklet as non-scorable.
  • Box 14 (Pre-ID Override)
  • ONLY complete box 14 when using a pre-identified test booklet for another student and you do not have a Pre-ID label for the new student testing or a School/Site label to apply to the front cover (this will override the original Pre-ID information).
preparing test booklets
Preparing Test Booklets

Proctors must collect and account for all “individual” paper provided during the assessment, and return according to the school’s Test Security and Building Plan.

All additional papers must be removed from test booklets.

Yellow, lined scratch paper

CAUTION: Never mark or cover the test booklet security barcode number on the front cover of test booklets. This includes applying anytype of label (Pre-ID, School/Site, or Do-Not-Score). This barcode is used to track the return of test booklets.

Altering or obscuring this barcode will cause a delay in scoring test materials.

Student Informationor apply

School/Site label

Student Signature (Required)


Accommodated Test Material Kits

  • Transcribe all student responses from or within the accommodated form directly into the standard form test booklet that accompanied the large print or braille kit. (DRC will not transcribe student work).
  • For scribing, use the “Notes: Proctor/Coordinator Use” box to note that the booklet has been scribed. Provide scribe name and date.
  • Verify the scribe or transcribe circle has been properly filled in on the demographic page.
  • Return the standard form test booklet (including transcription) with scorablematerials.
  • Return the accommodated form (large print/braille/Read-Aloud CD)with non-scorable materials.
sorting test booklets
Sorting Test Booklets
  • Sort test booklets by grade, then by content area.
  • HSPE Early Writing box (non-graduates)*: will ship under pink with slate stripe label.
  • HSPE Reading/Writing Graduates box:HSPE and HSPE-Basic can be placed in the graduates box under the turquoisewith slate stripe graduate label. Note: Graduates in Range-Finding Schools should be placed in the graduates box.*
  • DAPE Graduates Box: will ship under the turquoisewith yellowstripe graduate label.
  • HSPE Read/Writ box: will ship under slate label.
  • DAPE Read/Writ/Math/Sci box: will ship under yellow label.
  • Students being assessed from other districts, private schools, Online School Programs, etc.: Return with your Scorable materials. No special sort required.
    • Other DistrictsIf using an overage or additional order (non-Pre-ID) test booklet, be sure to complete the demographic page and apply the student’s primary school district School/Site label to the lower left, front cover of the test booklet.
    • Private SchoolsIf using an overage or additional order (non-Pre-ID) test booklet, be sure to complete the demographic page and apply your school district’s School/Site label to the lower left, front cover of the test booklet.
  • Pack in boxes—multiple content/grades under correct return label can be placed in a single box.
  • *Limited Participation: Range-Finding Districts were individually notified.
sorting scorable booklets for return hspe
Sorting Scorable Booklets for Return - HSPE

March 24 - Return HSPE Early Writing RF

March 26 - Return HSPE Reading and Writing

Return all test booklets to be scored. Include test booklets with transcription.

Writing Day 1

Writing Day 2


Return all 2014Graduate test booklets containing student work.

DRC Colored Return Shipping Labels


Non-Graduate Gr. 10 & 11



HSPE Early Writing RF


Limited Participation: Range-Finding Districts were individually notified. Graduates should go into TURQUOISE graduates box.

sorting scorable booklets for return waas dape
Sorting Scorable Booklets for Return – WAAS-DAPE

March 31 Return WAAS-DAPE Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science

Return all test booklets to be scored. Include test booklets with transcription.





DRC Colored Return Shipping Labels




Special Processing Alert

Defective booklets include, but are not limited to: torn booklets, misplaced Pre-ID Labels, etc.

Processing Soiled Test Booklets

  • If possible, transcribe student responses into a standard form test booklet. Return transcribed booklet with scorable materials.
  • Either place aRed X Do-Not-Score Label on the front cover or mark a large red X on the back cover of the soiled test booklet. Package in a plastic zip-lock bag and return with non-scorable materials.
  • Place Special Processing Alert on top of booklets zip-lock bag.
  • Complete a Testing Irregularity Report to document the incident.

DO NOT tape or staple alerts or other loose paper to test booklets as this will cause booklet damage.

Districts are responsible for transcribing into new test booklets. DRC will NOT process/score soiled test booklets

administration specific do not score labels
Administration Specific DO NOT SCORE Labels

Red X Do-Not-Score labels are administration specific.

Use Yellow Bar labels for DAPE and Slate Bar labels for HSPE



  • Return all booklets that should not be scored(Pre-ID and overage, large print and braille that have been transcribed into a standard form)
  • Use Red-X Do-Not-Score labels. Applying a Red-X Do Not Score label to the front cover of the Non-Scorable booklet eliminates the need to draw a red x on the back cover.
  • Red-X Do-Not-Score Labels are used for single booklets. Shrink wrapped packages of unused booklets should not be opened and do not need a red X applied.
  • Additional Non-Scorablelabels can be ordered in WAMS.
non scorable materials
Non-Scorable Materials


Verify individual test booklets have a Red-X Do-Not-Score Label on the lower left, front cover or draw a red Xon the back cover (demographic page) of the test booklet.

Braille & Large Print Test Booklets

Verify completeness of transcription

Accommodated CDs

Do NOT Score

No special sort is required


Placing Red-X Do-Not-Score Labels





If a label is accidentally placed on a test booklet in the student information box, do not attempt to remove. Apply a School/Site Label over the Red X Label and code the students demographic information on the back cover (demographic page).


Colored Return LabelsHSPE/WAAS-DAPE Materials

Place UPS Carrier labels on Flap B

Return test booklets to: Data Recognition Corporation

7303 Boone Ave N, Brooklyn Park MN 55428



Use only HSPE Early Writing, HSPE, or DAPE Return Shipping Labels. Labels from past years or other administrations cannot be processed.

All testing materials returned via UPS are required to have a white Return Shipping label applied with the correct DRC colored Return Shipping Label.

packaging hspe waas dape materials
Packaging HSPE/WAAS-DAPE Materials

Pink Label with w/ Slate Stripe

HSPE— Range Finding


Yellow Label

WAAS-DAPEGrades 11 &12


Slate Label

HSPE Grades 10 & 11

Non- Graduate

  • All HSPE Early Writing
  • Return Won March 24, 2014
  • All HSPE materials& 2014 Graduates
  • Return R/W on March 26, 2014
  • All WAAS-DAPE – Grades 11, 12 & Non-2014 Graduates
  • Return R/W/M/S on March 31, 2014

Turquoise Label w/ Slate Strip

2014 Graduates-Grade 12:


Red Label

All “Non-Scorable” HSPE-Basic, and WAAS-DAPE

Turquoise Label w/ Yellow Stripe

2014 Graduates-Grade 12:


return verification form
Return Verification Form

This verification form will help to ensure all test materials reach contractors.

HSPE Reading/Writing and DAPE

  • Accurate completion of this form ensures test security and prompt follow-up if contractors do not receive your materials by the expected date.
  • A hard copy is provided in your material shipment.
  • An electronic (‘click enter’) version of this form is available on the Test Administration Web site:

Score Report Release

Score Reports for non-enrolled 12th grade students will be returned to the

testing district. Plan for communication and delivery of ISRs to families.

ospi website www k12 wa us
OSPI Website:

The Test Administration Web site is continually undergoing enhancements—stay tuned for updates