Zionism and persecution
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Zionism and Persecution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Zionism and Persecution. Zionism-movement (started in 19 th Century) to try to create and develop a Jewish nation in Palestine Supported the state of Isreal since 1948

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Zionism and persecution
Zionism and Persecution

  • Zionism-movement (started in 19th Century) to try to create and develop a Jewish nation in Palestine

    • Supported the state of Isreal since 1948

  • Persecution-treating a race or group of people with cruel or unfair treatment (because of ethnic origin or religious beliefes)


Establishing of israel
Establishing of Israel

  • Jewish community needed a independent Jewish state after the Holocaust

    • Needed it for a safe haven for Jews

  • Established in 1948

  • 50 years of effort started by Theodore Herzl

  • Balfour Declaration of 1917

    • Helped show British Government’s support of the creation of a homeland for Jews

  • Violence between Palestine’s Jewish and Arab communities increased after World War I

  • British support led to the 1947 UN partition plan

    • Would have divided Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab states with Jerusalem under UN administration

  • Israel proclaimed a state May 14, 1948

    • Started army invasions from Arab states

Us relationship with israel
US Relationship with Israel

  • US committed to protecting Israel

    • US is a large share of its world-wide economic and security assistance

  • A lot of countries don’t see Israel as a country

  • Israeli Leaders

  • Prime Minister-Binyamin Netanyahu

  • President-Shimon Peres

  • Vice Prime Ministers-Moshe Yaalon and Silvan Shalom



Israelis and palestinians
Israelis and Palestinians

  • Israelis fear Palestinian militants are terrorist

    • Don’t think they will compromise

  • Israeli leaders no longer trust Palestinian leaders

    • There were terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians when Israelis felt peace negotiations were running fairly

  • Israelis don’t think they have mistreated Palestinians

    • Israelis are just scared and want to keep people safe even though it’s unfair to Palestinians that they are all viewed as terrorists

      Obstacles in the way of a Peace Settlement

  • Israelis don’t think Palestinians will negotiate

  • Israelis fear Palestinian terrorist attacks

  • Israelis don’t feel safe enough to reduce control of Palestinian territories