kakadu national park n.
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Kakadu National Park PowerPoint Presentation
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Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park

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Kakadu National Park

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  1. Kakadu National Park By Lauren Davies

  2. What is a state/national park? • A state/national park is like a giant reserve. • You are not permitted to kill or hunt animals. • You are not permitted to build houses on the grounds of a state/national park. • National parks are governed by the national government and state parks are governed by the state government.

  3. Park laws • Kakadu National Park is established and managed as a Commonwealth Reserve under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. The Act sets out rules for Commonwealth reserves. For example some of the rules include • – Stay on public roads and marked walking tracks. • – Camp only in designated camping areas. • Other park rules and guidelines include: • – Stay behind the barriers to protect Aboriginal • rock paintings. • – Protect plants — do not use tree branches as fly swats. • – Do not feed or disturb wildlife. • – Light fires only in fireplaces provided or use fuel • stoves. Keep use of firewood to a minimum. • – Do not bring pets into Kakadu.

  4. Kakadu Park Includes Kakadu National Park protects lots of different interesting features. The animals include over 280 species of bird, about 60 species of mammal, 50 freshwater species and many more. Also landforms are formed in this amazing park. West Alligator River runs through the park(image up the top) so does the South and East Alligator Aivers. Kakadu National Park holds over 5000 aboriginal art illustrations from the Warradjan tribe.

  5. Kakadu Flora fanua The park includes these plants: • Native ginger • Water lily • Banskia • Freshwater mangrove • Green plums • Beach hibisicus • Sand palm • Red lily • Blue lily The park includes these animals following: • Gouldian finch • Speartoothshark • Northern river shark • Red goshawk • Emu • Ghost Bats • Kangaroo • Masked owl • Golden bandicoot • Water mouse • Arnhem rock-rat • Green Turtle

  6. Kakadu park Where is it What can you do • Kakadu National Park is located near Darwin Australia. From Sydney It is about a 5 day drive. On a plane it will 5 hours. It is 3812km from Newcastle. • At the park you can walk, climb and see. • You walk around amazing parks, rivers and rocks. • You can climb up to the top of rocks and take terrific photos. • You can see amazing pictures illustrated by the local aboriginal tribe.

  7. climate and seasons in Kakadu national park • Climate in Darwin is very, very hot. October is 37.5 °C and January is 33 °C. • Non-aboriginal people only refer to the dry season and the wet season. But the aboriginal people say there are 6 seasons.

  8. history • Kakadu has been home to Aboriginal people for more than 50,000 years the people used were stringy-bark and paperbark shelters near billabongs, floodplains, and rock shelters in the stone country. • When non-Aboriginal people arrived in the Kakadu area the Aboriginal population decreased as many people died of disease or moved off their land to towns and settlements. • It is thought that about 2000 people lived in the Kakadu area before the arrival of non-Aboriginal people; there are now about 500 Aboriginal people living in 18 outstations dotted throughout the park.

  9. attractions BOWALI VISTOR CENTER Bowali ( bor-warl-ee) is a name for the local area and the creek. The local aboriginal tribe is the Mirrar. GUIDED WALKS Kakadu National Park offers visitors a wonderful day out and wonderful walks. • ROCK ART Rock art is drawn by aboriginals. Some of it was drawn over13000 years ago! • SWIMMING Most lakes and rivers are dangerous to swim in because of crocodiles. But there is one water hole called Blueys which is fresh water. You can swim in it anddrink it!!

  10. safety • Safety is very important in Kakadu National Park. • CROCADILES There are 2 types of crocs. The saltwater and freshwater. They are very dangerous!! Stay away!! Look for warning signs before swimming there bite is like being burned!!Dad found a saltwater croc CLIFFS climbing rock ledges and cliffs and walking or standing near cliff edges can lead to serious injury or death, especially when rock surfaces are wet. Keep well away from all cliff edges. There are no fences

  11. Thank you for reading and watching my project jet goodbye