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Model School Applications 2011-2012

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Model School Applications 2011-2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Model School Applications 2011-2012. Online Chat January 23, 2012. Agenda. Overview Timelines Prerequisites Application Criteria Annual Assessment Next Steps Online System. 2011-2012 Model Schools.

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model school applications 2011 2012
Model School Applications 2011-2012
  • Online Chat
  • January 23, 2012
  • Overview
  • Timelines
  • Prerequisites
  • Application
  • Criteria
  • Annual Assessment
  • Next Steps
  • Online System
2011 2012 model schools
2011-2012 Model Schools
  • Description, Application & Walkthrough available on Project website under Model Schools at:

2011 2012 model schools1
2011-2012Model Schools
  • Application can be downloaded and used to prepare for direct entry into on-line system (targeting PBSES)
  • Walkthrough & BAT are to be completed and entered into PBSES as part of end-year evaluation data to be considered for Model School application review
  • DC recommendation to be gathered verbally by FL PBS:RtIB Project staff similar to 10-11 MS cycle
2011 2012 application availability
2011-2012Application Availability
  • June 16, 2012 through August 31, 2012
    • Data can be entered during this timeframe only
  • Access to on-line entry for Model School application contingent upon meeting all pre-requisites
2011 2012 prerequisites
  • All PBSES activities, i.e., Mid-Year Part 1 & 2, End-Year, BAT, Walkthrough
  • FLPBSES will notify you of eligibility when you click on Model School application within PBSES
    • Missing data and/or not meeting criteria = no access to enter MS application (ineligible to submit)
    • All Data entered & meeting eligibility criteria = access to on-line application (eligible to submit)
2011 2012 model schools2
2011-2012 Model Schools
  • All entries must be submitted in the on-line system (PBSES) with artifacts (depending on level applying for) uploaded
    • System will close after August 31, 2012. Nothing accepted after this date!
  • Must use 2012 application and Tier 1 PBS Walkthrough form (Old versions/forms will NOT be processed)
  • Download or print application from project website to gather information to be entered into on-line system (targeting PBSES) ahead of time
model school application
Model School Application
  • Description of purpose and levels of Model Schools
  • Criteria
  • 6 Sections to complete
    • 1 & 2: General Information & Two questions. Q1 = outcome data as reported via PBSES.
    • 3 & 4: Two questions and uploading of 1-2 artifacts (Silver and Gold applicants also complete)
    • 5 & 6: One question and uploading of additional 1-2 artifacts (Gold applicants also complete)
sections 1 2
Sections 1 & 2
  • General Information & Two questions. Q1 = outcome data as reported via PBSES.
    • If ODR, ISS, and/or OSS data per 100 students reflects decrease or <15% increases in all outcome data categories as reported in PBSES, indicate within answer,


    • If ODR, ISS, and/or OSS data per 100 students indicates 15% or more increase in any and/or all outcome data categories as reported in PBSES, then indicate within answer.
sections 1 2 more specifically
Sections 1 & 2More Specifically
  • General Information & Two questions. Q1 = outcome data as reported via PBSES
  • If PBSES outcome data reflect >15% increase in any category & question 1 is NOT answered completely using the data reported in PBSES, application is ineligible for further review
  • If increase(s) occur in consecutive years in any or all outcome data categories, the application may not be eligible for review or Model School status
2011 2012 model school criteria
2011-2012Model School Criteria
  • Completed Mid- & End-Year Evaluations
  • ALL data must be submitted into PBSES.
  • DC recommendation confirmed by FLPBS:RtIB Project
  • Completed on-line application & uploaded artifacts
  • Completed (1) Tier 1 PBS Walkthrough by another FLPBS:RtIB Coach or DC supporting BoQ score & entered into PBSES by Coach along with other end-year evaluation data
2011 2012 outcome data submitted on pbses
2011-2012Outcome Data Submitted on PBSES
  • Outcome data (ODR/100, ISS/100, and OSS/100) as reported via PBSES will be used to evaluate responses to 11-12 Model School Application submissions.
    • Missing data = ineligible for further application review
    • Outcome data reported in PBSES not corresponding to answers provided in Model School Application = ineligible for further application review
model school levels
Model School Levels
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
bronze model school levels
BronzeModel School Levels
  • meets minimal criteria with sections 1-2 on application completed, DC & FL PBS:RtIB Project recommendation and Tier 1 PBS Walkthrough entered into PBSES
silver model school levels
SilverModel School Levels
  • meets Bronze level requirements, demonstrates higher implementation fidelity, sections 1-4 on application completed, 1-2 electronic artifacts submitted showcasing visibility, political support, funding strategies, parental involvement with RtIB, “drilling down” into data, and/or steps taken to build systems of support for behavior at Tier 2
gold model school levels
GoldModel School Levels
  • meets Bronze and Silver level requirements, demonstrates highest implementation fidelity, sections 1-6 on application completed, 1-2 electronic artifacts submitted showcasing Silver-Level characteristics AND 1-2 electronic artifacts showcasing systems of behavior support at Tiers 2 and 3 and/or evidence of formalized policies/procedures to ensure support of RtIB implementation above & beyond foundational supports
silver model schools artifacts
Silver: Model Schools Artifacts
  • 1-2 artifacts total, may include but are not limited to:
    • Products used to build parent, community or political support with RtIB
    • Products used to solicit funding for RtIB activities
    • Evidence of behavior strategies used to address needs of specific groups of students
    • Products used as part of Tier 2 behavior interventions
    • Evidence of “drilling down” into school behavioral data
gold model schools artifacts
Gold : Model Schools Artifacts
  • 3-4 artifacts total, may include but are not limited to:
    • 1-2 artifacts showcasing Silver-Level characteristics AND
    • Examples addressing systems-level behavior issues at Tier 2 and/or Tier 3
    • Evidence of formalized policies and/or procedures that help ensure support of RtIB implementation, above & beyond foundational supports
model schools assessed annually
Model SchoolsAssessed Annually
  • Revised annually to reflect continued growth and implementation fidelity expected
  • Model School status earned each year according to revised criteria
  • 11-12 school year = increased outcome data criteria as reported via PBSES
    • Reflective of positive outcomes for students over years
    • Must use system to be recognized by system
now what
Now What?
  • 10-11 List of Model Schools posted on FLPBS:RtIB Project Website soon
  • Review criteria/revised application with Coaches
    • Determine the following:
      • Gatherer of information
      • Availability of application entry/upload
  • PBSES data need to be complete & accurate
    • MS answers must reflect PBSES data for eligibility
      • Must use system to be recognized by system
review with coaches now
Review with Coaches NOW
  • Review criteria and revised application
    • Discuss who will gather information for application
    • Determine who will be available (June 16-August 31, 2012) to complete online Model School application
      • Ensure access to:
        • PBSES
        • 11-12 Model School application & corresponding answers
        • Artifacts (if applying for Silver or Gold level)
model school on line system
Model School:On-line System
  • Targeting PBSES as on-line system
    • Application answers will be entered, retrieved, and scored
  • Pre-requisites for eligibility to be linked to access to data entry of Model School Application in PBSES
  • 11-12 Model School Tutorial will be available in February on project website
    • In DC Corner- Monthly Coaches Meeting Modules
    • Email will be sent to DCs with notification of website post