Doing more with less challenges of wearing a dual hat
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Doing More with Less; Challenges of Wearing a Dual Hat - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Doing More with Less; Challenges of Wearing a Dual Hat . Kathryne Butler, MHA, MBA, CAVS Manager of Volunteer Services & Life Branch St. Luke’s The Woodlands Hospital & St. Luke’s Lakeside Hospital. Disclaimer.

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Doing more with less challenges of wearing a dual hat

Doing More with Less; Challenges of Wearing a Dual Hat

Kathryne Butler, MHA, MBA, CAVS

Manager of Volunteer Services & Life Branch

St. Luke’s The Woodlands Hospital &

St. Luke’s Lakeside Hospital


  • Information provided in this webinar pertains to practices that work best for the speaker and may not be suitable for every hospital and their situation.

  • The information should be used as a tool to find the best practices that fit your hospital and its needs.

Webinar overview
Webinar Overview

  • Your role as both a Volunteer Manager and Gift Shop Manager

  • Challenges of wearing a dual hat (Volunteer Manager & Gift Shop Manager)

  • Opportunities to help you do more with less

    • Employees/Volunteers

    • Time Management

    • Tools for Success

What is your role

Volunteer Manager

Process new volunteers (pre-screening, interviewing, placements, inputting data)



Crisis management

Develop new programs


Serve on committees

Gift Shop Manager


Inventory Procurement


Visual Merchandising

Check Requests

Vendor/Shipment Issues


Positive financial return

What is Your Role?


  • 80/20 Split of Time  Is this truly an accurate representation of the time it takes to keep the gift shop operational & profitable?

  • More work than one person (or the number of staff you have) can handle

    • Processing applications fast enough

    • Getting inventory put out fast enough



  • What takes up most of your time as the Gift Shop Manager?

    • Meeting with vendors

    • Daily deposits

    • Check requests

    • Buying

    • Inventory procurement

    • Visual merchandising/displays

    • Staffing

    • Budget

    • Employee/Volunteer/Customer Issues

    • Creating reports

    • Meetings


  • What takes up most of your time as the Volunteer Manager?

    • Talking with volunteers/rounding on volunteers

    • Processing applications (pre-screening, scheduling TB tests/health screens, background checks)

    • Interviewing new volunteers

    • Inputting data (inputting new applications, inputting completion dates of documentation)

    • Placing new volunteers

    • Orientation

    • Training and competencies

    • Developing new programs/volunteer positions

    • Budget

    • Creating reports

    • Meetings

Volunteer manager opportunities
Volunteer Manager Opportunities

Streamline Processes

  • Online applications

  • Pre-screen applicants

    • Immediately send decline emails to volunteer applicants who do not meet your program criteria or you don’t have a position available for  pre-fabricate email

      Thank you for your interest in volunteering at St. Luke’s The Woodlands Hospital. At this time we do not have any available positions that meet your interests or availability. If your situation changes, please feel free to contact us again regarding your volunteer application.


      Kathryne Butler, MHA, MBA, CAVS

      Manager of Volunteer Services & Life Branch

Volunteer manager opportunities1
Volunteer Manager Opportunities

Streamline Processes

  • Pre-screen applicants

    • Look for Administrative Master’s Students (MBA, MPA, MHA, etc.) and teach them to pre-screen, send out decline emails, data entry, etc.

    • Use Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs

Maslow s hierarchy of needs
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Want to give back

Students - Exposure

Looking for friends/ social

Job Seekers

Volunteer manager opportunities2
Volunteer Manager Opportunities

Streamline Processes

  • Pre-screen applicants  pre-fabricated email sent immediately after pre-screen. This can be sent by your volunteer who is helping or another staff member.

    Dear Jane,

    I enjoyed speaking with you about volunteering at St. Luke's The Woodlands Hospital. Your interview is scheduled for Monday May 23, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. and your health screen will immediately follow. Your orientation information is attached to this email. You must have the orientation exam completed before you can begin volunteering. Please bring your completed New Volunteer Health Review and your Background Release Form (found at with you to your interview.

    On the day of your interview please come to Volunteer Services in Suite 160. If you need directions to the office please ask a volunteer (purple jackets) at Guest Relations (located in the main lobby of the hospital) to assist you.

    If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask. I look forward to meeting you!

    Kathryne Butler, MHA, MBA, CAVS

    Manager of Volunteer Services and Life Branch

    St. Luke's The Woodlands Hospital and St. Luke's Lakeside Hospital

Volunteer manager opportunities3
Volunteer Manager Opportunities

Streamline Processes

  • Interviews and health screens back to back

  • Online Orientation and Online Re-orientation

    • Kwik Surveys (free)

    • Create PDF study guide (post on website or email)

Volunteer manager opportunities5
Volunteer Manager Opportunities

Pre-fabricated Start Email

Please welcome Jane Doe to St. Luke's The Woodlands Auxiliary!

Jane will start on Monday, July 11, 2011 and will be a Family Birthing Center Volunteer.

Volunteer Contact Information:

Jane Doe

(281) 555-4547 (cell)


FBC Volunteer

Mondays 8-12 p.m.

For any questions or to call in ill/vacation for one of your shifts, please contact your department. You do not need to contact the Manager of Volunteer Services to call in sick or for vacation.

Department Contact:                     

Point of Contact Name



                                Phone Number

Instructions for 1st Day:

·    Wear black pants/skirt and comfortable shoes. Wear a white or black shirt if you are purchasing a smock/jacket.

·    Bring money (cash or credit card only) to purchase your volunteer Oxford button up, ($21.65), polo ($16.24) or smock/jacket ($21.65).

·    Please pick up your badge on a weekday between the hours of 8-5 at Human Resources, Suite 140. Be sure to tell them you are working at FBC so that they can clear your badge. Please wear your badge on your first day.

Gift shop manager opportunities
Gift Shop Manager Opportunities

  • Saving Time with Vendors

    • Meeting with them in the store  limit this to only those vendors that do not have online access or catalogs.

      • Have vendors email you pictures/copies of catalog pages with items you frequently buy or of new items.

    • Scheduling appointments at market  limit this as much as possible. Meeting with pre-existing vendors takes up valuable time. Try to utilize time at market to seek out new vendors. Why go to market to buy the same old thing?

    • Seeking out new vendors will keep the store continually fresh and new, while creating opportunities to better maximize profits.

Gift shop manager opportunities1
Gift Shop Manager Opportunities

  • Stagger ship dates of merchandise

    • If too much merchandise comes in at once, it can be cumbersome to input the inventory into the system, tag it and display it.

    • Boxes on the floor can create safety hazards and negatively impact the aesthetic appearance of your store.

Gift shop manager opportunities2
Gift Shop Manager Opportunities

  • If your inventory day comes before the Thanksgiving/Holiday season, make your workload easier by pre-printing a holiday inventory sheet with the tags so it can be scanned rather than actually physically inventorying the merchandise.

Gift shop manager opportunities3
Gift Shop Manager Opportunities

  • Empower Employees/Volunteers

    • Have the right people on your team (the right skills and the right attitude)  the top applicant isn’t always the best fit for your department

    • Utilize behavioral interviewing

      • Ask open-ended questions

      • Focus on their knowledge, skills and abilities

      • Listen for S-T-A-R

        • Stated a specific situation

        • Tasks they needed to do

        • Actions they took

        • Results of those actions

      • Align interview questions to job description and characteristics of high performing employees

Gift shop manager opportunities4
Gift Shop Manager Opportunities

  • Test interviewees on visual merchandising

  • Cross-train

    • The more people that can do visual merchandising the better (allows you to rotate merchandise weekly, which statistically improves sales)

    • Reorder forms that can be filled out by employees (example, Kelli’s Gift Shop Suppliers)

Gift shop manager opportunities5
Gift Shop Manager Opportunities

  • Empower Employees/Volunteers

    • Have employees/volunteers give you names of new vendors or trends that they hear about or see while they are out shopping.

    • Have employees/volunteers go through the store and write down on a weekly basis items that need to be reordered.

    • Identify employees/volunteers who can assist with things such as check requests and other reports.