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Winter 2012. Safety Campaign. Drunk Driving. Minimum Cost of a DUI. Bail: $150-$2,500 Towing and storage: $100-$1,200 Insurance: $4,500 or more (per year for ? years) Legal fees: $2,000-$25,000 Fines: $300-$1,200 Alcohol evaluation: $100-$200 Alcohol education and treatment: $150-$2,000

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Drunk driving

Winter 2012

Safety Campaign

Drunk Driving

Minimum cost of a dui
Minimum Costof a DUI

  • Bail: $150-$2,500

  • Towing and storage: $100-$1,200

  • Insurance: $4,500 or more (per year for ? years)

  • Legal fees: $2,000-$25,000

  • Fines: $300-$1,200

  • Alcohol evaluation: $100-$200

  • Alcohol education and treatment: $150-$2,000

  • License reinstatement fees: $95-$250

One cost of dui loss of base sticker
One Cost of DUI:Loss of Base Sticker

  • Your sticker can get scraped for a variety of reasons, mostly related to traffic safety.

  • When you rack up up too many points for various violations on base.

  • Reckless driving or speeding 20 miles per hour over the limit costs you six points.

  • Talking on a cell phone is worth three points.

  • DUIs mean at least an automatic year without base driving privileges.

How the navy finds out about duis
How the Navy FindsOut About DUIs

  • Commands generally rely on the “blotter” report from local law enforcement to learn about these arrests.

What happens next
What HappensNext?

  • The Command Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor (DAPA) interviews the Sailor

  • Fills out a screening package (including a recommendation for treatment)

  • Delivers it to a Medical Treatment Facility to set up an appointment

What happens next cont
What HappensNext?, cont.

  • The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Management Information Tracking Systems (ADMITS) keeps track of all alcohol-related incidents in a Sailor's career

  • Command DAPAs have access to this information

  • Officer DUIs are reported to PERS 83 and stay in service records permanently.

What are the punishments
What Arethe Punishments?

  • Various penalties in civilian court

  • Non-judicial punishment (NJP)

  • UCMJ Art. 111 (drunk driving) or 112 (drunk on duty) are appropriate offenses

  • It may also be appropriate to administratively separate the Sailor.

What are the punishments1
What Arethe Punishments?

  • Skippers discipline Sailors based on their potential for future useful service (free of any further alcohol-related incidents)

Considerations for commanding officers
Considerations forCommanding Officers

  • The Sailor’s disciplinary history, including prior alcohol-related offenses

  • Seriousness of the offense(s)

  • The Sailor’s blood alcohol content (BAC) when arrested

  • Injuries to the Sailor and/or other parties

  • Property damage caused by the Sailor’s DUI

My dui the real cost
“My DUI” –The Real Cost

  • AMEAN, VAQ squadron – Suspended license, reduction in rate, 45 days extra duty. $5,000 in fines, $2,500 in lawyer fees.

  • MCSN aboard an LHA – 45 days of restriction, 45 days of extra duty, lost E-4, and lost one half month’s pay times two.

  • QM2, deployed overseas – Loss of advancement. Loss of on-base driving privileges for two years. Car insurance rate hike. Probably loss of state driver’s license. NJP pending.

  • CS2, Naval Medical Center – 27 days in jail, 6 court visits, $20,000 in court costs and fines. $577 for state-run DUI program. License suspended for at least a year. $800 for public transportation.

My dui the real cost cont
“My DUI” –The Real Cost, cont.

  • OS2, en route to a frigate -- $245 for a DUI class. $1,500 fine. $60 for meeting his probation officer once a month for six months. 50 hours of community service. 10 days of “car immobilization.”

  • FN, aboard an LHA -- Six months in jail (suspended), 60 days of restriction, half a month’s pay times two, reduction in rate. $420 fine. License suspended for a year.

  • BMSN, special ops command – 45 days restriction, 45 days of extra duty, half a month’s pay times two, reduction from E-4 to E-3. Car-insurance rates double for three years. $170 for an alcohol interlock device in his truck, $190 to uninstall it. $375 for ASAP classes.

My dui what sailors said
“My DUI” –What Sailors Said

  • “Having no idea what is going to happen to your Navy career—or whether you’re going to continue to have one—is nerve-wracking.”

  • “People look at me differently, and I’m not treated as the up-and-coming petty officer I used to be treated like by those who do not know me well.”

  • “I have put massive strain on my peers, work center, squadron, and family.”