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Con Drunk Driving

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Con Drunk Driving. Julia Santana & Julia St. George. “Innocent people have to live with the pain and suffering that the drunk driver has caused them.”. At least 2,670 deaths in 2009 Someone killed by a drunk driver ever 45 minutes

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Con Drunk Driving

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con drunk driving

Con Drunk Driving

Julia Santana &

Julia St. George

“Innocent people have to live with the pain and suffering that the drunk driver has caused them.”


At least 2,670 deaths in 2009

  • Someone killed by a drunk driver ever 45 minutes
  • 37% of all traffic related deaths are caused by drunk driving
why you shouldn t drink and drive
Why you shouldn’t drink and drive
  • Illegal
  • Dangerous for you
  • Dangerous for passengers
  • Dangerous for drivers
  • Permanent on your record
  • Causes significant property damage
sobriety tests
Sobriety tests
  • Field
  • Breathalyzer
  • Blood alcohol analysis
  • Urine Test
dui bac levels
DUI BAC levels

•Adult Driver –0.08 or higher

•Commercial Vehicle Driver –0.04 or higher

•Under 21 Driver –0.02 or higher

1 st offence dui
1st offence DUI
  • Up to one year in jail
  • Fine of 2,500
  • rehab program
  • License suspended for 6 months
2 nd offence dui
2nd offence DUI
  •  Min. 5 days (or 30 days community service) up to one year in jail
  • Fine up to 2,500
  • License suspension for a minimum of 5 years
  • Rehab program
3 rd offence under dui
3rd offence under DUI
  • 3-7 years in jail
  • Fined 25,000
  • License suspension for a minimum of 10 years
  • Rehab program
4th 5th and 6th offense or higher in dui
4th, 5th, and 6th Offense or higher in DUI
  • License taken away forever
  • Fined 25,000
  • Jail time increases maxing out to 30 years
  • Volunteer to be a designated driver
  • If friends are drunk, let them stay the night
  • Don’t drink at all!
interview with bartlett s deputy chief kent williams
Interview with Bartlett’s Deputy Chief: Kent Williams
  • How many cases of drunk driving was there in the past few months?
  • What is the worst drunk driving case you’ve had?
  • How many of the cases in the past few months resulted in death?
  • How long do drunk drivers stay in jail?
  • In the past three years, which year had the most cases for drunk driving?
  • How many cases of drunk driving are there in a day?

What percent of drunk drivers are under 18?

  • What happens if there is a party and there’s a lot of drunks and there’s not of lot of police officers so people try to escape?
  • How much is a ticket of DUI?
  • What does BAC mean?
  • Which test is more accurate?
  • If there’s a party and alcohol is being served does everyone get in trouble or just the person hosting the party?
  • What happens if there’s a party and alcohol is being served but the parent is okay with it?
extra information given to us by deputy chief kent williams
Extra Information given to us by Deputy Chief: Kent Williams
  • DUI is one of the most serious offenses
  • There are officers at night looking for drunk drivers
  • Often do road blocks, put more people out at night, or use airplanes to catch drunk drivers
what can we do
What can we do?
  • We can tell others, and talk to congress so they know that people care, and they can pass the bill (Drunk Driving Repeat Offender Prevention Act of 2010)
  • Pros which are: safer environment, save peoples lives, stop people from drinking and driving, make more people go to jail in order for them to learn from their mistakes
  • Cons which are: police would be out more at night, wont be able to stay out late, wont be able to drink as much because they'll catch you
  • Mothers against drunk driving
  • “Did you know that 41% of fatal crashes are alcohol-related? It doesn't have to be that way. Since MADD was founded, 300,000 lives have been saved nationwide. All it takes is your support! Every step taken and pledge made will help raise funds and awareness for MADD's programs and services that will serve to keep our children and communities safe.”