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  1. Non-fiction Writing Level 4 Responses

  2. Activate what you already know: What background information are you bringing to this reading. • Some questions are assessment for learning—you are increasing your ability to tackle the reading just by answering the question! • In this case you couldn’t be wrong and it was worth 25% of the available marks! • UNLESS THE QUESTION SAYS “DOT-JOTS” OR “POINT FORM” NO MARKS WILL BE GIVEN FOR INCOMPLETE SENTENCES~!

  3. How has the government responded to these political demonstrations • Use the information but don’t just repeat it! The government has been ordering the police to shoot gas and rubber bullets at protesters, rather than dealing with the issue.

  4. Compare the minimum wage for a full-time worker in Bangladesh to the minimum wage in Canada Convert to Like terms! The minimum wage in Bangladesh is about 9 dollars a week, but the minimum wage in Canada is about 9 dollars an hour.

  5. But we have to consider the cost of living… Definition of 'Cost of Living' • The amount of money needed to sustain a certain level of living, including basic expenses such as housing, food, taxes, and healthcare. Cost of living is often used when comparing how expensive it is to live in one city versus another. Cost of Living' • Cost of living can be a significant factor in personal wealth accumulation because a smaller salary can go further in a city where it doesn't cost a lot to get by, while a large salary can seem insufficient in an expensive city. According to Mercer's 2009 Cost of Living Survey, cities with a high cost of living as of 2009 included Tokyo, Osaka, Moscow, Geneva, Hong Kong, Zürich, Copenhagen and New York City. Other American cities with a high cost of living as of 2009 included Honolulu, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, and San Francisco.

  6. But… • Arguably the amount of money workers are being paid in Bangladesh is too low, but it is important to recognize that the cost of living in Bangladesh is much lower than it is in Canada. A lot of factors would be involved in determining a fair minimum wage for the workers. One factor would involve, for example, comparing the cost of a pound of chicken in each country.

  7. In the writer’s opinion or according to the article… • Questions that begin this way tell you the answer is pretty much word for word in the article… “The companies are being in-humane by only paying their workers 38 dollars per month, which is much less than they can afford to pay based on their profit margins.”

  8. Look-up… • Use a dictionary or a cell phone app to increase your vocabulary and understanding of the article. • If there is more than one available definition go to the word in the article and see which definition substitutes back in and makes sense.

  9. How might… • These questions are difficult because the instructor has one particular answer in mind, but you have to use your real world experience to make connections! If the workers were legally allowed to form Unions than they could legally strike. The police would not be permitted to use rubber bullets or tear gas on legally striking employees. The factory owners would not be able to fire their employees and just hire new ones. Owners would have to negotiate fairly if they wanted to continue making money from their product. Garment Companies can make a lot of profit, so, if the owners were losing money each day, eventually they would have to negotiate fairly with the union leaders, and together they could come to a collective agreement.

  10. Taking Steps… Step #1: Hasina’s government must stop the use of tear gas and rubber pullets on mostly unarmed protesters. Step#2: Raise minimum wage and index it to inflation. Step#3: Make it easier for workers to form Unions.

  11. Creative Titles We do this often. Try to be creative! Usually you can gain one mark for just trying! Other marks can be gained for correctly pinpointing the main idea of the article, or a very creative, catchy or insightful title.

  12. What facts might we have access to? When I sent Chris, Braden and Ben to the Library to look-up facts to see if they matched the ones stated in the article, what specific facts do you think they started to look for?