Junk mail portrait mosaic
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JUNK MAIL PORTRAIT MOSAIC. Inspired by Sandhi Schimmel Gold. Call it Paper Mosaic, call it Recycle Art, call it Mixed Media, call it  Papier Collé ... it's Fine Art by Sandhi Schimmel Gold Papier Collé :

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Junk mail portrait mosaic


Inspired by SandhiSchimmel Gold

Junk mail portrait mosaic

Call it Paper Mosaic, call it Recycle Art, call it Mixed Media, call it PapierCollé... it's Fine Art by SandhiSchimmel Gold


  • An art form that combines traditional painting with paper. Similar to a collage, a PapierCollé composition utilizes only a variety of papers - pasted directly onto a painting on canvas or wood.

  • Sandhi transforms her original paintings into fascinating PapierCollé Mosaic Portraits. A unique expression of this art form; espeically as she utilizes paper that would otherwise go to waste. Sandhi's work graces the walls of private collectors' homes, is featured in numerous corporate collections as well as permanent museum collections.

    If a picture is worth a thousand words... these are made from thousands more.

  • "My work reflects society's obsession with beauty in advertising; images that bombard us daily. I appropriate those images and reuse the advertising vehicle as well. My paper mosaics are a purposeful intermix of advertising messages - junk mail, postcards, etc. that arrive through my mailbox. I hand cut, sort and manipulate thousands of pieces; images and text - to assemble a mosaic portrait. I create a new image of beauty - an eclectic and tactile portrait redrawn and reworked in my imagination, utilizing materials that would otherwise go to waste."

    - SandhiSchimmelGold



Junk mail portrait mosaic

  • I learned to mix paint before I could write my name and play piano before I could read music.

  • I spent my youth sitting quietly in my bedroom drawing. I cut school to spend days at art museums and galleries in New York City.

  • I changed majors in under grad and disciplines in grad school so many times, I decided to take my life-long love of learning out of academia.

  • In most ways, I am self-taught.

  • I studied mosaics overseas and applied this knowledge into my current work. I am very much influenced by what I have seen during my extensive travels and inspired by fashion, music & emotions.

Junk mail portrait mosaic

Dear Diary piano before I could read music.In Private Collection

[Baltimore, MD]

Inspired by "I Can Hear the Bells" from the musical Hairspray. Evoking that giddy feelilng when the boy you like finally acknowledges you at school!

Junk mail portrait mosaic

All American Blonde piano before I could read music.

political junk mail, tax formsIn Permanent Museum Collection

[San Francisco, CA]

Junk mail portrait mosaic

junk mail, reflective materials piano before I could read music.22x28"

Junk mail portrait mosaic

St. Catherine, Patron St. of Artists piano before I could read music.

In Private Collection

[Denver, Co]

Junk mail portrait mosaic

Shut Up & Kiss Me piano before I could read music.In Private Collection[Fort Worth, TX]

All you have to do is listen to Mary Chapin Carpenter's "Shut Up and Kiss Me" and you'll know when it's time to stop talking and pucker up.

Junk mail portrait mosaic

Time Enough piano before I could read music.


Inspired by Iggy Pop's version of "We Have All the Time in the World" When you're young, you think time is endless, yet the eternal clock is ticking.

Grading rubric
Grading Rubric piano before I could read music.

  • Completed Assignment (Due 9.30.13)….20pts

  • Appropriate subject matter…………………10pts

  • Interesting composition……………………….15pts

  • Correct and total use of proper material..15pts

  • Typed one paragraph reflection about your project (7sentences)…………………………………………..10pts

  • Attention to detail and execution of proper steps to create work of art………………………………20pts

  • Creativity (Make your work unique)………..5pts

  • Neat and Accurate Work………………………….5pts