website for every lawyer the call of the hour n.
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Internet Marketing ??? A boon for lawyers PowerPoint Presentation
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Internet Marketing ??? A boon for lawyers

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Internet Marketing ??? A boon for lawyers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Internet Marketing ??? A boon for lawyers

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  1. Website For Every Lawyer - The Call Of The Hour Paper era is gone, cyber era has dawned. There is now little that remains on paper. The twenty-first century has witnessed the shift - from paper to cyber. The commercial world has already gone cyber.

  2. The three wings of the government are in transitional mode. And the day is not far, when the communication on paper may totally disappear from the scene. Change is inevitable. Pacing with the time, the lawyers fraternity too has rapidly switched over to the net.

  3. Lawyers are increasingly adopting to owning websites, and finding an exuberant platform of clients. Thewebsite, while on one hand provides you a vast customer market, on the other provides access to an opulent referral library, just on click of mouse.

  4. If you have not owned a website so far, it is the time to delve into it now. Explore from your friends and colleagues, and the net. You may avail the services of an expert, who can guide you on what kind of website can best benefit you.

  5. The website should be split into a few section, viz.,introduction, vision and mission, area of operation, and informative articles, if desired. In the introduction section, name the members, phone nos., email id, area of specialisation and contact timings should be distinctly mentioned.

  6. Maintain relations with your clients through despatch of law articles or judicial highlights of public interest, through email. That will keep your contacts alive and generate newer clients. Chart out the blue print of your website and and hand it to the web designers. They will do the rest for you.

  7. Eginni, a proficient web-designer company with a team of professionals with more than six years experience in line, is committed to serve its clients with excellence and poise. We, at Eginni, believe in original and professional web designing.

  8. Applying proper marketing tools will go a long way in creating a good company image. We believe in long term relationship, and want our clients coming back to us satisfied and happy.

  9. COTACT US Email Phone no: 91-172-4303132106