telematics in commuter rail an application at new jersey transit n.
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TELEMATICS IN COMMUTER RAIL An Application at New Jersey Transit PowerPoint Presentation
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TELEMATICS IN COMMUTER RAIL An Application at New Jersey Transit

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TELEMATICS IN COMMUTER RAIL An Application at New Jersey Transit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TELEMATICS IN COMMUTER RAIL An Application at New Jersey Transit
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  1. STV Incorporated TELEMATICS IN COMMUTER RAILAn Application at New Jersey Transit APTA Rail Transit Conference June 10, 2002 Baltimore, Maryland Presented by: Christopher J. Holliday, P.E. - STV Incorporated Fred Woolsey - LTK Engineering Services

  2. Summary • Overview of Relevant Technology • Brief Overview of System Architecture • Features and Functionality • What Will This Technology Do for NJT?

  3. Service Strategy • Maintenance Contracts • Integrationof Data Chain • Remote Diagnostics • Differentiation Railway Industry mobile e-services Computer Industry • Internet • XML • Java Telecom Industry • Wirelesstechnologies Convergence: Railway Industry and Technology Courtesy: BOMBARDIER Transportation

  4. Preventive Maintenance Troubleshooting Aids Breakdown Services Knowledge Base Diagnostics and Seat Reservation Maintenance Passenger Electronic Info Panels Condition Services Monitoring Digitized Voice Early Fault Detection Interactive Condition-based M't'nance Ò MITRAC Entertainment Remote Support Fleet Management On-demand rail services Software Upgrades New Locating rail resources 24h Services -Business e Fleet Inventory+Tracking Opportunities Electronic route planner Passenger load meas. Electricity Meter readouts MITRAC® RemoteSystem Key Features Courtesy: BOMBARDIER Transportation

  5. System Architecture

  6. On-Board Architecture

  7. ALP 46 Locomotive

  8. Comet V Cab Car

  9. Real-Time Status

  10. Train Information- Operator

  11. Train Information- Conductor

  12. TWC Overview

  13. TWC IT Architecture

  14. RCU Architecture

  15. MITRAC Remote Architecture

  16. Ground Station Software Architecture

  17. Security Concerns • “Man in the middle” attack (eavesdropping); WEP cracking  Exposed data • “Drive-by hacking” • Falsified data • Rogue access points • Unauthorized access • Exploit remote server vulnerabilities • Gain access to NJT corporate network

  18. Security Solutions • Centrally managed, mutual authentication between mobile client and access point. • Server: RADIUS, LDAP • Authentication: EAP, LEAP • Improved WEP technology. • Per-session keys • Key expiration • Virtual private network (VPN) with encryption between mobile client and ground station on wired LAN. • VPN protocols: PPTP, L2TP, IPSec • Authentication: MS-CHAP v2, IKE • Encryption technologies: RC4, MPPE, AES • Firewall between access point and wired LAN.

  19. Cisco Aironet 350 EAP Authentication

  20. Authentication Summary

  21. NJT Implementation

  22. Standard Platforms, SW and Communication Systems allow focussing on core business applications Efficient team-based commissioning and troubleshooting of vehicles Time-efficient handling of maintenance and repairs Open for emerging e-business opportunities making use of vehicle-to-wayside communication 24h service and assistance becomes reality 24h MITRAC® RemoteSystem Key Benefits Courtesy: BOMBARDIER Transportation

  23. MITRAC® RemoteSystem Functionality Functions Fleet Management Maintenance and Diagnostics Administration Communication Management Courtesy: BOMBARDIER Transportation

  24. Administration User Access Management Registration of Vehicles RDS Software Upgrade Add / remove users Add / remove vehicles For Ground Station Access privileges For Mobile Stations MITRAC® RemoteServices: Administration Courtesy: BOMBARDIER Transportation

  25. Communication Management Network check-in Report Train Configuration Software Upgrade Identifies avail. network Attached cars For target C&C system Bandwidth service mgt MITRAC® RemoteServices: Communication Management Courtesy: BOMBARDIER Transportation

  26. Fleet Management Point Locations Train Configurations Vehicle Selection By GPS From Fleet stock • Number and location of attached locomotives • Number of reachable coaches • Locomotive attributes : Locomotive identification Operational mode: (Leading or guided) Locomotive status Pick car from train MITRAC® RemoteServices: Fleet Management Courtesy: BOMBARDIER Transportation

  27. Maintenance and Diagnostics Preventive Maintenance Troubleshooting Unscheduled Repairs • Upload Data • Event + Environment • Condition Data • Interactive Access • Event Data • Condition Data • Process Data Alarm messages Process Data Logging • Configure upload events • Batch (timed) uploads • Event triggered • Interactively initiated uploads Access to 3rd party devices e.g. data recorder MITRAC® RemoteServices: Maintenance and Diagnostics Courtesy: BOMBARDIER Transportation

  28. Screen Shots

  29. Courtesy: BOMBARDIER Transportation

  30. Courtesy: BOMBARDIER Transportation

  31. Courtesy: BOMBARDIER Transportation

  32. What Can NJT Do With This Data? • Better Labor Utilization • Better Planning - Short and Long Term • Better Troubleshooting • Efficiency Improvements • More objective data analysis • Better Train Location Information Do More With Less Maximize Available Resources

  33. Labor Utilization • Data Gathering: • Ridership surveys • HVAC surveys • Car & Train Location - System and Yards • Advance diagnostic information • Updates to Information Sign Databases • Remote Troubleshooting • Train Crew - DTN • Wayside Based Tech’s - RDS

  34. Planning • Ridership Information from PLD: • Identify small changes in Ridership Trends • Size Train Correctly • Allow Crew to Appropriately Zone the Train • Introduction of Database Analyst Function

  35. Troubleshooting • Real-time View of What is Happening on the Equipment • From the Wayside • From the Internet • Download or View of Health Status of Vehicle Subsystems

  36. Thank You!