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 starter activity
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  1. starter activity Medieval doctors often examined the colour of a patients urine to diagnose illness. Different colours were thought to indicate different medical conditions. What does this tell us about medicine at the time? Was this a step forwards or back?

  2. Gillian McKeith, presenter of ‘You are what you eat’. Have we moved on since the Middle Ages?

  3. What did a doctor need to know in the Middle Ages?  LOs TBAT explain at least 3 causes of disease, 3 treatments & assess the understanding of the human body To interview prospective medieval doctors

  4.  Your task Read p.68-71 and decide if the statements about medieval doctors are true or false. If false, correct them. On the chart your teacher gives you highlight in one colour evidence of advances in medical knowledge and in another evidence of tradition (conservatism). Decide which was more important on balance and write a judgement under your scales chart.

  5.  Your task Work in small groups. One of you is the King’s counsellor and wishes to appoint a new physician for the King. Listen to the prospective candidates and decide who would be the best physician for your master.

  6. A tapeworm is removed from its host.

  7. Medieval anatomy class

  8. Measles Smallpox

  9. Leeches Bleeding cups

  10.  Homework • Imagine you are a medieval physician applying for the job of king’s doctor. Write a letter of application in which you explain the following: • Your beliefs about the causes of illness • Your skills in anatomy • The different treatments you can offer •  Produce a CV to accompany your letter Dissection of a corpse

  11.  Plenary • Cover the notes on your table leaving only the categories and see how much you can recall about… • Causes of disease • Knowledge of anatomy • Diagnosis & Treatment • Write a judgement on the back of your chart explaining whether you think medieval medicine represents a step forward in the history of medicine. Use examples to illustrate your points.