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Lloyd’s Wordings Repository PowerPoint Presentation
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Lloyd’s Wordings Repository

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Lloyd’s Wordings Repository
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Lloyd’s Wordings Repository

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  1. Lloyd’s Wordings Repository February 2008

  2. Trusted Source of Model Wordings Designed by the market for the market Managed by Lloyd’s / LMA, hosted by ISO Aid to pre-bind quality assurance (including contract certainty) Easy access to current wordings Actively-managed content Supports business processes over the entire London market Ongoing and continuous improvement based on user feedback Lloyd’s Wordings Repository (LWR) is used by all Lloyd’s managing agents Widening market take-up by third party service providers via ISO

  3. Repository Benefits The LWR is designed to assist customers by: Supporting pre-bind quality assurance Speeding up the placing process Supplying accessible, current, actively-managed content Only source for managing agents’ own new wordings Confirming admitted wordings for Illinois, Kentucky and USVI Providing a single definitive version of every document Providing content with a uniform structure and style Providing a single document for placing and evidencing cover Option to retain own “sponsored section”

  4. Making use of the Repository • Simple Search • Advanced Search • On-line Collaboration • My Favourites • Users Can Submit New Wordings • Core section (shared) • Sponsored section (individual user’s) • Alert Services • Easy Web Access • DRI (Document Repository Interoperability)

  5. Repository Structure There are different sections for each major type of wording including: Core wordings (LMA, AVN, JH, LSW, LPO, IUA) – (BRMA being added) Managing agent wordings Broker wordings Other market wordings

  6. Repository Access Protocols Access protocols have been set following discussions with market representatives as follows: All core and other market wordings are available to all subscribers All managing agents’ wordings are available to all subscribers Brokers may choose to have their own wordings available to themselves and managing agents only (i.e., not available to other brokers)

  7. Lloyd’s Wordings Repository Steering Group • Kieran Flynnkieran.flynn@lloyds.com • David Banksdjbanks@travelers.com • Martin Robertsmartin.roberts@catlin.com • Shazia Rennisonshazia.rennison@lmalloyds.com • Adrian Grahamadrian.graham@lmalloyds.com

  8. LWR Contact Details • Repository AdministratorShazia Rennisonshazia.rennison@lmalloyds.com • ISO ContactKevin Curtiskevin.curtis@iso.com

  9. Repository Demonstration Demonstrations of each search and other main feature follows, with relevant screen prints – 9 in all

  10. Repository Demonstration Simple search (00:01:09) Advanced search (00:01:41) On-line collaboration (00:01:04) My Favourites (00:00:57) Submit New Wordings (00:00:28) Alert service (00:00:37) DRI (Document Repository Interoperability) (00:00:00) Other account services (00:00:46) Help functions (00:00:31)

  11. Simple search requires only a partial entry of the document number. Simple Search

  12. Simple Search Simple search requires only a partial entry of the document number.

  13. Simple Search Partial entry will return every document where that partial entry appears. In this case, “LMA30” has returned 79 results.

  14. Simple Search Results are sorted by reference number, however you can also sort documents through the order by drop down menu...

  15. Simple Search …or by clicking on a blue column title.

  16. Simple Search Each document referenced also contains a status, identifying the document as active or archived.

  17. Simple Search There is also further information available, so by clicking on the information folder…

  18. Simple Search …you will see additional wording information on the selected document.

  19. Each document in the repository can be downloaded as either a Word document or a .pdf file by clicking on the desired format – in this case, .pdf. Simple Search

  20. When necessary, a translation of the document is also available in Word format by clicking on “translation” in the view/download column. Simple Search

  21. Simple Search

  22. Advanced Search More detailed searches can be done using the advanced search option.

  23. Advanced Search Once you have selected advanced search, you can filter choices by market using the drop down menu.

  24. Advanced Search Once the market type has been selected, you can filter by class of business. Class of business will provide only those options available based on the market type selected.

  25. Advanced Search Once you have selected the market type and class of business, you can then search within those sections.

  26. Advanced Search There are four sections to search: - Core- Managing Agent- Broker/Others- ISO Library For this example we will search: - Core, Active- Managing Agent, Active- Broker/Others, Active

  27. Advanced Search Now that you’ve made all of your selections, select search.

  28. Advanced Search This advanced search returned 85 results.

  29. Advanced Search The number of entries displayed on a single screen can be selected, and the sequence of records displayed can be customised, as required. Up to 60 results per page can be shown.

  30. Advanced Search Within the advanced search you can also search text. Here we will search for the text “equine” within the United States.

  31. Advanced Search The search returned 16 results. The search can be further refined by selecting modify search, which will return you to the previous screen.

  32. Advanced Search The previous screen will retain the parameters of your original search.

  33. Advanced Search You can further refine your search through other available fields. In this case, we’ll retain the same parameters, yet search only those documents containing LMA in the reference number.

  34. Advanced Search This refined search now returns only 1 document.

  35. Advanced Search

  36. On-line Collaboration On-line collaboration is provided through the copy links to clipboard option within your search results.

  37. On-line Collaboration First, select the check box next to the document or documents you would like to share. You can select multiple documents at one time.

  38. On-line Collaboration Then click copy links to clipboard.

  39. On-line Collaboration You can now share these links via email. Right click and select paste.

  40. On-line Collaboration And the items selected will appear in the email with the reference numbers and title/description.

  41. On-line Collaboration The recipient will need only to click on any of the links provided…

  42. On-line Collaboration Which will take them to the LWR login screen.

  43. On-line Collaboration Once logged in, the recipient will then choose to open or save the referenced document.

  44. On-line Collaboration In this example, the document has been opened. This sharing functionality will work with any application that permits you to paste information.

  45. On-line Collaboration

  46. My Favourites To add documents to my favourites, simply select the check box next to the document or documents you would like to save…

  47. My Favourites Then click the add to favourites link.

  48. My Favourites You will see a notification that your favourites have been updated.

  49. My Favourites To access saved documents, click on the my favourites button in the left navigation bar.

  50. My Favourites You will see all of the documents saved to my favourites. These document will remain in your favourites until removed.