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Interactive Student Notebook

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Interactive Student Notebook. A Key Element to Success In RDG081. Have you ever heard yourself say . . . I can't find my . . . notes, homework, old quizzes . . . I can't remember what we did in class yesterday. I'm sure its in . . . my locker . . . my book bag . . . my room . . .

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interactive student notebook

Interactive Student Notebook

A Key Element to Success

In RDG081

have you ever heard yourself say
Have you ever heard yourself say . . .

I can't find my . . .

notes, homework, old quizzes . . .

I can't remember what

we did in class yesterday.

I'm sure its in . . .

my locker . . .

my book bag . . .

my room . . .

I was absent last week, did I miss anything?

what is an interactive notebook
What is an Interactive Notebook?
  • A personalized, clear textbook
  • A working portfolio -- all of your notes, classwork, etc. -- in one convenient spot
left side right side orientation
Left Side – Right Side Orientation



Right side items are the student’s . . .


Left side items are items from the teacher and text to be . . .


left side
Left Side
  • Left is for learnablecontent!
  • The left side “belongs” to Mrs. Sanders and the text.
  • The left side has “testable” information.
examples of teacher left side content
Examples of Teacher Left Side Content
  • Notes, usually in the Cornell note-taking format
  • Handouts
  • Graphic organizers
  • Example problems worked out with written “running” commentary
  • Content to go on a math foldable
right side
Right Side
  • The right is for “reflection.”
  • The right side belongs to YOU!
  • The right side is where you record your PROCESSINGofthe teacher-provided notes, handouts, etc. (i.e. of the left side items).
examples of student right side work products
Examples of Student Right Side Work/Products
  • Guided practice
  • Graphic organizers
  • Foldables
  • Your re-writing of notes into your own language and/or with illustrations
more examples of right side work products
More Examples of Right Side Work/Products
  • Math journal entries (e.g. about real-world math, about the assigned Internet math practice homework)
  • Creative math memory hooks
  • Mental math models (e.g. a story about “good guys leaving” and “bad guys leaving” to explain pos/neg integer multiplication)
extra credit right side work products
Extra Credit Right Side Work/Products

NOTE: These are graded by detailed rubrics.

  • math riddles (especially for geometry)
  • student-created math games requiring math expertise (both to create and play the game; can involve dice, spinners, etc.)
  • poems/raps to aid memory of concepts or algorithms
  • etc.
sample re write of class notes into right side misn format
sample re-write of class notes into right-sideMISN format


. . . in your own language!

sample math memory hook with illustration
Sample Math Memory Hook with Illustration


student supplies
Student Supplies
  • Math textbook
  • One-inch binder(math-class-only)
  • M.I.S.N. =a plastic or laminatedbradded folder with pockets, filled with120 pages of loose leaf paper
  • Your own “whiteboard” (i.e. a sheet of white cardstock in a heavy duty sheet protector)
  • pencil bag of supplies (see next slide)
pencil bag contents
Pencil Bag Contents
  • Pencils
  • Mechanical pencil sharpener (must catch its own shavings)
  • Whiteboard marker, red grading pen
  • Scissors, protractor, compass, glue, calculator(TI-73 graphing calculator if possible)
maintaining the interactive notebook
Maintaining the Interactive Notebook
  • Date and number each page (L1, R1, L2, R2, L3, etc.).
  • No doodling that doesn’t relate to notes
  • No ripped out pages or torn corners
test your misn knowledge
Test Your MISN Knowledge

Can you mentally fill in the blanks below and mentally “circle” the correct words?

The right side is for


It is for input/output.

(circle one) from the _________.

The left side is for

_______ _______.

It is for input/output.

(circle one) from the _________.