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5 Healthy Egg White Recipes

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5 Healthy Egg White Recipes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Body-builders need meals containing high proteins and that have got to be low in calorie even as to achieve their ambitions to lose weight. Egg whites are wealthy in protein, vitamins, and calcium together without many calories. Buy Natural Liquid Egg White from:

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5 Healthy Egg White Recipes:

Most of us don’t care about our diet and in return, our skin and hair damages, or shine on the

face is gone and there are so many changes that come into our body for not paying attention to

the diet. Everyone should select a diet that must be full of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and

other things. Liquid egg whites provide a complete source of all these mentioned things in one

single egg white. You can drink it too, and if you want to make some good recipe of these egg

whites to make your meal tasty and healthy, then here are the 5 recipes.

1.Egg White Breakfast Burrito:

The burrito filled with egg white and bacon, garnished with the bell peppers provides a complete

choice for the healthy and liquid egg white protein breakfast.

2.Herbed Poached Egg White:

When you sprinkle a little chopped tarragon on these egg whites, you cannot imagine the

ultimate taste you will get. Don’t be worried about the recipe, this is highly simple and you will

get 157 calories with this light breakfast.

3.Egg White Omelet:

Keep your day energized with this egg white omelet and this is possible when you are going to

eat the liquid egg white protein with fresh tomatoes and mushrooms. You can also add your

favorite vegetables in this omelet to make it tastier.

4.Egg Whites Scramble:

To start the day with the high protein breakfast, the egg whites scramble offers the perfect

choice. This is one of the best ways to use the left over chicken as well.

5.Spinach Omelet:

You should always try something different just like the spinach omelet as you can sprinkle you

favorite and colorful recipes including smoked Gouda cheese and many other things as it

completely depends upon your choice.