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  1. HEALTHY RECIPES Integrants: Manuel Viteri, Diego Cobeña & Sebastian Acosta

  2. Healthy Recipes For Weight Gain

  3. 1. Don’tlet more thanfourhoursgobywithouteating. • Yourbodyneeds a continuoussupply of energysinceit’slikeanenginethat’salwaysturnedon. • Thebestwaytopreventyourbodyfromlosingenergyistoeat regular meals, spacedaboutthreetofivehoursapart.

  4. 2. Eatseveralfoods at once. • Alwayseat at leastthreefoodgroups. • A balanceddietprovidesyourbodynutrientstoworkalltheday.

  5. 3. Drinkyourfood. • Liquidsaren't as filling as solidfood, so whenyou’retryingtogainweight, they can addnutritionwithoutmakingyoufeelstuffedorbloated.

  6. 4. Eatrightbeforebed. • A lot of ourhealing, repair and regenerationtakes place whilewesleep, so eating a healthy snack rightbeforebedensures a freshsupply of nutrientsthat are availableto “gotowork” insidethebody.

  7. Healthy Recipes For Weight Loss

  8. Potatoes • Potatoes are a healthy and delicious when they are just cooked (not fried). • And it is an excellent ingredient for many delicious dishes that help us lose weight.

  9. Salad with tuna and vegetables • This recipe is very easy and quick to prepare. Ideal for emergencies, careers, or picnics where no way to reheat food. • Vitamins and fiber from vegetables along with omega 3 fish makes this dish a good choice in our plan to stay healthy and fit.

  10. Beans • As you can read in the book The Final Diet, beans and other legumes are powerful slimming foods and achieve excellent nutrition. • Beans are staples in the preparation of many other recipes in this section

  11. Sandwich • A classic canapés in the version of ingredients high in nutrients. • It is a valuable addition to our arsenal of healthy dishes, but not the best to lose weight quickly.

  12. SoapCauliflower • This soup provides one of the highest levels of nutrients in addition to being very tasty. • Ideal forthosewhowantto lose weightquickly.

  13. Healthy Recipes To Avoid The Risk Of Disease

  14. Development of the recipe:Peel the figs, chop the flesh into small pieces and put them in a casserole. Peel the apple, cut it into small cubes and add it.Add the orange peel, cinnamon stick, water and sugar. Cook the assembly until thickened, about 15 minutes. Remove the cinnamon and orange peel.Cut the bread slices into sticks, extend them on the baking sheet and crush them in the oven at 180 ° C for 6-7 minutes.Cut cheese into cubes and cast them with chopped hazelnuts.Serve in a glass compote and served with the diced cheese and bread sticks. Ingredients:300 gr. freshfigs1trusset200 gr. freshcheese3 slices of bread75 gr. sugar1 cinnamonstick1 piece of orangepeel100 ml. water30 gr. choppedhazelnut RecipesToLowerCholesterol COMPOTE WITH FRESH BREAD AND CHEESE

  15. RecipesToPreventCancer SHAKE BERRIES AND BANANA Ingredients:  250 ml soymilk     30 g of honey     150 g strawberries      1 banana     ½ lime or lemon Preparation:     Grind the soy beverage, honey, frozen fruit and banana.     Squeeze the juice of half a lime and add to the mixture, grind a little to distribute the content. Serve cold, almost frozen.