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Video Production

Video Production

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Video Production

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  1. Video Production Pre-Production Production Post-Production

  2. What is a Video Production? • Is simply a way to communicate a message to an audience through the use of visuals (camera shots, special effects) and audio (script, voice-over, sound effects, music).

  3. 3 Stages of a Video Production…

  4. 3 Stages of a Video Production… Pre-Production Production Post-Production

  5. PRE-PRODUCTION Planning Stage – the more planning, the shorter the production Concept Treatment Storyboard Video Script

  6. Pre-Production: The Planning Stage 1. Concept – refers to the way in which the message is conveyed to the audience. For example, narration, commercial, drama, and/or documentary. There can be a combination of concepts in one video production. 2. Treatment – a descriptive account of what takes place in the video ---audio and visuals described together

  7. Sample Excerpt from a Video Treatment “The movie opens with a typical country scene, sound effects of birds singing and soft, gentle music add to the visual of a long shot of the countryside with a river meandering through the meadows with a small wood in the distance, to give a feeling of peace and security contained within the countryside.” • Notice how the audio and video are interwoven • All the ideas can now be brought together into a simple document which follows the video from opening to end. • The treatment allows a client to get the overall feel for the video.

  8. Pre-Production: Planning Stagecont’d 3. Storyboard – is a visual document whereby the story is drawn out and categorized by shots and scenes. It includes camera actions and sound.

  9. Pre-Production: Planning Stagecont’d 4. Video Script – is a written document that explains what is taking place in video and audio simultaneously. It is set up in a two column format; video to the left and audio to the right. • See sample video script, handout: “Regal Bricks”

  10. PRODUCTION Shooting the Video Sequence Filming Lighting Sound Directing Acting Makeup • This is the stage when the video is shot. Includes set construction, camera operators, sound engineers, special effects crews, actors, stuntmen, narrators, makeup, transportation, etc. • All under the command of the Director.

  11. Directing • The director has a vision for the video • Therefore, all decisions about the production will be done by him/her. This ensures that the final video is consistent in visuals, audio, and in overall theme. • Basically, the director carries out his/her vision from the planning stage to the post-production stage. • The act of directing actors and set crew is done during the Production Stage. Some content taken from Mr. Tingle

  12. Filming Shooting with various camera shots/angles will create interest and stimulate the audience Access handout for various filming shots and camera tips from our class website…

  13. Lighting • Key Light – is the main lighting source. For example, the sun, window light, or ceiling light. In artificial lighting, it would be placed at a 45 degree angle above the subject. • Fill Light – fills in the shadows made from the Key Light and lights the subject from the side. • Back Light – fills in the remaining shadows and lights the subject from the back

  14. Lighting Great setup for studio filming - for example, interviewing a subject. See video on 3 point lighting…

  15. POST -PRODUCTION putting it all together! Editing video footage (software) Sound effects, music, voice over, titling, captions, etc. *The treatment is rendered in its entirety