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Job Market Overview

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Job Market Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Job Market Overview. External Time Line. October Job Openings for Economists August and September too November JOE too December 1 (sometimes earlier): first deadlines for materials(December JOE) Mid December : ASSA Interview Scheduling

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Job Market Overview

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external time line
External Time Line
  • October Job Openings for Economists
    • August and September too
    • November JOE too
  • December 1 (sometimes earlier): first deadlines for materials(December JOE)
  • Mid December: ASSA Interview Scheduling
  • January 3-5, Atlanta: ASSA meetings (first round interviews)
  • January-March +: Flybacks/Offers
your time line
Your Time Line
  • August
    • Dissertation well under way (1 main paper as draft, 2 other papers well along)
    • Draft of Job Market Paper for Advisor
  • September
    • Further Circulation/Polishing of Job Market Paper
    • Contacting Letter Writers (scheduling departmental seminar)
    • Presentation of Job Market Paper in department seminar.
    • Hotel reservations for Atlanta
  • October
    • Sorting through ads
    • Preparing CV
    • Preparing thesis abstract
    • Preparing teaching materials
    • Final polishing of paper
    • KEA presentation


    • Sorting through more ads
    • Mailing materials
    • Southern Economic Association Meetings
    • Flight? To Atlanta
  • December
    • Scheduling ASSA interviews
    • Preparing for interviews
    • Further refining job talk from feedback
    • Mock interviews in department
    • Christmas: A great time to practice your “spiel” on unsuspecting friends and relatives.
  • January
    • Final polishing of job talk
    • First flyouts
application packets
Application Packets
  • Cover letter: a brief introduction
  • Thesis abstract: briefly describe your thesis work.
  • CV: shows working papers from thesis and presentation and teaching experience
  • Job market paper: well polished
  • Teaching philosophy: well written, clearly thought about.
  • Teaching evaluations: nicely presented summary of teaching history.
what are they looking for
What are they looking for?
  • Ph.D.s in economics (not ABD’s…)
  • The “Done Signal”
    • Polished Job market paper
    • Past tense (I examined…not I will look at…)
    • Results (my estimates show)
    • Future work
  • Teaching:
    • You’ve given some thought to what you want to teach and why
    • You’ve given some thought to how to teach and take it seriously
assa interviews
ASSA Interviews
  • Business Attire (Generally Suits)
  • Your Spiel: Be prepared to give a short oral overview of your thesis work. Focusing on your JMP, but briefly discussing other aspects.
  • Teaching Interests: what do want to teach, what can you teach. What is your style, books etc.
  • All of this needs to convey that you are Assistant Professor material.
  • For non-Academic Jobs, interviews are similar. They won’t ask you about “teaching” but ask you about presenting to other groups.
how do they pick flyouts
How do they pick flyouts?
  • The Done Signal.
  • Can you carry on a conversation?
  • Can you demonstrate that you understand your work?
  • Will you be able to teach their students?
  • And will you be ready to take up the job in the fall (or will you still be ABD)?
  • You’ll need a credit card with a decent limit. You book air travel, they reimburse.
  • Attire: Again Business Suit
  • Typically ½ hour meeting with faculty/deans/etc. Job talk in the afternoon (although that varies).
  • Job talk may be research talk or teaching an undergraduate class. You need to be prepared for both.
  • Meals: don’t chew with your mouth open. Be able to carry on a conversation.
  • It’s a long day, go in with a positive attitude.
  • Typically a week or two to decide.
  • Get everything in writing.
  • We’ll help you negotiate some.
  • Once you accept one, you’re done. No reneging!
after i clear then what
After I clear, then what?
  • Well, you should be nearly done with the thesis, and finish it up. Get ready to move.
  • What if I don’t clear?
    • Second and third rounds: schools who don’t get their first choice come back to the pool.
    • Secondary/Visiting market: some schools need to hire bodies, this can be a visiting position etc.
    • Non-academic market often goes late since they typically lose to academic positions.
    • ASSA Job Market Scramble
  • Imperative to signal that you are well along.
  • Crucial to be able to communicate: spoken and written.
  • Important that you have a command of your own work.
  • Important that you understand other aspects of the job (teaching or whatever).
  • Did I mention that you need to look like you will finish before you arrive?