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Job Overview and General Goals PowerPoint Presentation
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Job Overview and General Goals

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Job Overview and General Goals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Job Overview and General Goals. Residence Facilitators. Job Description. In your manuals read them over on your own time. Three main focuses. Student Conduct House Council and Events As a Residence Staff Member. 75% of the time. 25% of the time. 100% of the time!. Terminology.

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Job Overview and General Goals

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job overview and general goals

Job Overview andGeneral Goals

Residence Facilitators

job description
Job Description
  • In your manuals
    • read them over on your own time
three main focuses
Three main focuses
  • Student Conduct
  • House Council and Events
  • As a Residence Staff Member

75% of the time

25% of the time

100% of the time!


“Discipline”  Student Conduct

“Vice President Discipline” (VPD) 

Vice President Judicial Affairs/Student Conduct

1 student conduct 75
1. Student Conduct (~75%)
  • Receive and read a Residence Rules Incident Report (RRIR)
  • Contact residents
  • Interview respondents and prepare written case notes
  • Determine responsibility and assign sanctions
    • One of these is a “case”
    • Generally in this order!
a receiving the rrir
a) Receiving the RRIR
  • RRIR = Residence Rules Incident Report
    • or IR/Incident Report for short
  • Sent to you via eRezevery time a situation has been documented.
  • You are expected to regularly log in and check your eRez account.
b contact residents
b) Contact residents
  • Contact with student respondents will first occur through eRez.
    • Templates must be used
  • Subsequent contact through your building-specific RF email accounts.
  • You must recordthe dates/times/methods used to attempt contact with a respondent; include in case notes.
c interviewing and case notes
c) Interviewing and case notes
  • Students who feel not responsible will request an interview with you
    • gather facts and information to determine whether or not the respondent is responsible for the violation of a ResRule.
  • Case notes need to be prepared for ALL respondents in a case(regardless of whether interviewed or not)
  • During these interviews you will have the opportunity to be an educator
d determine responsibility and assign sanctions
d) Determine responsibility and assign sanctions
  • Determine whether or not the respondent violated a ResRule, based on:
    • The interview with the respondent
    • The RRIR
    • Other witness testimony (residence staff who documented the situation)
    • Any other evidence you can obtain
  • If you determine that a respondent has violated a ResRule, assign a sanction appropriately
    • Sanctions are progressive (next slide)
important charts to refer to
Important Charts to refer to
  • Sanction Progression
  • Student Conduct: Decision Making
  • Residence Student Conduct Process
    • These charts outline the “framework” behind how the student conduct system is administered.
2 house council and events 25
2. House Council and Events (~25%)
  • House Council
  • MCRC or JRHC wide events
a house council
a) House Council
  • Assist House President with execution of events
    • You must be present at all events!
  • Attend bi-weekly House Council meetings, led by your House President.
    • Scribe
    • Voting member
  • Do not neglect your duties with House Council!
b mcrc jrhc wide events
b) MCRC/JRHC wide events
  • Assist with MCRC/JRHC-wide initiatives
    • Selling tickets for campus-wide events (Montreal trip)
    • Polling booths
3 as a residence staff member
3. As a Residence Staff Member
  • You are a residence staff member…100% of the time!
  • Demonstrate behavior that contributes to building and maintaining a safe and inclusive community.
    • Role Model
  • Address inappropriate behavior that is contrary to the ResRules
    • Filling out an Incident Report on eRez
  • The don-on-call is also available
future sessions
Future Sessions…
  • Bring your manual with you everyday – especially to every RF specific session!
    • Take notes in lined spaces
  • More detail will be covered in later sessions (especially with each aspect of the Student Conduct process)