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Tundra by. Jaret Christine Andrew Jordan. Tundra Temperatures. Tundra temperature. http://www.coolantarctica.com/Antarctica%20fact%20file/antarctica%20environment/climate_graph/antarctica_climate_graph_comparitive.htm. lupine. Monkshood . moss. Arctic poppy. Red current. Arctic rose.

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Tundra by

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tundra by
Tundra by





tundra temperature
Tundra temperature






Arctic poppy

Red current

Arctic rose


Tufted saxifrage







Arctic willow

corn snake
Corn Snake
  • The corn snake is prey and predator
  • The corn snake is a carnivore
  • Corn snakes grow to be 3-5 feet long
  • It takes about 10 weeks for corn snake eggs to hatch
corn snake1
Corn Snake
  • One of the corn snakes predators is the bull frog
  • The corn snake has a wide variety of food
  • One is a mouse
leopard seal
Leopard Seal
  • Seals eat fish crustacean bird krill and some seals
  • Seals are carnivores
  • There predators are polar bears ,killer whales , sharks and man
  • They live in cold waters and in the arctic
leopard seal1
Leopard seal
  • Leopard seals can get up to ten feet long.
  • They get up to weight of seven hundred and fifty pounds.
  • The caecilian is an amphibian
  • It is prey
  • During the winter season they lay their eggs under ground
  • The Caecilian is a herbivore
codfish by andrew
Codfish by Andrew
  • Cod fish are a predator and pray.
  • The cod fish lay eggs that means they are not mammals.
  • Sharks are the cod fishes predator.
  • There are different types of sharks.
cod fish
Cod fish
  • Cod fish live in the tundra.
  • They are small fish.
  • They eat shrimp and other small fish.
  • The cod fish is a deepwater fish. The fish can be found at depths of up to 1000 m, and frequently under ice.
emperor penguin
Emperor penguin
  • The emperor penguin is the biggest penguin.
  • It grows up to 3-7feet
  • It weighs up to 66 pounds.they eat fish krill and squid.
  • All penguins live in the southern hemisphere .
  • It has more feathers than any other bird.
  • It is a carnivore .
arctic bumblebee
Arctic bumblebee
  • A bumblebee does not die after it stings some thing unlike a honey bee.
  • A bumblebees predator is a skunk.
  • The bumblebee eats pollen and honey.
  • Since the tundra bumblebee is cold blooded their dense hair allows them to keep warm to an average to about 68- 86 degrees Fahrenheit.