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Biome research By Peyton Quillin. Tundra. Location: Arctic circle, Antarctica Description:Cold,Dry Soil type:frozen,permafrost Precipitation:25 cm per year Temperture:winter:-50,summer:50 Climate:snowy,cold. Tundra Geography & Climate. Plants: mosses, grasses, small shrubs, and lichens.

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Biome research


Peyton Quillin


Tundra geography climate

TundraGeography & Climate

Tundra biodiversity

  • Plants: mosses, grasses, small shrubs, and lichens.

  • Animals: ducks, geese, shore birds, hawks, snowy owls, willow grouse,mice,voles,lemmings.

  • http://images.google.com/search?q=tundra+animals&tbm=isch&hl=en&gbv=2&gs_l=img.1.1.0l10.2073.9062.0.11610. animals


Tundra adaptations needed for survival

  • Plants: the ability to survive the freezing cold and droughts

  • Animals: Ptarmigan-Their feet are covered in feathers to keep from sinking in the snow.


Tundraadaptations needed for survival

Tundra interactions of biotic and abiotic

Biotic: birds to tree: tree provides shelter for the birds. Also owls, and other birds

Abiotic:rain: provides the little snow they get.

Wind: carries the seeds the plants produce.

TundraInteractions of Biotic and Abiotic

How does biodiversity contribute to the sustainability of an ecosystem

The predators need variety to survive. If one species dies and that is the predators only meal than the predators die off. The prey will grow in size and run out of food and die off too.

How does biodiversity contribute to the sustainability of an ecosystem?