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My best friend

My best friend

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My best friend

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  1. This My best friend story

  2. HI, it's me! Just call me Fana..i want to tell you something about my beloved best friend Hi!!

  3. This my best friend, Caty. We had been friend almost 15 years.. We just like a twin..

  4. I love her so much..we always be together from kindergarten until now..fortunately, we get same university and be roommate. How wonderful my life I feel..

  5. But..our relationship becomes worse after Caty get a laptop from her parent for her excellent result… She becomes so obsess with her laptop. She ignore all my words..

  6. Me: Caty, I know you love so much your laptop but you so obsess with it.. Caty: I know you are so jealous with me..weren’t you? Me: Of course not. I just wonder your health.. I see you always sleep late at night. You never exercise. You sit in front of your laptop so long.. I’m scare you will fall sick.. Caty: Don’t worry, I know how manage my life.. could you stop talking about me? How hurt I feel that time.My heart broke down..

  7. Movies Online games Social network chatting

  8. Caty become so addicted to the laptop, she spends more than 15 hours everyday..she lost many friends because of her Behavior..when I give my advise…she said… Can you stop mumbling? i don’t care they leave me..I have Marie…she Know me well..she Support me whatever I do.. But you never face to face with her.You don’t know who she is.Maybe She want something from you. Are you sure she is girl? Maybe she is a man actually.

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  10. My head spinning around.. I feel so sleepy… Argh!!My back so pain..

  11. I give her some advise Take short breaks frequently rather than long infrequent ones. Change your position frequently. Look green trees To refresh your eyes.. Make sure you work in good lighting condition.Not too bright or dark.. Use a well-designed chair that support your back and can be adjusted in height and tilt.

  12. ? ? ? Have you submit your assignment? What assignment? Assignment from Prof Zullast week..have you submit it? Oh my god!!i have done nothing…why don’t you remind me??? She got so angry with me.. she blame me for her own mistakes.. i have remind her a few days ago but she continuously chatting with Marie and ignoring me..

  13. Hey Caty!!!what are you doing? Don’t you see I’m finishing my assignment? But why you copy all that article from internet. You should do on your own. I know..but I have no choice..

  14. Few days later…

  15. My assignment was rejected..he said “I don’t want my student be plagiarism”. I must do again and submit next week.. (( It’s okay Caty,you still have time to correct your mistake. I will help you to finish your assignment. Thank you Lisa..i’m so regret what I’ve done to are the best friend I ever had.. about Marie?she is your best friend right?she understand you more than me.. Don’t say anything about him.. She is not Marie but Remy,He be my friend just want to hack my account details. I lost all my money because of him..if I never tell him about my personal information..

  16. It’s okay,Caty.. don’t worry. He will be catched soon.. But!!!! Thank you Lisa,you are my best friend forever.. You are my best friend forever too..i will take care you as I care and love myself..

  17. Remember!!! Don’t be plagiarism Apply ergonomic in your life Respect intellectual property creators and their rights Don’t tell anyone about your personal information especially unknown people