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Reading TOEFL

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Reading TOEFL. Pasaje !. Objectives. Review Note Taking Practice Note Taking techniques Understanding questions Practice reading and questions. Homework For Next Week!. Homework Listen to a speech from…

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Presentation Transcript
  • Review Note Taking
  • Practice Note Taking techniques
  • Understanding questions
  • Practice reading and questions
homework for next week
Homework For Next Week!
  • Homework
    • Listen to a speech from…
    • (You can read the transcript as well.)
    • Write a short summary about the speech. (3 sentences, including the name of the speaker and speech title)
    • Write about how the speech made you feel and why.
    • Write if you agree or disagree with the speaker.
  • Respect
    • Turn off your cellphones (if it is an emergency, please tell Katie and Andrea BEFORE class starts)
    • Come prepared and on time
    • If you are late, just sit quietly and start taking notes
    • Ask questions
    • We do not know when to stop if you do not ask questions
  • No cheating/copying
    • This is disrespectful to us.
  • If you do not do your homework, you do not sign in
  • If you do not sign in THREE TIMES you will be asked to stop coming as we cannot help you and it is disrespectful
  • If there is an issue with these rules, see us
why do we give homework
Why do we give homework?
  • To help you
    • Numerous studies show that homework increases a persons understanding of the subject
    • We are able to review it and build on you current skills
    • We only have these few hours to help you, so homework allows you to improve your skills on your own
    • To help guide our lessons
  • For every hour you spend on homework, we spend a half hour and we have over 70 students!!! So, we are creating more work for ourselves to help you!!!
  • Please take out your homework
  • Get into smaller groups
  • Talk about your article
warm up
Warm Up!
  • Context Clues
    • Ignominy:
      • Dishonor: “or dishonor”
    • Unfathomable
      • Deep or profound: “stop and think”
    • Iridescent
      • Colorful: When light hits glass, it creates a rainbow
    • Constable
      • Policeman: “police officers were called”
    • Burnished
      • Polished: Rubbing hard
    • Careened
      • Zigzagged: shows accident
context clues
Context Clues
  • When we use other words to help us understand a question or a new word
  • Expand your vocabulary!
note taking
Note Taking!
  • Why do we take notes?
    • Makes you an ACTIVE reader/listener
      • Studies show when you take notes while reading or listening you attention is held, therefore getting better grades
    • Helps organize your thoughts
      • Part of the TOEFL is integrated: listening, reading, writing. Being an active note taker will help you write the paper and organize your thoughts
note taking1
Note Taking!
  • What should we take notes on?
    • Main idea: This is your topic or your thesis!
    • Supporting details: This is information that supports or proves your topic statement/thesis
    • Think about how you feel during the reading
note taking2
Note Taking!
  • Fold a piece of paper twice, so it makes three columns
  • In the first column write Main Idea, in the second write Major Points, in the third Supporting details.
let s try it
Let’s try it!
  • Katie Haranas is a very mean teacher. She is always giving out too much homework, and never accepts late homework. Michael tried to give Katie his homework two days late, and she just ripped it up! Katie yells a lot, especially when people are late. Yesterday she yelled at Ben because he was 10 seconds late! Sometimes, she locks the door so students cannot come in.
what are some of your notes
What are some of your notes?
  • Main Point
  • Katie is a mean teacher
  • Major Points
  • She doesn’t accept late homework
  • She yells
  • Import. Details
  • She wouldn’t accept Michael’s HW and ripped it up
  • She locks the door
what about the internet article
What about the internet article?
  • What was the major point?
    • Technology has some advantages and disadvantages
  • What were some major details?
    • Security (-)
    • Interpersonal relationships /communication (+)
    • New social rules
  • What were some important details?
    • You do not know who you are talking to
    • People can steal id.
    • You can communicate with anyone
let s talk about questions
Let’s talk about questions
  • When you can eliminate an answer to a question
  • Information not mentioned: answer makes common sense, but a correct answer is FOUND IN THE PASSAGE.
  • Extreme wording: all, always, impossible, must, never, none- correct answers usually do not use this wording
  • Right answer, wrong question: Information from the passage, but doesn’t relate to the question

Verbatim: Repeats part of the passage word for word… but in the wrong context

  • Beyond the Information: Gives more information than the passage provides
    • Ex. “Some species of chimpanzees make tools out of branches”
    • The answer choice: “Many animals can make tools”
mercy and her family
Mercy and her family
  • Let’s eliminate some answers!!!
correct answers
Correct Answers
  • A
    • Why? Information not mentioned
      • Although B or C might make sense, it is NOT found in the passage. The passage is about technology, not guns. D doesn’t work because the Mom is explaining the DANGER.


  • Why? Verbatim, beyond the information
    • Some answers are quoted from the passage, but it is with the wrong question. The question is asking for you to BEST DESCRIBE the difference, so this means to summarize, not find supporting details.
    • Finally, although D seems correct, but it is too general. The Mom might be strict here, but in other instances (dating, let’s say) she might not be strict


    • Why? Extreme wording, beyond the information
      • B cannot be correct because we do not know if they are ALWAYS fighting and NEVER get along
      • C cannot be correct because it seems like they care about Marcia’s wellbeing
      • D cannot be correct because like B, this is one fight and we have not seen another
another example
Another example!

With its molecules bonded so tightly, the exocuticle is very durable. There are points on the body where it does not form, since flexibility is needed around joints. This arrangement allows supple movement but provides armor-like protection.

The layer of the shell called the exocuticle is strong because

a. its molecules are closely bonded

b. it is drier than the endocuticle

c. its fibers are parallel

d. it is water-resistant

correct answer
Correct Answer!
  • A!
  • Why?
    • Context clues: strong=durable; closely=tightly
    • B is WRONG because it does not mention water or endocuticles
    • D is also WRONG because it does not mention water
    • C is WRONG because there is no mention of fibers or parallel
let s practice again
Let’s practice again!
  • This will be timed.
  • Turn off your cellphones
  • Do not talk
  • You have 20 minutes to complete the test!