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Elijah. Prophet of God and Father of Carmelites. © Charló-Carmel Camilleri, O.Carm. - http://www.ocarm.org. The man Elijah. “Elijah arose like fire, and his word burned like a torch” literally his name means “YHWH is my God”

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Prophet of God and Father of Carmelites

© Charló-Carmel Camilleri, O.Carm. - http://www.ocarm.org

the man elijah
The man Elijah

“Elijah arose like fire, and his word burned like a torch”

  • literally his name means “YHWH is my God”
  • he lived in the 9th cent. BCE during the reign of King Achab
  • appears in Scripture as a man of God
  • who lived always in the Lord’s presence
elijah the prophet
Elijah the Prophet

“How long you will limp between two sides? “

Being a prophet, Elijah

  • fought zealously for the worship of the one true God of Israel
  • helped God’s people to remain faithful to the Lord
  • defended the poor
  • dragged unworthy kings down to destruction
with zeal have i been zealous for the lord god of hosts
“With zeal have I been zealous for the Lord God of hosts”

On Mount Carmel Elijah defended God’s law in a solemn contest with the prophets of Baal

“If the Lord is God,

follow him.”

elijah the mystic
Elijah themystic
  • “Leave this place and go towards the east”
  • Afraid and discouraged, Elijah escaped into the wilderness.
  • There an angel of the Lordencouraged him to continuehis journey towards themountain of the Lord.
  • On Mount Horeb he was givenan intimate experienceof the living God.
elijah an inspiration for carmelites
Elijah: an inspiration for Carmelites

The inspiration that was found in this remarkable prophet from the very beginnings of the Order so pervades its whole history that Elijah may deservedly be called the founder of the Carmelite ideal

“He withdrew into solitude not to be hindered from pursuing the perfection of monastic life”

“From God’s abundance he was filled and from the torrent of his love did he drink”

happy shall they be who see you
Happy shall they be who see you

From Elijah

  • Carmelites learn to listen for the voice of God in the unexpected and in silence
  • We seek to allow the Word of God to shape our minds and our hearts so that we may be prophetic in the way we live and in what we do whilst seeking to be faithful to the memory of our father Elijah