kingdoms of africa ghana mali and songhai n.
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Kingdoms of Africa: Ghana, Mali, and Songhai PowerPoint Presentation
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Kingdoms of Africa: Ghana, Mali, and Songhai

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Kingdoms of Africa: Ghana, Mali, and Songhai - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kingdoms of Africa: Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. Ms. Hunt Unit 3 RMS 2011- 2012. Agenda: Tuesday, October 25 th , 2011.

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agenda tuesday october 25 th 2011
Agenda: Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
  • OBJ: To analyze how the ancient societies of Africa influenced the development of the powerful kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai by creating a diamond foldable for each kingdom.
  • 1. Journal
  • 2. Notes- Kingdoms of Africa
  • 3. Empires of the World- Diamond Foldable
  • HW: Review notes for 10 minutes
    • Have Diamond Foldable EVERDAY in class!!!!!!!!!
journal tuesday october 25 th 2011
Journal: Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
  • From your knowledge of African geography, what means of travel do you think African Empires used to create economies?
  • Also, what types of resources do you think were available for the people of Africa to use for their economy and personal use?
kingdom of ghana
Kingdom of Ghana

Western Africa, located on the Senegal River

Emerged in 500 A.D.

1st Great Traders of West Africa

Gold and Salt trade

Farming communities throughout nation

Strong rulers, no laws to govern with

Rulers acted as religious leader, judge, and military commander as well

Well trained army to protect Kingdom

Vast wealth- resources of gold, silver, and iron ore

ghana continued
Ghana Continued

Traded gold and salt but also cloth and weapons

Berbers- traders whom carried the products across the desert

Camels used

About 3 miles per hours, about 60 days to reach destination

Spread of Islamic ideas through trade

Literacy grew- study of the Qu’ran

empire of ghana
Empire of Ghana

King collected taxes on all goods traded

Usually took tax payments as gold or salt blocks

King controlled/ owned all gold

Preventing it from losing its value you at market

Type of economy- Government Controlled!

Elaborate dress for the wealthy

800 A.D.- reached empire status

Smaller rulers left in place over territories

Like a bureaucracy

Independent rulers pay tax = freedom of state

end of ghana
End of Ghana

Lived in luxury for hundreds of years

Weakened by war

Collapsed in the 1200’s


kingdom of mali
Kingdom of Mali

12th Century

Defeated Ghana, captured capital 1240

Extended from Atlantic Coast to Timbuktu

Wealth came from gold and salt trade

Each village had its own ruler

Ruler governed and sent money to the king of Mali


Meaning “ruler”

Major Ruler- Sundiata

provided wealth and power to empire

re-organized government

Capital- Niani

moved government westward provided more trading posts

mansa musa
Mansa Musa

Powerful king, 1312- 1337

Extended kingdom (double the size)

Strong central govt., kingdom divided into provinces

Timbuktu- Islamic learning center

Pilgrimage to Mecca, wanted education in Mali

Built mosques and libraries

Civil War, 1359 divided Mali, beginning of the end

kingdom of songhai
Kingdom of Songhai

Niger River Valley

Land very fertile (yearly flooding)

Islamic kingdom

Benefited from Muslim trade routes

Askia the Great- expanded the kingdom, 1464

Cities- Timbuktu and Jenne

Created a professional army

Gave total control of trade routes to Songhai

Ruled for over 30 years

songhai continued
Songhai Continued

Muhammad Ture- Golden Age ruler

Expansion, peaceful and secure time

After his reign entered into a decline

By 1600- Songhai completely declined

Lacked modern weapons

Overthrown finally by North African armies

empires of the world diamond foldable
Empires of the World- Diamond Foldable
  • Each pair of students should have 3 sheets of paper, 1 set of scissors, and 1 glue stick.
  • Follow Ms. Hunt’s folding directions
  • Fill in, using your notes, all information that belongs in the diamonds:
    • Top- Name of Kingdom and illustration to represent their achievements
    • Left- Location (geography, description of territory)
    • Right- Important people and places
    • Bottom- Accomplishments
  • Be sure to decorate each diamond so it relates to the Empire it contains notes on.
  • You have until the end of class to finish your diamond foldable.