Let s talk collaboration sharon culotta cts symco inc
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Let’s Talk Collaboration Sharon CulotTa , CTS SYMCO, Inc. What Does Collaboration mean to you?. Early Days of COLLABORATION:. * Transparencies! 35mm slide projector, a VCR? * Conferences calls from phones & desk style units (star shaped speaker phones)

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Let s talk collaboration sharon culotta cts symco inc

Let’s Talk CollaborationSharon CulotTa, CTSSYMCO, Inc.

Early days of collaboration

  • * Transparencies! 35mm slide projector, a VCR?

  • * Conferences calls from phones & desk style

  • units (star shaped speaker phones)

  • * 2 way Video Conferencing (video & sound)

  • * Multi-location Video Conferencing & with

  • document sharing from Word files,

  • Excell/ppt/photos/CAD drawings)

  • * Interactive White Boards w/video projectors

  • * All stand alone solutions!

Parts pieces
Parts & Pieces:

  • VTC: Video Tele-Conferencing (Codec) System includes camera & microphone(s) with built in basic echo cancellation + network interface.

  • Audio Conferencing: (Audio only) Smart phones and desktop calling devices.

  • Interactive White-boarding: Annotating overtop of a document or illustration. Anything running on your network device can be part of the meeting with certain systems...

  • Software Components: Tying Web-X , Microsoft Link, Go to Meeting type users to the Colab session!

Parts pieces1
Parts & Pieces:

  • DSP: Digital Signal Processing (Audio)

  • What makes a good meeting sound good!

  • Dual Touch - Screen: Electronic digital interface to allow you to use your fingers to navigate “the system” from the display.

  • Cloud Based Systems: (software) Utilize the Cloud or the network to link users together. This style of collab is purchased by the “Bandwidth” requirement of the meeting. (resolution levels and number of participants.) Web-X, Link, Go to Meeting, etc.

What s important
What’s Important?

  • Good AUDIO! Use DSP’s and HQ Mics for larger applications

  • HD Picture Quality! With high resolution images from computers & document sharing.

  • Easy to navigate control system via a touch panel. Easy transitions between modes.


  • * IT Departments are now in charge of indicating which technologies can be used

  • * Tying multiple locations together requires higher amounts of bandwidth especially with cloud style services to “Collaborate”

  • * IT backbones are now typically on a 10 Gig

    switch with fiber back planes! 40 Gig systems

    are next… What’s in your wallet?

Collaboration technologies
Collaboration Technologies:

  • * Wired Approach – least expensive – useful

    limited effectiveness…

  • * Wireless connectivity to the display!

    One way – offers multiple users to display

    their device

  • * Push / Pull technologies & BYOB support!

Collaboration technologies1
Collaboration Technologies:

  • * Multi-Format support in one package!

    Some use licensed software (restricted )

  • Others “Open Architecture” software

Collaboration a wired approach
Collaboration – a Wired Approach

  • Wired systems include table box connectivity

    along with automatic switchers to route HDMI & VGA signals to a display…

  • Companies like FSR, Extron and others have systems available like this.

Collaboration a wireless approach
Collaboration – a Wireless Approach

  • One way wireless connection in a room

  • to a display.

  • Up to 100 feet away from base unit

  • Up to 25 participants with a “USB Dongle”

Collaboration push pull networked technology
Collaboration – Push / Pull Networked Technology

  • Uses in house wireless & LAN based networks

  • - allows shared content from everyone’s device via a dedicated hardware box & server based software . True BYOD!

Collaboration multi format combined meeting rooms
Collaboration – Multi Format – Combined Meeting Rooms

  • Highest priced approach to “Collaboration”

  • Systems could include a VTC Codec farm, Dual 70 inch displays, full document sharing from devices, live camera & DSP supported microphone/speakers (echo cancellation), control system with touch panel to combine multiple rooms in same building or across campus or town.

Collaboration multi format smaller meeting rooms
Collaboration – Multi Format – Smaller Meeting Rooms

  • Medium priced approach to “Collaboration”

  • Systems include VTC, Dual Touch 60 & 70 “ inch displays, interactive whiteboard & annotation capability with documents - locally or from another system!

  • Add phone callers & Web-X style meetings to same session.

  • Systems can be in multiple locations

  • 70” displays good for up to 15 people (or so…)

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