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MLK and Malcolm X. WOOO Venn Diagram. Upbringing. Martin Luther King, Jr. Malcolm X. Son of a Preacher – follower of Marcus Garvey 1 of 8 children Father dies at young age, Mom takes over. Neglect? Pan-Africanism. Son of a Minister 2 nd of 3 children

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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Malcolm X

Son of a Preacher – follower of Marcus Garvey

1 of 8 children

Father dies at young age, Mom takes over. Neglect?


  • Son of a Minister

  • 2nd of 3 children

  • Loving, Catholic Family  strong Catholic values

  • Love thy neighbor

Marcus garvey
Marcus Garvey


Mlk and malcolm x

  • Political leader, orator, entrepreneur, journalist and much more

  • Strong proponent of Black Nationalism and Pan Africanism

  • Pan Africanism: ideology and movement that is based on the belief that black unity is vital for economic, social and political progress

  • Started the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities (Imperial) League (UNIA-ACL)



Malcolm X

Successful in school

Drops out at 15, lives with his sister in Boston

Street life catches up to him, sentenced to 8-10 years

  • Successful in school

  • 15, passes entrance exam to the Morehouse University

  • Crozer seminary, then Boston College  Ph. D in theology



Malcolm X

Found Islam while in prison

Celebrated his black history while rejecting white society and its values

Life of abstinence

Thought that the white race was brainwashing African Americans to be patient and docile.

  • Catholic family

  • Mahatma (Mohandas) Gandhi  nonviolent resistance in India

    • Showed MLK that through unrelenting love and determination, true freedom can be achieved

Civil rights movement
Civil Rights Movement


Malcolm X

Also a gifted public speaker, was a proponent of self-determination and self defense for African Americans

Preached anti-white rhetoric, separation of races

Broke from Islam 1963

Formed the OAAU

  • Great speaker, became nationally known after Rosa Parks

  • Formed the SCLC

  • Part of the Birmingham Campaign of 1963

    • Wrote famous “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”

  • “I have a dream” August 1963

Too soon
Too soon


Malcolm X

Assassinated on February 21, 1965  39 years old

  • Murdered on April 4, 1968  39 years old

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