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Floyd County Baptist Association 17 Burnett Ferry Rd. Rome, GA 30165 706-291-0904 Office 706-291-8181 Ministry Center 7 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Floyd County Baptist Association 17 Burnett Ferry Rd. Rome, GA 30165 706-291-0904 Office 706-291-8181 Ministry Center 706-291-7839 Fax. Non Profit Org US Postage PAID Rome, GA Permit # 57. Return Service Requested. Rev. Jim Reynolds Director of Missions [email protected]

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Floyd County Baptist Association

17 Burnett Ferry Rd.

Rome, GA 30165

706-291-0904 Office

706-291-8181 Ministry Center

706-291-7839 Fax

Non Profit Org

US Postage


Rome, GA

Permit # 57

Return Service Requested

Rev. Jim Reynolds

Director of Missions

[email protected]

Brenda Gail Baldwin

Director of Church &

Community Ministries

[email protected]

Keri Green

Financial Secretary

[email protected]

Sandra Davenport

Ministry Assistant

[email protected]


Items Needed for

the Food Pantry

The First Annual GEORGIA BAPTIST HISTORY CONFERENCE will be held August 28-29, 2009 at the Georgia Baptist Conference Center in Toccoa. The Keynote Speaker is Dr. Emir Caner. Cost is $65.00. For more information: Email: [email protected] or call 1-800-746-4422.

  • Pop Tarts

  • Spaghetti (dry pasta)

  • Canned Spaghetti Sauce

  • Tuna, 6 oz.

  • Evaporated Milk, 12 oz.

  • Ravioli

  • Spaghetti-Os

  • Ramen Noodles – Pkg. of 6

  • Applesauce, 25 oz

  • Peanut Butter, 18 oz.

  • Grape Jelly – 32 oz plastic

  • Quick Oats, 18 oz.

  • Rice, 1lb

  • Mac & Cheese

Don’t forget to send us a

copy of your VBS Report!!


Fairview needs a Music Director to lead worship.

Call church office: 706-232-6621

Floyd county baptist association www floydbaptist net l.jpg

June 2009, Volume 2009, Number Three


Floyd County Baptist Associationwww.floydbaptist.net

October 4, 2009

Location: Fellowship Baptist Church

5:00 pm – Business Meeting

6:30 pm – Celebration Service

Guest Speaker:

Dr. J. Robert White

Executive Director,

Georgia Baptist Convention



Everyone is welcome!


(practices held at Fellowship Baptist)

Kevin Boyd will be leading the choir 

For more Information contact:

Floyd County Baptist Association



[email protected]

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June 2009 Newsletter page 2

From the desk of our DOM:

Jim’s Recommended Reading List:

“Fresh Encounter”

A 28-day Devotional Guide

by Henry Blackaby/Claude King

“Come to the Lord’s Table”

A 28-day Group Study/Devotional

Guide on “The Lord’s Supper”

by Claude King

The Evangelism Conference in April was a great time of worship. The music was very good and the preaching by Fred Luter, Junior Hill and Bill Stafford could not have been better. I have received a lot of positive feedback. I would like to thank Calvary for hosting the conference. We are already working on next year.

The Better Bridges weekend also has generated many positive comments about the speakers for that weekend. I would like to thank Winshape for hosting the meal on Saturday night.

We have been given the opportunity to offer an

Associational trip to Israel in February 2010.

This trip will be open to our Pastors and church

members. We have had one meeting to discuss

the trip. Call the office for more details or come by for a video about the trip. Jim Reynolds


Administration Committee Meetings

June 17

July 22

(changed date)

Noon at the FCBA

Executive Committee Meeting

July 27

7:00 pm

FCBA Offices


February 15-24, 2010

Open to Pastors and Church Members

If you are interested,

call the office at 706-291-0904 or

Come by the office for a video about the trip.

COMING MARCH 21-24, 2010

On Mission Celebration

You will receive more information

and your commitment card in July

There will be International, North

American and State Missionaries

available to preach in our churches


June 15 Pastor’s Fellowship

11:30 AM at Chick-Fil-A

June 23-24 Southern Baptist Convention

Louisville, Kentucky

July 6 FCBA Offices Closed

July 11-17 Associational Mission Trip to

West Virginia

August 11 Pastor’s Fellowship

Speaker: Dr. Tony Crisp

Association Office

August 12 CCM Committee Meets

August 18 Regional Sunday School Conference

at New Armuchee Baptist

7:00-9:00 pm

Matthew Thompson, former member of

Pleasant Valley South and a graduate

of Model High School and Berry

College graduated from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky in May with a Masters of Divinity Degree.

Thoughts from the Ministry Center:

I have a very good friend who has always wanted to change history. He has talked for years about doing something that will live on and on. When he is gone, he wants people to remember his great deeds for mankind. So far, he hasn’t done the first thing about his goal. He works and goes home. Everyday ordinary people come to work at the ministry center and they change history. Oh you won’t find their names written down in the history books. You probably will never hear their names on the radio or television. But to someone who is hungry, lonely or weary, these wonderful volunteers make an eternal difference in their lives. They serve Jesus Christ through their work at the ministry center. Their paycheck..a crown in glory to lay at the Savior’s feet. Thanks to all who volunteer their time to help at the ministry center. You are doing Kingdom work that will last an eternity!

Brenda Gail Baldwin

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June 2009 Newsletter page 3


Food Pantry Donations

April & May 2009


April & May 2009

New Armuchee $375.00

New Hope 25 lbs

Pisgah 52 lbs

PVN $269.00

PVS 182 lbs


2nd Ave $216.67

Sherwood Forest $50.00

Shorter Ave 463 lbs


State Line $200.00

Wax 25 lbs

West End 210 lbs

West Rome 352 lbs


Woodlawn 70 lbs

Individual Gifts 25 lbs


TOTALS 2,601 lbs


Antioch 435 lbs

Bush Arbor $80.00

Comm Chapel 80 lbs


East Rome 367 lbs

Enon 140 lbs

Everett Sp. $369.00

Fairview 30 lbs

Fellowship $125.00

5th Avenue $121.00

Grace Fell. 10 lbs

Hill Crest $99.32

Hollywood 50 lbs


McFall 85 lbs

Mt Alto $200.00

Mt Carmel $100.00

Antioch $935.00

Armuchee $300.00

Bethel $228.79

Blue Pond 0

Bush Arbor $130.00

Calvary $1164.14

Cave Spring 0

Cedar Creek $290.00

Comm Chapel $285.16

Deaf Church $55.00

Desoto Park 0

Dykes Creek $1156.00

East Rome $878.00

Enon $1024.00

Everett Sp $467.00

Fairview $750.40

Fellowship $1224.66

5th Ave $1482.05

Flint Hill $1244.00

Floyd Sp $812.26

Friendship $2436.00

Garden Lakes $407.64

Grace Fellowship $100.00

Hill Crest $620.82

Hollywood $1472.91

In Focus $114.20

Lakeview $3428.00

Lindale 1st $3331.00

Live Oak 0

McFall 0

Mt Alto $300.00

Mt Carmel $324.00

Mt Tabor 0

New Antioch $1042.19

New Armuchee $1749.52

New Canaan 0

New Hope $267.00

New Prospect $268.00

Park Ave $692.98

Pisgah $906.69

Pleasant Hope $437.62

PVN $833.32

PVS $3775.15

Riverside $250.00

2nd Ave 0

Shannon 1st $74.30

Sherwood Forest $2088.32

Shorter Ave $2688.74

Silver Creek $200.00

Solid Rock 0

South Broad 0

Southside 0

Spring Creek $975.49

State Line $423

Sunny Hill $127.76

Swan Lake 0

3 Rivers $360.00

Vann’s Valley $601.00

Victory 0

Vietnamese Bible $71.28

Wax $526.00

West End $199.89

West Rome $1750.00

Wilkerson Rd 0

Woodlawn $1358.09

TOTAL $46,627.37

The Dental Clinic scheduled for

July 28-31 has been cancelled.


Each church in our Association is asked

to have a food drive one month per year.

Many of our churches have liked the idea of

only having to do this project once a year.

Other churches still enjoy collecting food

every month or putting the Food Pantry

in their budget with a check every month.

Whichever way your church has participated,

we want you to know as an Associational

team effort – IT IS WORKING!!!

We continue to have food in our pantry for

all who come. You are the ones who make

this ministry successful.

Thanks to everyone for helping and giving to the Children’s Home “Load the Truck”. We received over $7,300 in money and goods. Special thanks to Mike and Gwen Phillips for delivering the goods to the Children’s Home.




To volunteer at the Floyd County

Baptist Ministry Center,

please call Brenda Gail Baldwin

at 706-291-0904.



March – May 2009


Antioch 435 lbs

East Rome 367 lbs

Enon 140 lbs

Everett Springs $369.00

McFall 85 lbs

Mt. Carmel $100.00

State Line $200.00

Wax 25 lbs

West Rome 352 lbs $62.00

Matt. 25:40



◦ Solid White Tube Socks

◦ Toothbrushes

◦ Unsharpened pencils