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Devon’s PowerPoint. By : Devon Chambers. ImImagery of Football By Anonymous, Atascadero, CA. Imagery of Football By Anonymous, Atascadero, CA

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devon s powerpoint

Devon’s PowerPoint

By: Devon Chambers

imimagery of football by anonymous atascadero ca
ImImagery of Football By Anonymous, Atascadero, CA
  • Imagery of Football
  • By Anonymous, Atascadero, CA
  • On the field, warming up.For the big game of the year My heart is pumpingThud! Thud!The smell of the mud The feel of the wet and cool grass under foot.The roar of the crowdGO TEAM!It has begunWe huddle up ready to playWe listen and know what to do.We line up. Go, Set, Hut!The snap of the ball,The tramping of feet as we dance like bearsThe play goes into actionBodies colliding togetherAs the runner rolls around the lineThe smell of sweat.The roaring of the crowdThe sight of the clock counting down the timeAs we score the winning pointsThis is the big game of the year.
dick trickle had chest pains before he killed himself brother says
Dick Trickle had chest pains before he killed himself, brother says…

Dick Trickle may have shot himself because of constant chest pain. Dick Trickle was found dead in a Boger City, N.C., cemetery Thursday from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, authorities said. The former NASCAR star and Midwestern short-track racing legend was 71.

Chuck Trickle, a former racer who lives in Las Vegas, told the paper that his brother went to doctors twice a day for chest pain but that the cause of the problem was never determined.

"It's a shock to me," Chuck Trickle said. "It's real hard to think about. He was my brother, my friend and my hero, in that order.”

my future
My future
  • To become an NFL superstar. I will break multiple NFL records. My poem connects with my future plans because it talks about football. This story relates to my life because my brother shot himself because he had bad luck with everything he did ,and felt there was no other way to end his problems. That is my future plans.