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COS Standard 4 PowerPoint Presentation
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COS Standard 4

COS Standard 4

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COS Standard 4

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  1. COS Standard 4

    Describe causes, events and the impact of military involvement of the US in WWI, including mobilization and economic and political changes.
  2. Causes In the 1860s, Prussia began a series of wars to unite the German states. When the German states united, European politics changed. France and Germany became enemies. Alliances formed. Triple Alliance: Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary Franco-Russian Alliance: France and Russia against Germany and Austria-Hungary
  3. Causes continued Great Britain remains neutral until an arms race with Germany. Great Britain sides with France and Russia. Triple Entente: Great Britain, France and Russia Nationalism and self-determination lead to people within the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empire to seek independence.
  4. Causes continued Immediate cause of WWI: Archduke Francis Ferdinand was shot by the Black Hand. Austria declares war on Serbia, Germany declares war on Russia and then France. Alliance and Entente morph into the Allies versus the Central Powers. Allies: France, Russia, Great Britain and Italy Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria
  5. American Causes America remains neutral, but supported the Allied cause. Britain blockaded German supplies. Germany had to find new ways of getting supplies. U-boats: German solution to getting around the blockades. Germany threatens to sink any boat the enters the waters around Britain.
  6. American Causes continued Germany sinks the Lusitania. Germany doesn’t want America to join the war. Sussex Pledge: promise to stop sinking ships Arthur Zimmerman sends a telegram to the German ambassador in Mexico proposing Mexico ally themselves with Germany. In return (if Germany wins WWI), Germany will give Mexico the territory it lost to America in the Mexican-American War. Britain intercepts the telegram and leaks the information to America.
  7. American Causes continued German never stops the unrestricted submarine warfare and sinks more American ships. America declares war on Germany.
  8. Mobilization Americans contribute to the soldiers fighting with the selective service. African American faced discrimination, racially segregated units under white officers. Women served in a variety of different ways: nurses, clerical positions, chemists, electricians, and etc.
  9. Mobilization continued Cooperative relationship between big business and government. War Industries Board: coordinates production of war materials. Food Administration: Herbert Hoover, promotes victory gardens, increase food production and less consumption Fuel Administration: conserves coal and oil Daylight Savings Time: conserves energy Liberty/Victory Bonds: loaned the government money to pay for war
  10. Mobilization continued National War Labor Board: prevents strikes by giving wage increases, 8 hour workday, organizing unions and bargaining collectively. Women and African Americans work in factories. Great Migration: African Americans move to north to work in factories Mexicans worked as ranchers and farmers.
  11. Mobilization continued Committee on Public Information: sell idea of war to Americans Espionage Act: consequences for those who spy Sedition Act: illegal to criticize the president/government Schenckversus US: limits the individual’s freedom of speech if the words spoken constitute a clear and present danger.